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Bangalore VS Mumbai


A comparison between Mumbai city and Bangalore city. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Bangalore VS Mumbai

Mumbai Vs Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
Mumbai vs Bangalore
Quite often at work or with friends we get into a
discussion between Mumbai (or Bombay) vs
Bangalore and passions run equally high on both
sides. Personally I feel both these cities have
their merits and demerits. Last month I was in
Mumbai for a week and had a great experience.
Mumbai welcomed me with Monsoons in full swing.
It was dirty and yet beautiful in its own very
way. I did notice a few things about this city
and compared with Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
Mumbai vs Bangalore
Transportation Mumbai has the best local
transport like the local trains and the buses
which are frequent and though it is always
crowded the people in Mumbai are very loyal and
easy going. Bangalore is coming up with metro
rails and famous for its volvo buses, Bangalore
is improving as we speak. Taxis Mumbai seems to
have more taxis than any other vehicle. Bangalore
on the other hand has tons of autos and only has
the call taxis, and not like the taxis in
Mumbai. Auto Mumbai autos were fine, in that
they at least went by the meter, unlike Bangalore
where the meter is just a fashion accessory!
Office space in Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
Mumbai vs Bangalore
Infrastructure The roads were in a much better
condition to a large extent and though there were
bad patches and potholes the ratio of good roads
to bad roads was much better in Mumbai than in
Bangalore. Also the roads were much wider than in
Bangalore. Both the cities have equally bad
traffic jams during the peak hours. There were
lots of flyovers and underpasses cleverly planned
and constructed. At busy junctions and over/under
railway lines, thereby providing for
un-interrupted travel. This is so needed in
Bangalore where there are way too many
intersections and traffic signals and where the
construction pace is as slow as the traffic jams
themselves. Weather Bangalore has great
weather, quite pleasant throughout the year when
compared Mumbai which gets very humid and hot.
Office space in Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
Mumbai vs Bangalore
Culture Bangaloreans are simple and known for
their non materialistic approach to life for
possessing simple living high thinking.
Mumbaikars dont care attitude coupled with non
interfering nature surely is a treat for everyone
staying here. With ultra cool and high on style
quotient Mumbai is surely the fashion capital of
country. Both the cities have the touch of
cosmopolitan men and women. Society Mumbai is
Bollywood whereas Bangalore is IT Hub. The
people in Mumbai are very different when compared
to Bangalore. In Bangalore, I have seen a lot
more youngsters starting new companies, a general
ecosystem that has developed for entrepreneurs
etc. Of course, much of this has to do with the
now well-known growth of the IT industry and
associated entrepreneurs, whether in the area of
defense, automotive applications, engineering
etc. Mumbai never sleeps, the countrys tinsel
town and commercial capital for years. Mumbai
has been all of the above for people from all
walks of life. Also known as the Maximum City
that has been home to the countrys top
industrial houses, produced enough good
cricketers and actors and actresses, so much so
that for long it gave an impression of
monopolizing Talent Inc in the country.
Office space in Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
Mumbai vs Bangalore
Nightlife The most happening place when it comes
to nightlife is Mumbai. In, Mumbai you can party
all night whereas in Bangalore the party ends at
1130pm. Bangaloreans have learnt to adapt to
this time restriction and start their night life
early. Doing Business Today the race for talent
is no longer between companies, it is between
cities and what they offer. China has shown its
purposeful creation and dominance in global
production and manufacturing. India lacks that
scale of action, but in knowledge industries you
dont need just-in-time delivery and
high-speed-cargo. You just need place, and
place is what Bangalore brings to the residents
who live in it, and that few other cities in
India have been thoughtful of as they decay in
the chaos of bad governance and under investment
in infrastructure. It is not just the IT
industry that has picked Bangalore over Mumbai or
chennai, even though those cities have more
people, and thus one would assume, more talent.
Various MNCs have set up their RD centres in
Bangalore too, which has helped to attract top
notch research scientists to the RD centre.
Office space in Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
Mumbai vs Bangalore
The availability of trained professionals,
primarily engineers, dates back to before the
boom in the IT industry. The demands from the
booming IT and other industries have forced
institutes to establish, where today they
attract students from all over the country and
are known to largely provide quality
education. Though every denizen complains about
the dismal state of urban infrastructure and the
quality of their lives in Bangalore, I believe
Bangalore has two distinct advantages over
Mumbai, apart from its salubrious climate. The
first is its ability to attract and retain young
professionals in search of career or
entrepreneurship. This is thanks to the
affordable real estate. Yes, Mumbai still
attracts some the brightest people primarily in
the field of entertainment and financial services
and given a choice many of them would prefer to
be in Bangalore. Poor infrastructure,
particularly high cost of real estate and
commuting hassles is a deterrent to both
employers and employees as far as Mumbai is
concerned. Over 40 of the salary of an average
Mumbaikar goes into paying rent
Office space in Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
Mumbai vs Bangalore
In practical terms, Bangalores air is cleaner,
its society safer and more refined. Mumbai still
attracts talent, it always has and will but in
the race for the best, Bangalore is increasingly
becoming a more attractive destination. For
Indian-born talent returning home, Bangalore is
again the destination of first choice. The net
result is that slowly the city is also becoming
one of the largest centres of activity and
commerce in the country, rapidly rivalling the
weight of Mumbai or Delhi The second advantage
that Bangalore enjoys - and a very important one
over Mumbai (and over Delhi or chennai, I would
think) is the engagement that its most prominent
citizens have with the citys administration and
well being, an engagement that truly makes them a
stakeholder in the citys growth, development and
well being. A residents awareness of the levers
of power and the knowledge that they have access
to them in time of need, makes a big difference
in how engaged and invested they are in the
Office space in Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
Mumbai vs Bangalore
Bangalore is charming as it is a young growing
city where one will feel engaged in the
development of the city somehow or the other ,
one will have an after work life , professional
opportunities, women friendly etc etc. Needless
to say affordable real estate compared to Mumbai,
whereas Mumbai felt like a matured city with
citizens executing their bit of work with
dedication and the money making capital of
India. Mumbai has its own charm but its decaying
under its own success. I love Mumbai and the
vibrance it carries but when it comes to
Bangalore, one can truly sense its place in a
global perspective.
Office space in Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore
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Office space in Bangalore
Office space in Bangalore