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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney


The team at Paul J. Donnelley, P.A. is experienced attorney in Miami handling both state and federal criminal defense. White collar crime lawyers all of South Florida. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Miami Criminal Defense Attorney
Hiring A Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • The decision to hire a Miami criminal defense
    lawyer weighs heavily on the minds of hundreds
    facing criminal charges. Many defendants believe
    they can go the route of self-representation when
    facing jail time. Despite the idea that criminal
    law, and its subtle nuances, are for everyone's
    professional consumption by reading law books,
    many find that practical application, long-term
    experience and knowledge of the nuances that can
    change a case's outcome are valuable knowledge
    points in the criminal judicial system. Making
    the decision to hire a Miami criminal defense
    lawyer requires that you perform extensive
    research into your case's specifics and choose
    wisely if a sentence is mandatory or highly

Do I Need A Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer?
  •  Hiring a Miami criminal defense lawyer delivers
    the legal protection required to manage your
    legal situation in the best possible way. While
    many defendants believe they can interpret and
    apply the law on their own, working with a
    criminal defense attorney ensures you get the
    best representation possible--and estimates say
    that under one percent of the population choose
  • The criminal law books provide a wealth of
    information regarding laws, punishments and
    courtroom procedures, but they do not offer the
    knowledge or insight required to navigate the
    infinite factors that determine the course of a
    case. For example, a state's prosecution has the
    authority to change the course of what seems to
    be a by-the-book case. The prosecution can, and
    has, recast the particulars of a crime in a
    different light and requested substantially more
    prison time. Furthermore, sentence negotiations
    can lead to less or more time, depending on the
    situation. In addition, some cases are influenced
    by the community or media and oftentimes result
    in sentences that lean outside the "recommended"
    punishment found in the books. In these
    situations, you need an attorney who understands
    how Miami's court system works, the pressures
    common to the community and the ins and outs of
    the law.

How Much Will My Criminal Defense Cost?
  • Multiple factors determine the total cost of a
    criminal defense lawyer and a federal criminal
    defense attorney can cost more due to the
    complexity of the case and the penalties
    associated with violating federal regulations. In
    addition, an attorney's experience working on
    your type of case plays a role in pricing. There
    exist no standard legal fees for criminal cases,
    although Consumer Reports reveals that the
    average criminal case costs roughly 1,500.
  • Keep in mind that the cases cited in Consumer
    Reports were for cases that only required one
    court appearance, which means that deeply
    involved cases cost more and many cost 1,000 and
    up for each day spent in court. Lawyers who
    charge hourly are beneficial for defendants who
    have cases that end quickly, although hourly fees
    can rack up fast if the case is prolonged.
  • Attorneys fees include a wide range of items.
    Document copying, subpoenas and motions, to name
    a few, each cost a specified amount.
    Consequently, the complexity of the case has a
    significant influence on total cost.

Finding a Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Finding a defense lawyer requires diligence in
    research and patience. Defendants should not just
    select the first attorney they come across during
    the search. While getting representation quickly
    can influence the longevity of your case,
    choosing the first attorney you encounter can
    have negative consequences.
  • Try speaking with someone who has had the same
    legal problem. Research an attorney's average
    outcome for cases similar to yours. Visit online
    websites to read about a lawyer's experience and
    perhaps locate people who report positive
    experiences with a short list of attorneys.
    Finding a professional, courteous and effective
    Miami criminal defense lawyers only takes some
    research and investigation.

Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • The team at Paul J. Donnelley, P.A. is
    experienced attorney in Miami handling both state
    and federal criminal defense. White collar crime
    lawyers all of South Florida.

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