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Ancient Egypt & Tutankhuman School project


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Title: Ancient Egypt & Tutankhuman School project

Ancient Egypt
  • By Mihir Thomas

What makes a person notable?
  • A person gets notable by doing something amazing
    or different in a crowd of people.
  • These are some of those qualities
  • Respect(Positive or Negative honour they earn by
    doing a brave act)
  • Confidence(Believing in them self)
  • Complimenting(To show kindness or congratulate)
  • Leadership( An act of leading or guiding)
  • Inspiration(To influence people to be like
  • For example Steve Jobs is notable because he
    created Apple

Why we chose Tutankhamen
  • We chose Tutankhamen simply because of the major
    events he has done across his lifetime which have
    been well known.
  • We chose him on the basis of his story-
  • He was pharaoh at the age of 9
  • His transformation into a mummy
  • His death at the age of 17
  • His intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings
  • King tut was the 11th pharaoh
  • 18th dynasty

Positive acts of Tutankhamun
  • Tutankhamun hasnt done that many positive acts,
    but this Is the main act he has done.
  • King Tut's (Tutankhamun) greatest gifts to his
    populace were his efforts to re-establish
    tradition and order after his father's reign, and
    to undo his father's legacy.

Negative acts of Tutankhamen
  • Tutankhamen hasnt done any negative activities
    based on the research we have discovered.

What made Tutankhamun notable?
  • In 10 years Tutankhamen hasnt accomplished a lot
    but based on our research here are some of those
  • He was became a pharaoh (King) at a young age
    because of his fathers death.
  • His tomb had some of the most beautiful items
    ever in Egypt such as hid golden mask, his golden
    throne, amulets and semi precious stones, etc.
  • He restored Egypt while his father (Akhenaten)
    ruined it
  • Did you know he wasnt famous until centuries he

What was Tutankhamun greatest achievement?
  • Tutankhamen didnt accomplish that much in 10
    years but here are some of his achievements
  • Here are some of his greatest achievements
  • Became King at the age of 9 (He became pharaoh
    cause of his fathers death (Akhenaten)
  • Saving Egypt from the chaos his father
    (Akhenaten) created (His father tried to change
    the religion of Egypt from Amun to Aten in order
    to do this change he destroyed the temples of the
    other gods. Worship of Amun was forbidden, when
    Tutankhamen took over he changed the religion
    back to Amun, and rebuild some of the temples.
    This helped Egypt regain stability)
  • His intact tombs contained over 3000 treasures
    which were the best items Egypt ever had

What if Tutankhamen was a girl?
  • If he was a girl he would have had a rare chance
    to be a pharaoh because they normally considered
    boys more than girl in that time, but we still
    had girl pharaohs like Cleopatra.
  • If he was a girl he would still transform into a
    mummy but he would have a different look.
  • If he was a girl he might of not had a golden
    mask because of the appearance.

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