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Nashville Best Voice Trainer


Kim Franca, best professional vocal coach based in Franklin, Tennessee (Greater Nashville Area) offering global vocal lessons, singing lessons. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Nashville Best Voice Trainer

Way to perfect art of singing is to practice
Practice makes a man perfect. It may be just a
saying for the common person but it is indeed
commandment for singers. These vocalists practice
day in and day out just to perfect a cord that
they sing with utmost simplicity. This is one
quality that even though you are born with it,
you need immense practice to master it
Singing Science and art
Singing is an art as well a science. The
stretching of the chords, the tuning of the voice
and the pitch of the sound all become accurate
with practice and even require a scientific
technique to accomplish. Singing is a passion
that people take up as a hobby or even as a
profession. Both require training of some sort
but one requires more than the other does.
Singing as a profession requires a lot of
training, years or even decades to be precise. It
can be done with or without a trainer and using
tools such as vocal resonation, proper breathing,
phonation, articulation et cetera.
Things to know before you actually get into
Everyone has a knack to sing. Some maybe just
bathroom singers or some may be professionals, it
all depends on how you pursue it till the end.
Singing is nothing but producing musical sound
using your voice. Training your voice box present
in your throat is one of the key aspects of
succeeding in professional singing. Some rules
for practicing better singing include breathing
properly though your stomach and not your chest,
learning proper singing postures, warming up
every time before you sing, learning eventually
to recognize pitch eat and drink healthy and
lastly practise regularly.
What not to do if you wish to be a successful
  • The basic idea for any sport or activity to
    practice regularly is to generate muscle memory
    or actual memory. Practicing singing does just
    that. It generates muscle memory in your pharynx
    thus allowing you to sing with ease as you do in
    practice. In addition, singing well does not just
    require singing practices. It requires a whole
    set of other practice sessions, which include
    breathing practice, voice control, refraining
    from smoking or drinking alcohol, or any other
    substance that can harm your vocal cords and even
    having a daily diet and exercise regime. prevents
    damage to the voice.

Training, practice is the key to be at the
centre stage always
The time of practice depends on the level of
experience and amount of training that the singer
has. For a complete beginner no more than 20
minutes a day including warm up, rests,
vocalisation and cool down. The amount of
practise time should be gradually increased over
a period of months according to your singing
teachers instructions. Advanced singers can
practise for a lot longer with practice sessions
broken down into 15 - 20 minute slots of warm up,
vocalisation, rest, repertoire, rest, advanced
repertoire and cool down. Finally, it is up to
people to consider how and what and until when to
practise but the sure formula for success in
singing comes from practice and practice alone.
Kim Franca (Nashvilles Best Voice
Trainer) Address - 336 Lakemont Circle
Franklin, TN 37067 Contact - 813.390.0414 Email
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