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Two Factor Authentication


Digital Persona provides two-factor authentication methods that utilize authentication software to protect against inappropriate access and fraudulent transactions. Visit their website for more information. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Two Factor Authentication

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Two Factor Authentication Everything There Is
To Know About It
  • With the growth in crime rate and
    technology, the criminal minded have combined
    both to create a new form of vice that is cyber
    crime. As all of our information is stored on
    databases in the servers and these servers can be
    hacked at any point of time, a method known as
    two factor authentication has been implemented by
    those who fear their security the most. This
    authentication process is similar to its name. It
    means that each user has to go through two levels
    of security to get access to the information or
    data. The two factors can be a combination any
    two variables, be it biometrics or otherwise.
    Both the factors can be biometric or
    non-biometric or a combination of both.
  • The procedure of implementing a two factor
    security for authentication and identification
    has been adopted by several organizations as well
    as financial institution and social media
    channels. This way they make sure that the
    personal information of an individual does not
    get into the wrong hands and they can enjoy a
    risk free environment. Some people still feel
    that this procedure is useless as hackers still
    find loop holes and attack the data, but with two
    way security measures, it becomes difficult for
    them. A better sense of security is felt by the
    users and they also feel that the organization is
    taking effective measures to keep their details
  • Different organizations use different types of
    security measures. Some use the information
    provided by the users to create authenticating
    questions and the data provided by the user to
    identify themselves. This way the user knows the
    answer and it cannot be used by someone else. The
    places where high levels of security measures are
    required, the users are asked to use biometric is
    either one or both phases of security. The user
    might be issued a badge consisting of magnetic
    strip along with a fingerprint scanner or can
    have both biometric measures. This is a more
    refined way of security.


Though security measures taken by any
organization can be breached, but breaching a two
way security measure is difficult. The reason a
company applies for a two way authentication
procedure is because they have sensitive
information and want to protect it from the
people who are looking for it. A two way security
procedure is always expensive to purchase because
both the database of the identification tools
should be linked. The installation of one system
is expensive and when a two way authentication
process is installed as you can imagine that it
will double the cost. Sometimes one system is
much more sophisticated than the other and it can
lead to it being more expensive. The database of
the two systems can be very different as well and
may require much more different techniques of
maintenance. Therefore, only those corporations
or organizations that have high need of security
install such a system in their workforce. http// is a great place to get
all the expert help and support you may need to
have a two factor authentication system installed
at your place. Make sure you visit their website
and check out their offerings.
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