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Your Home Office - Your First Steps To A Successful Home Business


Contains practical guidelines on how to make your home office a functional and important part of your startup home business. Offers insights about what separates your home from your new business. Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe to us on YouTube: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Your Home Office - Your First Steps To A Successful Home Business

Your Home Office- Your First Steps to a
Successful Home Business
Starting a business from home is becoming a very
common and popular venture for many. It offers
the flexibility and cost savings of having the
office in the home, and the comfort that some
need in order to be more productive. There are
lots of things to consider when setting up your
home office. Here are some very basic first
steps to ensuring your home office is set up to
help you thrive with your home based venture.
1. Make sure you have the basic equipment to
operate normally as a business. Some basic
things to consider are, a good working desk phone
with service that is clear, professional, and set
up possibly to take many lines of incoming calls
at one time depending on the nature of your
A cellular phone is not always a good option
because of spotty service, unclear call quality,
and the inability to make conference calls or
receive more than one call at one time and park
those calls. Some higher-quality phones are
compatible with services like Go To Meeting, but
again, if service is spotty, this technology may
not always be of benefit to you.
Make sure you also have a computer that can run
the programs you need, maybe even multiple
programs at once. Have a proper drafting table
if you need one. A large, basic, sturdy desk with
drawers for organizing supplies is also
essential, and a chair that you feel comfortable
in that you wont fall asleep in is also
2. Work in a space thats bright and full of
light if you can. Studies have shown that
people who work in bright, well lit areas with
natural light are far more productive than people
who work in dark or enclosed spaces.
3. Your office space needs to be dedicated to
just that- your office. And nothing else. Never
assume you can successfully run a business long
term in the corner of a nursery or on the side
area of a living room. If you have a separate
room all together, this is even better.
4. If you have a family, arrange to separate your
family from your business. Its extremely
difficult to get a lot done with small children
in the background and consistently needing
things. And, if you can barely make personal
phone calls without your children taking over,
think about what this might do to your business.
If you can wait until your children are old
enough to be at school, run your home business
during this time, or wait until your children are
old enough to be in school to take on the effort
of running a successful home business. Or of
course, consider day care as part of your
business operating costs.
5. Finally, be prepared to treat your home
business as you would your out of home
business. There are many home business owners
that swear by still getting dressed as normal in
the morning, doing hair and makeup, and keeping
strict hours in the office, even if they run
operations out of their homes. Business and home
life are two separate things, and keeping them
separate will help you.
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