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Electrical Safety In The Workplace


Checkout OSHA's workplace electrical safety guidelines that both employee and employer should be aware of. Make your facility safer with Current Solutions PC's workplace electrical safety program that protects your facility and employees against all sorts of electrical hazards. Visit www.CurrentSolutionsPC.com now. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Electrical Safety In The Workplace

Electrical Safety In The Workplace
  • 10 Key OSHA
  • (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • Workplace Electrical Safety Guidelines Employers
    Should Be Aware Of

Data Compiled By Current Solutions PC
Introduction To Electrical Safety
OSHA aims to provide a safer workplace to
high-risk workers such as skilled trades and
maintenance workers and to prevent serious
workplace electrical hazards. The following is a
checklist that employers in U.S should be aware
of in order to protect the employees well-being
and to reduce the amount of money paid out in
health insurance benefits, workers compensation
benefits and wages for temporary help. Checkout
the 10 following key OSHA electrical safety
standard checklist and make sure that you and
your facility is safe from any potential
electrical hazards.
Item 1
Are qualified maintenance employees instructed to
make preliminary inspections and/or appropriate
tests to determine what conditions exist before
starting work on electrical equipment?
Item 2
When electrical equipment is to be serviced,
maintained, or adjusted, are necessary switches
open, locked out and tagged whenever possible?
Item 3
Are electrical tools and fixed equipment grounded
or of the double-insulated type?
Item 4
Are electrical appliances such as vacuum
cleaners, polishers, vending machines, etc.,
Item 5
Are exposed wiring and cords with frayed or
deteriorated insulation repaired or replaced
Item 6
Are flexible cords and cables free of splices?
Item 7
In wet or damp locations, are electrical tools
and equipment protected?
Item 8
Are all energized parts of electrical circuits
and equipment guarded against accidental contact
by approved cabinets or enclosures?
Item 9
Is sufficient access and working space provided
and maintained about all electrical equipment to
permit ready and safe operations and maintenance?
Item 10
Are employees who regularly work on or around
energized electrical equipment or lines trained
in CPR?
Workplace Electrical Safety Training
Make sure that you and your facility is protected
against all sorts of electrical hazards with
Current Solutions PCs workplace electrical
safety programs. In our twelve phase electrical
safety program, we will train your employees with
all the OSHA workplace electrical safety
standards. For more information on our
electrical safety training, call us at
914-347-8480, or visit our website
www.CurrentSolutionsPC.com. 636 North
Broadway White Plains, NY
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