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Title: Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource
Strategic HRm
  • Strategic, tactical and operational HR planning
    linked to business outcomes.
  • Undertake organisational structure reviews to
    identify opportunities to re-align resources with
    future business directions and resourcing
  • Managing difficult or complex employment
  • Corporate governance reviews.
  • Review and/or redesign of your organisations
    establishment structure
  • Development and review of work level standards
    and classification structures.
  • HR policy procedures review
  • Performance Management system development and

Staff Surveys
  • To provide a range of qualitative and
    quantitative HR research services, including
    staff, customer satisfaction and issues based
    'pulse' surveys.

Meaning of Strategic HRM
  • Strategic HRM focuses on actions that
    differentiate the firm from its competitors
    (Purcell, 1999). It is suggested by Hendry and
    Pettigrew (1986) that it has four meanings
  • - the use of planning
  • - a coherent approach to the design and
    management of personnel
  • - systems based on an employment policy and
    workforce strategy and
  • - often underpinned by a philosophy
  • - matching HRM activities and policies to some
    explicit business strategy
  • - seeing the people of the organization as a
    strategic resource for the
  • - achievement of competitive advantage.

Business performance management
  • Business performance management is a set of
    management and analytic processes that enables
    the management of an organization's performance
    to achieve one or more pre-selected goals.
    Synonyms for "business performance management"
    include "corporate performance management (CPM)"
    and "enterprise performance management".
  • Business performance management is contained
    within approaches to business process management.
  • Business performance management has three main
  • selection of goals,
  • consolidation of measurement information relevant
    to an organizations progress against these
    goals, and
  • interventions made by managers in light of this
    information with a view to improving future
    performance against these goals.

Corporate performance management
  • Corporate performance management (CPM) is the
    area of business intelligence (BI) involved with
    monitoring and managing an organization's
    performance, according to key performance
    indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, return on
    investment (ROI), overhead, and operational
    costs. CPM is also known as business performance
    management (BPM) or enterprise performance
    management (EPM).

HBA Consulting
  • HBA has developed this strategic relationship to
    enable it to offer clients an end to end
    solution to a range of HR related needs .
  • Linking, reporting and analysing business
    strategy with individual performance agreements
    and work plans.
  • Measuring HR contributions to overall corporate
    objectives and outcomes
  • Establishing and operating a simple and
    transparent project management process to track
    the progress and delivery of key HR initiatives.