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How Social Media Analytics Creates Actionable Insights


| Social media analytics provide valuable information companies can use to take action to improve their business. Analytic tools monitor online conversations about brands, give companies the chance to engage and identify key players in the industry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Social Media Analytics Creates Actionable Insights

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How Social Media Analytics Create Actionable
Social Media Analytics refers to the practice of
collecting information from social media websites
to gain insight into the market a business
serves. Much more in-depth than merely counting
likes and re-tweets, social media analytics gives
businesses a thorough analysis of the
conversation online concerning their brand, their
market and their business. Armed with this
information, companies can gain a competitive
advantage by being more responsive to customers
and anticipating their needs.
Social Media Analytic Tools
  • With social media analytic tools, you can
  • Identify and focus on the social media sites most
    relevant to your business
  • Identify and monitor what influential online
    sites and personalities are saying about your
    market or your brand
  • Filter out irrelevant online chatter
  • Prioritize sites and users based on your own
  • Target analysis by geographical location

Actionable Insights
  • With social media analytics, you can find
    information you can use to take specific action
    to improve your companys standing. With social
    media analytics, you can
  • Head off crises
  • Better connect with your customers
  • Build a community around your business
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Recruit quality hires

Preventing Crises
  • Social media analytics allows management to nip
    potential problems in the bud by
  • Monitoring what people are saying about your
    company on social media and giving you the chance
    to respond to problems in real-time
  • Identify and focus on important online
    conversations to get in front of issues before
    they become problems
  • Get periodic snapshots of public opinion
    concerning your company

Build An Online Community
  • Social media analytics lets companies reach out
    to customers and make them feel like a part of
    the family. With these tools you can
  • Build connections with thought leaders in various
  • Connect with employees and customers where they
    live online
  • Have good information infrastructure, allowing
    you to get the right information to the right
    people at exactly the right time

Improve Customer Outreach Efforts
  • By employing social media analytics, you can
  • Ensure that you deal with customer issues
    immediately, improving customer satisfaction
  • Track communications with customers
  • Streamline customer satisfaction efforts by
    organized routing of communications

Find New Opportunities
  • By carefully monitoring social media, businesses
  • Find new prospects via whats being said online
  • Have a greater understanding of what customers
  • Find out what competitors are up to

Social media gives companies a great human
resources tool. By keeping tabs on whats being
said online, your company can learn when
A-players in your field are looking for work and
recruit them.
About Synthesio
Synthesio provides clients with powerful social
media analytic tools that give them deeper
insight into public perception of their brand.
Armed with this information, clients can take
proactive steps to engage with customers, improve
the public image of their brand and size up their
competition. To learn more, visit
http// or call
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