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Online Weight Loss Medicines - Best Obesity Solution


Your obesity solution is now available online. Weight loss medicines prove to be the best weight loss option to costly and painful surgery. Weight loss medicines with exercise will bring your weight to normal. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Weight Loss Medicines - Best Obesity Solution

Weight Loss
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What Is Obesity/Over Weight?
  • Obesity is a multi-faceted and highly complex
    medical condition.
  • The terms "overweight" and "obese" describe
    weight ranges that are above what is medically
    accepted as healthy.
  • Being in either the overweight or obese weight
    ranges increases the likelihood of certain
    diseases and health problems.
  • Obesity is the leading nutritional disorder in
    fact, it is one of the major causes of suffering,
    disability, and death. 
  • Obesity has become a world-wide epidemic
    estimated to affect 1.7 billion individuals.

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What Is Obesity/Over Weight?
  • Approximately 12.5 million children and
    adolescents aged 2-19 (17) are obese.

When weight increases to an extreme level, it is
called morbid obesity, and is a chronic condition
with numerous medical, psychological, social and
economic consequences. 
OnlineRx Medicines Call - (USA) 1(646) 681
Causes of Weight Gain
  •  Factors that are leading causes of weight gain,
    obesity and metabolic disease
  • Genetics - Obesity has a strong genetic
    component. Offspring of obese parents are much
    more likely to become obese than offspring of
    lean parents.
  • Engineered Hyperpalatable Junk Foods Todays
    foods are often little more than refined
    ingredients mixed in with a bunch of chemicals.
    These products are engineered to be cheap, last
    long on the shelf and taste so incredibly good
    that we just cant get enough.
  • Food Addiction - These highly engineered junk
    foods cause powerful stimulation of the reward
    centers in our brains. People lose control over
    their eating behavior.

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Causes of Weight Gain
  • Aggressive Marketing (especially targeting
    children) - The food companies make misleading
    claims and they spend massive amounts of money
    sponsoring scientists and major health
    organizations to influence their research and
    guidelines. Children are becoming obese, diabetic
    and addicted to junk foods way before theyre old
    enough to make conscious decisions about these
  • Insulin - The Western diet causes insulin
    resistance in many individuals. This elevates
    insulin levels all over the body, making energy
    selectively get stored in the fat cells instead
    of being available for use.
  • Certain Medications - There are
    many pharmaceutical drugs that can cause weight
    gain as a side effect. Examples include diabetes
    medication, antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc.

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Causes of Weight Gain
  • Leptin - Another hormone that is crucial in
    obesity is Leptin. Obese people have lots of fat
    and lots of leptin. The problem is that the
    leptin isnt working as it should, because for
    some reason the brain becomes resistant to it .
  • Food Availability - One factor that has
    dramatically influenced the collective waistline
    of the world is a massive increase in food
    availability. Food (especially junk food) is
    everywhere now. 
  • Sugar - Sugar is the single worst part of the
    modern diet. The reason is that when consumed in
    excess, sugar changes the hormones and
    biochemistry of the body, contributing to weight

OnlineRx Medicines Call - (USA) 1(646) 681
OnlineRx Medicines Call - (USA) 1(646) 681
Weight Loss For Men
  • Anything and everything in moderation. You can
    have anything you want just dont go overboard.
  • Eat at home more and eat less take-away.
  • Take your lunch to work instead of going out.
    Youll not only likely lose weight but save money
    as well.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or
  • Walk more. Take the time to walk more. Whether
    its getting up a little earlier in the morning
    or going for a 20 to 30 minute walk at lunchtime
    or after work, in the afternoon or early evening
    will not only make you feel better, you will
    ultimately lose that extra weight youve put on
  • Take a break once a week. You dont have to be
    dieting 24/7. Give yourself a break eat whatever
    you want 1 day per week.
  • Drink more water.

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Weight Loss For Women
  • Eat breakfast - Those who dont eat breakfast are
    at 400 greater risk for obesity than those who
  • Walk 26 minutes a day - This is the magic number
    of minutes for daily exercise to encourage your
    body to burn calories and load it up with
    feel-good endorphins and oxygen-rich blood. 
  • Get at least 7.5 hours sleep - Not getting enough
    sleep prompts the brain to produce more of the
    appetite-boosting hormone ghrelin.
  • Enjoy a good laugh - British researchers found
    that laughing raises your metabolism up to 20. 
  • Shrink with a friend - A recent study shows that
    when people pair up to lose weight they drop
    twice as many pounds. 
  • Study up - Before you lift a toe, do some
    legwork. You can learn about nutrition and diets
    on Web sites or through books.
  • Keep an honest food journal - You need to track
    what you eat in detail. Not 'peanuts,' but how
    many peanuts. What time of day?

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Weight Loss Medicines
  • Everyone is so busy that buying the medicines
    online is supposed to be the best option. The
    very important thing of buying medicines online
    is that you get the medicines at much more cheap
    and affordable rate then the local vendors.
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Alli 60mg
  • Alli is a non-prescription weight loss aid for
    adults with a BMI of 28 or above who are
    overweight,  want to lose weight, and will commit
    to healthier eating.
  • Alli promotes weight loss by decreasing
    absorption of fat by the intestines, which
    reduces the number of calories you absorb.
  • Alli should be used along with a reduced calorie,
    lower-fat diet.
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Xenical 120mg
  • XENICAL is a prescription medicine used with a
    low calorie diet to increase weight loss in
    people with obesity. XENICAL may help obese
    people lose weight and keep the weight off.
  • The recommended dose is one 120-mg capsule by
    mouth with liquid at each main meal that contains
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Xenical 120mg 42caps
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