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Looking for best dentist in Pune


If you are looking for dental clinic in viman nagar,best dental clinic in pune. Dr.Indrajeet Baad will provide you various dental treatments. Visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Looking for best dentist in Pune

Oral Health Services
  • Fillings (Conservative Restoration)
  • Root Canal-
  • RCT (Pulp chamber)-
  • Crown(cap)-

Fillings (Conservative Restoration)
  • When the tooth decays at a particular surface, it
    needs to be treated by excavating the decay
    (Caries) and filling the void made by this
    excavation with an appropriate Dental material.
  • Also the tooth damaged by factors other than
    decay, such as because of trauma, as chemical
    erosion at the tooth structure caused by acids
    attack of saliva or abrasions caused by faulty
    and vigorous brushing.
  • All these needs to be restored.
  • Fillings are done when a substantial amount of
    dentin is left to support the filling material
    after the excavation of decay. i.e., we are
    trying to conserve as much part at the tooth
    possible by bringing the tooth back in function
    and relieving the pain and discomfort caused by
    the factors above.

Root Canal-
  • It is a small opening at the root end .It passes
    nerves and blood
  • Vessels into the root canal.
  • Sometimes the decay in the tooth goes so deep in
    the tooth that the distance between the caries
    and pulp is too less to hold the fillings or even
    the caries extends upto the pulp.
  • Also in some cases of trauma the pulp gets
  • In such cases a RCT is recommended.

RCT (Pulp chamber)-
  • In RCT the pulp is removed completely, the root
    canal is cleaned, shaped and disinfected to
    receive an inert root canal filling and scalars
    material like guttapercha,root canal cements or
  • RCT is done in order to keep an active pulpless
    tooth stump in the oral cavity so that it
    functions in chewing and maintaining the form and
    aesthetics in the oral cavity.

  • After RCT the pulp in the tooth is replaced by
    the RC fillers.
  • This pulpless tooth is brittle and can fracture
    under stress caused by chewing.
  • To prevent this,crown (as a cap) is given onto
    the teeth which acts as a protective cap to hold
    the tooth crown intact.
  • This RC treated tooth .crown can be made in
    Metal,fuel ceramic, porcelain (tooth coloured
    material) and gold indirect.
  • Metal crowns can be given in back teeth which do
    not show white smiling or talking.
  • Porcelain jacketedacrylic crowns are given in
    back as well as front teeth and where they show
    while smiling, laughingor talking.

Contact Us
  • Our Clinic
  • 203/D 2nd Floor,
  • Town Square Complex,
  • Above Dorabjees, New Airport Road,
  • Viman Nagar, Pune - 411 014.
  • Call Us
  • 020 - 6920 5050
  • E-mail
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  • contact_at_dentalindrajeet.in

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