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Web Solution Centre is one of the leading Website Designing Company in Delhi, experienced in Website Design, Website Development, Graphic Designing, e-commerce, seo, online marketing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web Designing Company in Delhi

nfo_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Web design is one of the most influential
    elements of a website. An attractive web page
    design goes a long way in creating a strong
    online presence for your website. We, at Web
    Solution Centre, offer top quality web design
    services for small, medium, and large scale
    online businesses. With our skill and expertise
    in the field for so many years, we specialize in
    developing custom-made web designs that suit our
    clients demands. Ultimately, our web design
    services are fully targeted towards meeting the
    objectives of your web content and page layout,
    so that it creates a good overall presence for
    your website.  
  • We offer superior web design services for various
    purposes including
  • Web builder
  • Ecommerce web design
  • Custom web design
  • Prestige websites
  • Illustration websites
  • Our web design services integrate attractive page
    designs, professional images matching with your
    content, SEO-friendly elements, industry-friendly
    coding, optional CMS system, optional tracking
    and reporting of website performance, and
    on-demand content developed by our expert

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • About Us
  • Web Solution Centre is proud to offer its
    customers a complete service experience when it
    comes to website development.Some of the
    services we offer include Web Design, Web
    Development, Corporate Branding, SEO Services,
    SEO Training, Online Marketing, Social Media
    Optimization, Graphic Design, Content Management
    Systems, 3D integration, Web Portal Development,
    and much more.We are skilled in many different
    programming languages, Web 2.0 and 3.0 tools and
    applications, web development, and SEO practices.
    The combination of these skills can help turn
    your website into a high traffic business.Our
    team of experts is cross trained and
    multi-talented as well so that you get more than
    one web design element built into every website.
    For example, not only will we help create and
    launch a new web design template for your
    business, but at the same time we will also make
    sure it is fully optimized for search engine
    spiders and social media purposes.
  • We offer our customers free consultations to
    make sure that your client experience is always
    going to be the best. Web Solution Centre will
    look over your website and walk you through the
    web design or web development changes that could
    be made to make it a much more functional website.

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
Services Web Solution Centre offers excellent,
reputable, and experienced web development and
web design services for every single one of our
global customers. We have a built and expert pool
of software engineers, marketing pros, skilled
programmers, and talented graphic designers all
trained to offer you timely and cost effective
solutions. Web Solution Centre is proud to offer
our customers Web Design Corporate Branding
Web Development Online Marketing Search Engine
Optimization Services Search Engine Optimization
Training Social Meida Optimization E-Commerce
Website Development Content Management
System Graphic Designing Web Portal Development
Packages Special offers 3D
Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
Corporate Branding Packages When image is
Everything. Don't leave your company's online
reputat ion to chance let Web Solution Centre
help you with your ycorporate branding so that
you build a reputable and reliable business face
online. Whether ou need to rework the image of
your company, or simply need to create a new
fresh face for a new fresh business, our
corporate branding company can help. We are
very flexible with multiple packages designed to
meet every business owner's needs both online and
offline. Regardless of whether you want to really
make a splash with your brand, or prefer to
simply print up some business cards and craft a
logo Web Solution Centre can help.
Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Web Development
  • The Web Solution Centre web development
    team is able to offer your business or website a
    large variety of technologies due to wide and
    varied levels of expertise within the field of
    web development. We will look over your website,
    budget, and requests as part of our free
    consultation and offer you the best technologies
    that will fit your needs. In addition, as an
    experienced web development company we are able
    to fill any concepts or requests that you may
    have for your website.One of the first things
    that we will do after you decided to work with
    Web Solution Centre is talk about your website
    vision so that we can develop a powerful web
    development strategy unique to your website.
    Then, working alongside you allowing you to have
    full input in every chance, we will implement and
    integrate new web development tools onto your
    website in order to help give new style focus,
    and overall purpose to your website.
  • Database Tools MS-Access, SQL Server 7.0/2000,
    Oracle 8 and 9i
  • Programming Languages- VB.Nt, Asp, Ajax, C, JSP,
    MIPS and many more
  • Designer Tools Flash, Adobe Acrobat,
    Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max, DHTML,
    Microsoft Front Page, Macromedia Director,
    Illustrator, HTML
  • WebServer- IILS 5.0 6.0, Apache 1.3
  • Other misc technologies- PHP, JavaScript,
    CGI/Perl, Vbscript, WEB Logic, XML XSL

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Online Marketing
  • Internet marketing is the cornerstone practice
    for producing and effectively selling any
    services or products online. Also referred to as
    e-Marketing, web marketing, online marketing, and
    i-marketing, the fact that internet marketing is
    so interactive when properly conducted makes it
    an instantly alluring practice.By reaching out
    to your target audience and existing consumers
    online, our internet marketing company will be
    able to offer you elicit and instant responses
    that directly relate to your industry and even
    individual business. As one of the premier top
    ten online marketing companies, our team at Web
    Solution Centre will offer you a broad scope of
    marketing services including marketing over the
    internet, wireless media, e-mail, and mobile
    devices. We can also offer support for the
    creation an integration of electronic customer
    relationship management systems and digital
    customer data systems. Our goal as an
    experienced internet marketing company is to help
    exploit the technical sides of the Internet and
    turn them into a creative feat that incorporates
    advertising, design, sales, and development

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization, known more frankly
    by those in the industry as SEO, is one of the
    most important components of any website. As the
    world continues to move towards an internet based
    commerce market it is important that you know how
    to attract visitors to your website. The main
    way to do so is by becoming a top search engine
    result in all of the leading players such as MSN,
    Google, Yahoo, etc. The higher your search engine
    rankings the higher your traffic flow, and with
    the search engine optimization services offered
    by Web Solution Centre we can help you get to the
    top of the list.Websites do not accidently end
    up at the top of the list, they have effective
    SEO campaigns that help land them there. 75 of
    web searchers will click on an organic result
    versus a paid or sponsored result therefore it
    is important to use white hat SEO tactics to get
    your website to the top of the organic list.
  • At Web Solution Centre our team of SEO experts
    will help to drive high quality traffic in large
    volumes your way by organically and inorganically
    touching up your web design, content, and page
    indexing. Gaining higher visibility in the top
    search engines will pay off as your business
    gains a higher level of exposure.

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Social Media Optimization SMO
  • Social Media Optimization is a very diverse range
    of cost-effective products that are combined to
    help marketed, advertise, and offer your
    consumers a personal experience that connects
    them to your business or product. When correctly
    managed, an effective SMO company will help to
    drive new traffic to your website while also
    optimizing it overall for continued social media
    use. It will also engage your consumers to make
    them feel more connected and involved in what you
    have to offer them.Web Solution Centre is one of
    the best social media development companies and
    we are able to o this by optimizing websites for
    social media in the following ways
  • Use of Social Networking Websites for
    self-promotion - There are many social networking
    websites in existence today that are free or low
    cost to use and offer access to millions of
    consumers at once. Web Solution Centre can help
    you launch a social media optimization campaign
    involving Instagram, Facebook, MySpace, flickr,
    YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more. As part of
    our campaign we will utilize the platforms to
    launch the website and attract new customers.

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • E-Commerce Website Development
  • In order to offer your customers a lively and
    interactive shopping experience launching an
    ecommerce website development campaign may be in
    order. One of the most sought after experiences
    of an ecommerce website is a shopping cart so
    that browsers are encouraged to browse, collect
    items, and then check out at once when they have
    completed shopping.
  • This is one of the most effective tools of an
    effective ecommerce website design because it
    allows a shopper to leisurely browse your website
    with no restrictions on how much they can
    purchase or when they have to complete their
    purchase. Statistics have shown that by offering
    services such as a shopping cart on a business
    website the average final sale price will
    increase almost twofold.As a leading provider
    of ecommerce website services, Web Solution
    Centre in Delhi is able to offer you unique and
    fully customizable shopping carts that are
    tailored to meet the needs of your individual
    customers.The average consumer will browse over
    a catalog that a seller offers via their website
    and then decide on what he wants to buy. During
    this process he or she will likely quickly
    compare prices using a side search engine. Once
    they have decided what they want they will have
    to fill in an order form and then fill out their
    payment means. At this point they can submit the
  • At Web Solution Centre we can easily help you
    integrate this modern convenience into your
    website so that your customers are happy and your
    sales are much more profitable.

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Content Management System
  • We are able to offer our high quality content
    management solutions via a variety of platforms
  • Drupal Drupal is open source software that is
    completely coded in PHP so that non-technical
    individuals can easily publish and create their
    own content. There are plenty of modules
    available within the Drupal framework that allow
    for easy features to be incorporated into a
    website such as chat, AdSense Ads, spell check,
    e-commerce, and mailing lists. Our CMS company
    is experienced with working with Drupal and will
    help you have a CMS solution set up quickly so
    that you can assemble your own website with many
    different customization options at your disposal.
  • OSCommerce As online store management software
    that also doubles as an e-commerce software
    package, osCommerce is an excellent tool that can
    be utilized on any web server that supports MySQL
    and PHP. The technology behind the software may
    be difficult, but once created the system is very
    easy for users to fully take advantage of with
    plenty of features and compatibility with
    thousands of other systems.
  • Joomla Joomla is often forgotten by users, but
    it is s very powerful open source content
    management system and with the help of our CMS
    company we can help you use it to create powerful
    websites and online applications that will stay
    in the minds of your users. Joomla is used on a
    global scale and is known for its versatility.
    Some of the largest organizations in the world
    take advantage of the open platform including MTV
    the United Nations, and Harvard University.
  • Custom .Net CMS If you want a customer CMS
    experience then you will want to work with the
    content management system experts at Web Solution
    Centre as we are skilled in utilizing MS-SQL and
    ASP.NET. 2.0 as a database. We also use AJAX to
    help create a better user experience.

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Solution Centre has a very skilled and
    strategic team of graphic design artists willing
    to work hard on creating graphic design solutions
    based on your vision and requirements. We will
    work hard to fill just about any request and
    pride ourselves in offering only the most unique
    and personally tailored results. As one of the
    best Graphic designing companies on the web we
    offer a wide variety of services including but
    not limited to
  • Logos
  • Corporate Identity
  • Catalogs
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Collateral
  • Ads
  • Magazines
  • Packaging
  • Tradeshow signage
  • Flyers
  • Letterhead Packages
  • Promotional Items
  • Email Ad Design
  • Postcards
  • Custom Illustrations

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Web Portal Development
  • A web portal is a website that is able to
    function as a point of access that offers
    consumers links and various sources of related
    information on the internet. At Web Solution
    Centre, we use portals to help offer information
    from many sources in a very unified but unique
    manner. Some of the most popular portals in
    existence on the web are AOL, Yahoo, and MSN.
    Outside of acting as a search engine these
    portals offer a great way to access a wide range
    of services from one location including stock
    prices, news, entertainment, games, and many
    other features.With the help of our web portal
    development solutions, we can help your
    enterprise build a portal that will offer access
    to multiple applications from one single
    location. This increases the chances that
  • your consumers will browse through multiple
    applications and information sources so that they
    get the most out of your website and associated
    offers.When used accurately a personal web
    portal is an internet site that allows its
    visitors personalized capabilities so that they
    can easily find a path to associated content and
    applications via hardware and middleware that
    supports the services of multiple sources.
    Business portals are often used additional to
    help promote collaboration and knowledge sharing
    within the workplace.As one of the top ten web
    portal development companies, Web Solution Centre
    will make sure that your portal contains content
    that is accessible and available over a diverse
    range of platforms including personal computers,
    mobile phones, tablets, and personal digital
    assistants (PDAs).

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • 3D
  • Web Solution Centre is a qualified 3D Company
    Delhi that is able to meet all of your 2D and 3D
    needs. We help you take your website up to the
    next level with our unique array of 3D services.
    As a website owner you want to make sure that you
    captivate and hold the average browser's
    attention, and if you allow us to help we can
    guarantee positive results.
  • Some of the 3D services that we off include but
    are not limited to
  • Organic Modeling
  • Inorganic Modeling
  • Product Demo Animations
  • Flash Animation
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Composition
  • Tradeshow Presentations
  • Silverlight Development
  • Trial Animations
  • Video Editing
  • Medical Animations
  • Video Composition
  • 3D Architectural Renderings

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Career With Us
  • Job Description (Web Designer/Graphic
    Designer)Translate prototypes PSDs into
    launch-ready, pixel-perfect, valid
    HTML/CSS.Explore new technologies/industry
    trends and technical innovationHandle multiple
    project requirements and make appropriate
    technical decisions, Photoshop Flash.
  • Role Category Programming Design
  • Role Graphic/Web Designer
  • Keyskills Web developer,Photoshop
    Flash,jQuery,XHTML, CSS and JavaScript,on PC /
    MAC IE6, IE7, IE8, FF, and Safari
  • Desired Candidate ProfileEducation (UG - Any
    Graduate) AND (PG - Any PG Course - Any
    Specialization) Job location Delhi (near Tagore
    Garden Metro StationJob Type Full-time
    permanent position with day shift. Resumes,
    compensation goals, mug shots or pictures
    (optional) along with a cover letter explaining
    why we should consider you and how you would help
    the organization should be emailed to info (at)
    websolutioncentre (dot) com

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Link Exchange Request
  • Dear Webmasters,If you are in exchanging links
    with the same PR 2 or above, We would be very
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  • Your link will be added after your response.
  • Kindly email your details at infoatwebsolutioncen
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    Delhi, engaged in providing high quality web
    services at most
  • rates. Outsource web design to Web Solution
    Centre India HTML CODE -lta href"http//www.we
    bsolutioncentre.com/"gtWeb Designing Company
    lt/agtltbrgtWeb Solution Centre is a professionally
    experienced Website designing companies, Web
    designing companies, Web Designing Company in
    Delhi and Website Designing Company in Delhi,
    engaged in providing high quality web services at
    most affordable rates. Outsource web design to
    Web Solution Centre India
    I hope
    for an early and positive response from your side
    . We respect you for your time and effort..Best

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Testimonials
  • Manisha Lamba
  • From hues which are energetic and fonts which
    are curvilinear and words which are catchy, the
    Web Solution Centre has come up with the basic
    requirements as well as offers the keys that are
    of high-quality, user-friendliness, and SEO
    friendly services which are needless to say
    simply exceptional. The website designing company
    has made the website not only functional and
    imaginative to the smallest possible details in
    the website exterior, but they have also made the
    surfing through it an outright pleasure. And web
    Solution centre has undeniably provided an
    excellent service. A website must be developed to
    serve the purpose of the reader without
    clustering too many information and complex
    features in the coding which may take too long
    time for the page to load. The Web Solution
    Centre has created a work of art for my business.
    All our requirements will be satisfied and our
    website will come out well if our choice of web
    designing company was Web Solution
    Centre.Sunita Arora
  • High-quality, easy to find, easy to use, best
    and vibrant looking, colorful, tasteful fonts,
    and very legible and comprehensible content are
    not just words but a well-rounded service that
    Web Solution Centre offers. Thiswebsite designing
    company is unique, they are excellent, and they
    are it. With the competition going sky-high in
    todays upcoming market, the Web Solution Centre
    has taken it upon not only to go spear-to-spear
    with their competitors but actually offer a
    service worth to be talked about. Their intention
    being client-first, and making a quality work on
    the website and making it super functional, the
    Web Solution Centre has certainly made it in the
    market and have made us in the market. Having the
    best of the professionals put to work, the web
    development Solution they offer are top-notch.
    The Web Solution Centre has the finest,
    experienced, experts and being the best in their
    fields of design and development whose goals are

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Where We Are
  • Reaching us is not a difficult proposition
    really all you need is a mind determined to hunt
    down a top-notch web solutions company!For job
    applications, Please click here to apply online
    or send your resumes to websolutioncentre.comFor
    queries related to our web services, contact us
    at any of the following global offices

Info_at_websolutioncentre.comINDIA - 91 -
9891846187USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Web Solution Centre
  • 2/345 Subhash Nagar
  • New Delhi 110024, India
  • INDIA - 91 - 9891846187
  • USA - 1-800-268-2617
  • Email info_at_websolutioncentre.com
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