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Medical Coding Training, SEO Training, Web Design Trainings in Hyderabad


ikyaglobaledu provides Medical Coding Training, SEO Training, Web Design Training in Hyderabad with 100% placement assistance – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Medical Coding Training, SEO Training, Web Design Trainings in Hyderabad

Job-Ready Training CoursesSEO, Testing, Medical
Coding, .net etc
  • A Godsend for Job Seeking Youngsters
  • For more info visit here http//www.ikyaglobaledu.

Young? And unemployed?
  • If your answer to both is positive, you have
    reason to worry!
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Bad attendance records, bunking classes, not
paying attention to theory and practicals,
cheating in exams
  • Most youngsters believe their college education
    will easily get them a job.
  • Although it may be, how many can actually be
    honest enough to admit that they didnt really
    work hard at college?

With such a history, students believe their
college education is enough to get them a job!
While the Government has stepped up its measures,
youngsters themselves need to take the helm of
their own affairs.
  • There is a need to address the gaps existing
    between demand and supply of qualifications and
  • Unemployment in India is steadily on the rise
    since the past two years, according to reports
    from the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

They need to ensure they derive the best out of
their college education and enhance their
skill-sets through courses that make them ready
for the industry.
hard work at college always pays!
  • The courses mentioned here are some of the best
    options students have if they wish to ensure
  • These however are not alternatives to college
    education and students should remember that
  • Ikyaglobaledu Provides Medical Coding Training,
    SEO Training, Auto CAD Training, Web Design
    Training and CATIA Training in Hyderabad.

Medical Coding Training
Medical coders work with numbers.
  • Medical coders are involved in reviewing,
    processing and completing medical claims that
    help healthcare providers get reimbursements from
    insurance companies.
  • This is one of the most booming fields and
    medical coders are in huge demand in the medical

This is strictly a skill-based process and thus
demands professional training.
  • They assign codes to hospital treatments that are
    used by insurance companies to verify the
    facilities provided and reimburse accordingly.

AutoCAD Training
Those with AutoCAD training enter the industry as
AutoCAD drafters.
  • This is a 2D and 3D computer aided design
    software that finds utility in a variety of
    industries including construction, aeronautics
    and manufacturing.
  • AutoCAD training is generally sought by
    engineering and architecture students.

  • These are design professionals who draft
    technical drawings of structures and complex
    objects using the software.
  • Such drawings are used in the construction and
    engineering fields.
  • Auto CAD Training in Hyderabad
  • AutoCAD drafters design machines, products and
    buildings or simply convert a documented design
    into one that can be digitally visualized.

Architects and engineers find this software to be
of great utility while designing machines and
  • AutoCAD drafters can choose to be mechanical
    drafters, civil drafters, architectural drafters
    and even aeronautical drafters.
  • They are given calculations, rough sketches, and
    paper drawings that they then design on the
    computer using the software.

CATIA Training
Its design tools are detail oriented and enable
the creation of complex designs along with
real-time rendering. CATIA Training in Hyderabad
  • CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensioning
    Interactive Application) is a design tool offered
    by Dassault Systèms.
  • It is a 3D designing platform with a detailed
    workspace, interface and specialized tools.

This training is usually sought by engineering
students because of its utility in design and
manufacture of products.
  • It is one of the most commonly employed software
    for commercial product design and
  • CATIA training equips students with a thorough
    understanding of product visualization and
  • With proper training, students can use the tools
    and functions for maximum productivity.

SEO Training
By enhancing the page rank, websites gain more
visibility and therefore their probability of
getting visitors is higher.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process
    of making content relevant for Google, Bing and
    other search engines.
  • SEO experts help websites appear on the first
    pages of search engines whenever someone searches
    for a relevant keyword.

SEO as a career is in high demand because of the
proliferation of search engines.
  • Almost every company needs an SEO expert to
    enhance the visibility of its website in
  • SEO involves diverse skill-sets such as creation
    of specialized content, analyzing the behavior of
    humans regarding online content consumption, etc.
  • SEO is a new age career that has evolved ever
    since the advent and increased popularity of
    search engines.

Freshers in this field earn from 1.5 to 4 lakhs
  • More and more companies are turning towards SEO
    as part of their marketing and branding strategy.
  • Because of the internet boom, it is one of the
    fastest growing fields of this century.
  • SEO Training Institute in Hyderabad

SEO Experts Can Find Employment In Various Job
Categories Such As Analytics, Blogging, Link
Building, Organic SEO, PPC Management, Public
Relations Management, Social Media Analysis, Web
Design, Web Development, And Writing.
  • They can also choose to work on a freelance
  • For More Info Click Here SEO Training in Hyderabad

Software Testing Training/Testing Tools
This training is generally advantageous for those
with a computer science background or those with
a bachelor degree in IT, CS or similar streams.
  • They ensure that the software has no bugs, is of
    good quality, is reliable, and delivers the
    results that are expected from it.
  • Training of testing tools or software testing
    training imparts knowledge and expertise on using
    test techniques that find bugs and errors in a
    software after executing it.
  • Software testers evaluate a software program to
    ascertain whether or not it does what is

  • Software testers enjoy good salaries and freshers
    are generally paid around 2 lakh per annum.
  • Those with an MCA qualification may also go for
    this training.
  • Software Testing Training in Hyderabad

ProE Training
Pro/E has been developed by PTC (Parametric
Technology Corporation).
  • Engineers with knowledge of Pro/Engineer are
    highly sought after, especially by companies with
    a platform driven or family based product
  • Pro/E finds great utility in manufacturing,
    healthcare and electrical sectors.

  • Pro/E training involves 2D and 3D modeling, datum
    planes, and assembly creation training.
  • Pro/E Training in Hyderabad
  • Students are required to become proficient in
    tools and functions of the software.

Ansys Training
  • ANSYS has been developed by ANSYS, Inc.
  • It is an engineering simulation software that is
    used by designers and engineers from various
    fields such as automotive, aerospace,
    electronics, manufacturing, and biomedicine.
  • ANSYS Training in Hyderabad

  • The software enables the analysis of designs
    directly on a computer, thereby facilitating
    product development, right from the
    conceptualization stage to the testing and
    validation stage.
  • The software helps engineers predict how a
    product will operate in real circumstances. Ansys
    training is of great utility for engineers.

HR Training
This is one of the reasons why most management
graduates fail to find suitable jobs despite
their qualifications.
  • HR professionals need to be adept at all aspects
    of human resource management.
  • Students graduating out of B schools lack hands
    on experience in various aspects such as talent
    acquisition, SWOT analysis, etc.
  • HR Training Institute in Hyderabad

  • Such students can gain an edge through HR
    training courses that not only enhance their CV
    and increase their chances of landing a job, but
    also make them ready for their actual role in
  • HR Training in Hyderabad

SAS Training
SAS software is used to mine, retrieve, manage
and alter data from various sources.
  • SAS is a Statistical Analysis Software developed
    by SAS Institute.
  • It is the mostly widely employed software tool
    for advanced analytics and statistics.

SAS experts are required by almost all companies
as their inputs are important while strategizing
or evaluating various aspects of their businesses.
  • Those with SAS training get employed as business
    analysts, data scientists, clinical data
    programmers, database programmers, financial
    analysts, statistics programmers, etc.
  • It also enables the performance of complex
    statistical analysis functions on vast amounts of
  • SAS Training in Hyderabad
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