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Title: Theoutsourcebot seo company

TheoutsourcebotLet us make your online
business more profitable
  • Theoutsourcebot is the only online seo
    companythat uses web2.0 techniques to deliver
    search engine rankings. Using web2.0 website not
    only gives instant push to the keywords but also
    gives instant traffic

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It is the
    process of getting traffic from the free,
    organic, editorial or natural listings on
    search engines. All major search engines such as
    Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results Whenever
    you enter a query in a search engine and hit
    'enter' you get a list of web results that
    contain that query term. Users normally tend to
    visit websites that are at the top of this list
    as they perceive those to be more relevant to the
    query. If you have ever wondered why some of
    these websites rank better than the others then
    you must know that it is because of a powerful
    web marketing technique called Search Engine
    Optimization (SEO).

  • 14 Steps to SEO Success
  • Step 1 Preparations
  • Step 2 Domainname
  • Step 3 Design
  • Step 4 Webpages
  • Step 5 Content
  • Step 6 - Internal Links
  • Step 7 Online
  • Step 8 Submit
  • Step 9 Statistics
  • Step 10 Spiders
  • Step 11 Maintenance
  • Step 12 Network
  • Step 13 Logfiles
  • Step 14 - After 6 months

Step 1 - Preparations
  • Start your preparations by thinking what kind of
    content you will provide on your website. Search
    engines will judge the content of your site so
    it's very important to make web-pages of good
    quality and fill them with relevant information.
  • Choosing the right domain-name is often one of
    the first important things to think of when you
    want to have your own website. If you only put
    your logo and an address on this page, the search
    engines probably won't index or rank your
    website. A regular website contains of more than
    25 pages with "real" content and information.

Step 2 Domainname
choose right domain
  • Your goal is to get as many visitors on your
    website as possible. Make sure that you pick the
    right domain-name. A domain-name should be easy
    to type and easy to pronounce. Think of the
    future while picking a name. It happens that in
    time you want to change your brand name. As a
    result your listings in the search engines are
  • Search engines check how long the domain-name has
    been registered. A website that has been active
    and updated regularly with new items, will be
    ranked higher than a website that has just
    started last week.
  • It's smarter to add a sub name to your main
    domain-name for a new product than to register a
    new domain-name. E.g. think of a company like
    IBM. IBM uses sub names for pages in different
    countries like in stead of a new
    name. Choose 1 clear domain-name, 1 clear image
    and all the subjects will match your main
  • So you need to consider carefully what you want
    to accomplish. Do you want a separate theme
    website or did you once register a fantastic
    domain-name that can be used for a certain
    campaign, don't hesitate to use it. Just keep in
    mind that using too many domain-names is not
  • We do suggest to purchase false spelled
    domain-names that redirect directly to your
    correct domain-name.

Step 3 Design
Optimize your design
  • Creating a website is not an easy job to do. What
    would you like to accomplish with your site or
    what do you want to offer your visitor? Remember
    the KiS method, Keep It Simple. You want to
    provide information so make sure that the
    information is easy to find.
  • If you want to provide access to your site to all
    of your visitors, don't use experimental plug-ins
    despite the speed of your connection and don't
    use too flashy plug-ins or other scripting

Step 4 Optimization
Optimize you web-pages
  • Search engines prefer small web-pages. Try to
    limit the page under 20K, under 10K is even
    better. We even presume that you pay less for
    Google Adwords if the landing-page has a low
    loading time. Use the possibilities of e.g.
    Photoshop to leave out certain colors in logo's
    or photo's. Delete HTML code in your webpage that
    has no meaning and avoid moving images when you
    enter the website.
  • User our Free Website Analyzer to test the
    loading time of your page and make improvements.
    PLease use the following tips
  • Make as few HTTP Requests as possible
  • Add an Expires Header
  • Use the Gzip Componenten
  • Place your CSS in the top
  • Put Scripts at the bottom
  • Place JavaScript and CSS external
  • Make as few DNS Lookups as possible
  • Use less JavaScript
  • Don't use a Redirects
  • Prevent the use of double scripts
  • Remember our example of the search engine Google,
    clean and simple html source,

Step 5 Content
Create real and original content
  • Make sure that you have real content on your
    website. It may sound strange but try to pay
    attention to placing content of good quality. Put
    text on your website that really means something.
    If you're having trouble writing text maybe it's
    a good idea to hire a scriptwriter and make sure
    you have at least 500 words on your web-page.
  • Relevant information means that your site must
    have a meaning. Nobody is looking for a website
    without relevant text or just with a few photo's.
    If you want to be successful on the internet you
    need to invest time and effort.
  • Make sure to have a large variety of items on
    your site.
  • Use the spelling controller in your text program
    or have someone else read your text. Try to use
    specific keywords in the text. Keywords that are
    also used in the metatag Keyword. Try to avoid
    using the same words over and over but try to
    find words that have the same meaning.

Step 6 internel Links
Internal,  external,  incoming and outgoing links
  • Almost everybody has links in it's website to
    external pages. Search engines value these links
    between websites. If more people place a link to
    your website the content of your website becomes
    apparently more important. These are the so
    called external links. Don't forget to check
    these links regularly. If someone asks you to
    place a link, check if they place your link as

Step 7 Online
Get your website online
  • Now it's time to upload your website. Make sure
    that a spider of a search engine can crawl
    through your whole website. All pages must be
    linked to one another otherwise the spider gets
    stuck in your website. Always make sure that your
    visitor can get back to the index-page with one
    or two mouse clicks.
  • Your site must be completely finished, if one
    part is still not finished or under construction
    some search engines will not list your website.
    You get only one change for a good first
    impression with your website!
  •   Make sure your website is always "up". If your
    company depends on your website, do not choose a
    budget hosting company.  Because if you pay
    peanuts get monkey. You probably know those
  • companies. They offer a 99 up-time for a small
    amount of money. The 99 means that your website
    will be offline for about 4 days a year. In those
    four days, all the effort you've put in to rank
    your site with the search engines is lost because
    visitors are not able to access your website and
    click on the link of your competitor.
  • Choose a professional website hosting company
    that offers 100 up-time. Your website is worth

Step 8 Submit Website
Submit your website
  • Now you are ready to submit your website to the
    search engines. Use one of our packages to submit
    your site. Manage your keywords, content and
    description online . It's also possible to enter
    more than one website. After submitting your
    website you will have to have patience, the most
    difficult thing of the whole process.
  • Search engines get many submissions every day.
    Wait patiently for your website to appear in the
    index. This process can take 6 weeks or longer.
    Don't submit your website again after two or
    three weeks. It's than possible that the search
    engine will place your website on the blacklist
    and your website will never appear in the index

Step 9 - Statistics
Web server Statistics
  • who visited your site,
  • what did they find,
  • what did they look for,
  • how long was their visit,
  • how often did they return to your site.
  • Use a program that does all these things, don't
    only place a counter. If your provider doesn't
    support refers, find a provider that does. We can
    help you with it. Managing a website without
    referrals can't provide you with the important
    information you need.
  •   Avoid using a free statistic program with a
    pop-up menu. It will effect your submission in a
    negative way.
  • Statistic programs with clear graphics are handy.
    You will notice new trends and make the right
    choice in optimizing your website for the search

Step 10 - Spiders
Spiders and robots
  • Spiders will begin to visit your website. Spiders
    are robots of search engines that index your
    website fully automatically. You can find a list
    of these spiders on our web-page. Check if it's
    possible for a spider to crawl your whole site.
    If a spider gets stuck somewhere in your website,
    place a new internal link and wait for the spider
    to visit your website again.
  • It's possible that a spider of Google or Fast
    visits your site twice before it lists your
    website. Keep your patience and don't submit your
    website again.
  • Well known bots are Yahoo Slurp, Googlebot,
    Bing-Bot, LinkWalker, Alexa, Ask and Voila

Step 11 - Maintenance
Maintenance - Keep your website up-to-date every
  • Go back to step 5 and keep repeating this, try to
    add a new item or page with new content every
    day. Don't keep a journal but put relevant
    content on your website. Having trouble writing
    new text? Hire a textwriter who can help you.
    Make a plan, what would you like to add this
    week, or next month? And what will you do next
    year. Take a look at newssites. Every day new
    pages and new content.
  • Keep it simple, like the example below. Use
  • make lists
  • subject A
  • subject B
  • Read a book how people read, fast read, cross
    read. Keep it simple, keep it clear. Make titles,
    make a piece of text bold, it will hold your
    readers attention for a minute. Use a clear
    color-setting. Don't use strange or unknown
  • Unless you are a graphic designer who will show
    that you can handle all techniques, don't use to
    many features. Remember that a website of a
    well-know pop artist maybe contains some flash,
    but that this flash feature is very small and
    developed by professionals. Unbeatable by you,
    for you miss the skills and the equipment.

Step 12 - Network
Be part of a greater network
  • Build a network. Use a reasonable email-list
    system. Don't spam but give the users the
    possibility to sign up for your newsletter. Use
    the well-known techniques like "tell a friend" or
    send e-cards.
  • Try to image what your customer expects. What
    would they like to know or read. Your website is
    not a brochure. The visitor on your website
    expects to find an answer to a question he had.
    Participate in newsgroups and forums. Not to
    promote your site but to learn and listen and
    build your network.

Step 13 Logfiles
  • Analyze your log-files. Follow your visitors,
    what do they do, make a graphic and ask your
    provider to put a statistic program on your site.
    It's free information, but you need to do
    something with it.
  • Also log-files on your server can be useful.
    Where did the visitor looked at, for how long.
    From which page did they leave your website. Do
    your visitors return and what are they looking

Step 14 - After 6 months
After six months
  • Check your submissions and where needed, return
    to step 8 submit your website again.
  • Don't forget work regularly on your site.
    Compare it to a normal shop, clean it every day,
    new articles on the shelves, paint your shop of
    redecorate it.
  • Carry this though your website, keep working on
    the content on your site. If you still have no
    luck submitting your site or you don't have the
    time, let us help you. Do the things you're good
    at and let us help you with submitting your site
    to the search engines.

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