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General Illumination for the Home


When it comes to decorating your home, don’t overlook one of the most important aspects. Proper lighting not only makes a room usable throughout the day and night, but can create a mood. Learn how to illuminate your whole home properly! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: General Illumination for the Home

A Guide to Illuminating Your Home
Why is Illumination Important?
  • Proper illumination ties together home décor and
    finishes a rooms aesthetics
  • A properly illuminated well-lit room refers to
    more than its brightness.
  • A well-lit room can make small rooms appear
    roomier and large rooms cozier. It creates mood
    and personality, and enhances the rooms natural

Understanding Light Sources
  • There are 3 types of light sources you can work
    with General Illumination, Ambient Lighting and
    Task Lighting.
  • General Illumination refers to lights that wash
    the room with illumination.
  • Ambient lighting are pools of light that create
    emotion and mood.
  • Task lighting are for tasks such as reading and

Working with Light Sources
  • Using a combination of general illumination,
    ambient and task lighting creates dimension and
    atmosphere in a room.
  • General lighting often comes in the form of
    single over head light, ceiling fixture, or high
  • Ambient lighting can take shape as dimmable
    chandeliers, wall sconces and accent lamps.
  • Task lighting includes desk lamps, bedside lamps,
    work lights and kitchen pendants.

Different Rooms Have Different Needs
  • Bedrooms Require a combination of general
    (overhead), ambient and task lighting such as
    bedside table lamps or swing arm lamps.
  • Kitchens For kitchens use task lighting for
    countertops and kitchen islands. Install under
    cabinet lighting to help illuminate counter
  • Bathrooms Will usually require vanity lighting
    over or besides mirrors in addition to an
    overhead light. Powder rooms can have wall
    sconces and/or an overhead light.

Different Rooms Have Different Needs
  • Living Rooms Living rooms need to be adaptable
    to different situations. Install permanent
    fixtures (ceiling lights) as well as floor and
    table lamps that can be added or removed when
  • Entryways Use lamps or sconces to create
    beautiful accent lightings. Make a first
    impression with chandeliers or hanging pendants.

Working from Top to Bottom
  • When designing a lighting plan, start with the
    ceiling and work your way down.
  • On ground level, look at how sconces, table
    lamps, floor lamps, and ambient lights can
    enhance your area.
  • Lighting in layers ensures you cover all the
    ground necessary.

Use Vignettes to Create a Story
  • In home design and lighting, vignettes refer to
    the arrangement of lights, sculptures and books
    of different sizes and shapes to create a story.
  • Vignettes pull a room together and add a designer
  • To create a vignette, start with a theme and a
    light source, then find the objects that reflect
    the theme and arrange them around the light.

Create a Mood
  • Illumination is more than about shopping for a
    lamp, its about creating a mood for each room.
  • Each room has its own personality, and its style
    is a reflection of you.
  • Create a vibrant mood in kitchens or playrooms,
    and subdued moods for relaxing rooms like
    bedrooms or bathrooms.

Buy from a Lighting Professional
  • A lighting professional will be able turn your
    vision into a reality.
  • Not only will they help you find the lights you
    need, but will guide you through the lighting
    plan design process.
  • Remember, illumination is one the most important
    parts of home décor. Dont be left in the dark
    and contact a lighting professional today.