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Surf Safely with a Clean Computer


Surf Safely with a Clean Computer. Roger Thornburn. Unwanted ... Consider using a combined A-V & A-S, e.g. AVG 8, Norton AV, Kapersky AV, Webroot, Avast, etc. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Surf Safely with a Clean Computer

Surf Safely with a Clean Computer
  • Roger Thornburn

Seminar Goals
  • Internet Security
  • Background on internet security threats
  • How to protect your computer
  • Using a Sandbox
  • A Clean Computer
  • Using CCleaner
  • To clean out temporary files
  • To clean the registry
  • Disk defrag
  • Scheduling these tasks

Unwanted Visitors!
  • The Four Main Threats to Your Computer
  • Hackers
  • Viruses, worms trojans
  • Spyware and hijacks
  • Operating System/Apps security holes
  • Annoyances
  • Email Spam
  • Adware
  • Pop-up Ads

See Wikipedia (http//
e) or handout
Dealing With the Threats
  • Hackers
  • Use a Firewall. Windows XP and Vista both have a
    good built-in software firewall
  • If on broadband, then use a router with a h/w
  • Viruses
  • Use ONE Anti-Virus tool
  • Spyware
  • Use ONE real time Anti-Spyware tool
  • Can use more than one anti-spyware scanner

So, Are You Safe Now?
  • Better but not completely
  • Security holes not yet patched.
  • Not yet acknowledged by software suplier
  • No fix yet available
  • Havent updated all your programs
  • Pop up windows requiring user action
  • Standard Window with a question or offer, with
    Yes/No buttons
  • So, still at risk from
  • Drive-by that exploits a software security hole
  • Malicious java script, Flash animations, etc.
  • Both exploit weaknesses in poorly written
    software that enable Spyware, Hijacks, Worms,
    Bots, etc. to be put on your computer, directly
    from a Webpage

The Answer Is .
  • A sandbox is a special software program that
    isolates any application running inside it, from
    the rest of your computer.
  • After running your application, delete the
    sandbox and all traces of the application are
    also deleted.
  • So, if we open our Internet Browser inside a
    sandbox, then any malware that tries to enter our
    computer, either by accidentally clicking the
    wrong thing, or by a drive-by, will be trapped
  • The sandbox I will show you today, is a freeware
    program called Sandboxie
  • Can be downloaded from

A Sandbox!
How Sandboxie works
Without Sandboxie
Using Sandboxie
Sandboxietemporary storage
Hard Drive
Hard Drive
For a complete explanation, see
  • Basics
  • All programs can be opened sandboxed
  • Main use is for your Internet Browser and email
  • Can also be used to run downloaded or other
    programs to test without leaving any traces on
    your computer
  • Email attachments opened inside the sandbox
  • Files you want to keep can be copied from the
  • Do I still need A-V and A-S?
  • Yes.
  • Sandboxie will stop any program or software being
    written to your hard drive.
  • It does not do any virus or Spyware checking

Using Sandboxie
  • Good tutorial.
  • Open Sandboxie, click HelpGetting Started
  • Sandboxie automatically creates a desktop icon
    that opens your default browser in a sandbox
    (e.g. Internet Explorer)
  • Just double click this icon
  • Use Right Click and select Open Sandboxed to
    open any other program in a sandbox
  • Use for email Outlook Express, Windows Mail,
  • Also for testing new programs.
  • When using a sandboxed browser or email client,
    nothing is saved
  • Cookies, temporary internet files, favorites
  • New add-ons (e.g. Flash plug-in)
  • Downloaded files or programs
  • Saved attachments

Using Sandboxie
  • Saving files from the sandbox
  • Download to My Documents or Desktop
  • Sandboxie will allow you to recover these files
  • Other folders can be added to be recovered
  • Online banking, credit card, brokerage or other
    trusted website.
  • As cookies will not be saved, these hi-security
    sites may require you to answer a security
  • Go to these sites once, outside the sandbox,
    login and the cookie will be saved
  • Other
  • By default, favorites will not be saved
  • Can make a change in the Sandbox Settings

Sandboxie Settings
  • Open Sandboxie Default Settings
  • Open Sandboxie Control
  • click SandboxDefaultBoxSandbox Settings
  • Recovery folders
  • click RecoveryQuick Recovery. Add folders if
  • Automatically delete sandbox when no longer
  • click Delete. Check Automatically delete..
  • Enable web browser favorites
  • click ApplicationsWeb Browser. Check Allow
    Direct Access to .. And/or for Firefox
  • Also check Allow Full Access to Protected. If
    you use saved password.
  • Enable email client
  • click ApplicationsEmail Reader. Check the
    appropriate check box for you email client.

Summary for Safe Surfing
  • Use a Firewall Windows XP/Vista is fine
  • Keep your Windows and internet enabled apps
  • Use ONE Anti-Virus program
  • Use a ONE real time Anti-Spyware program
  • Consider using a combined A-V A-S, e.g. AVG 8,
    Norton AV, Kapersky AV, Webroot, Avast, etc.
  • A total internet suite is not a necessity.
  • Use an email/ISP service that scans ALL your
  • Yahoo, Excite, Google, Dell, etc.
  • Only download programs from known sites
  • Dont accept programs on CD from unknown people
  • Use Sandboxie for surfing the web and email

Lets do some more demos
Cleaning Up Your Computer
  • Use CCleaner
  • Removes all temporary files
  • Internet
  • Logs
  • Windows
  • Removes cookies
  • Select those to keep
  • Registry cleanup
  • Defragment your Hard Drive
  • Combines fragmented files
  • Speeds up disk operations
  • Slightly different interface XP to Vista

Suggested Sequence
  • Download and install Sandboxie CCleaner
  • In CCleaner, select items to clean, include all
  • Run CCleaner including the Registry cleaner
  • Open non-sandoxed browser, and login to all your
    hi-security sites (bank, credit card, etc.) and
    any customized page (e.g. Yahoo)
  • Reopen CCleaner, in OptionsCookies, move all
    cookies to Cookies To Keep
  • Change settings to default Sandbox
  • ApplicationsWeb Browser
  • Check to Allow Direct Access to Internet Explorer
  • Check to Allow Access to Protected Storage
  • ApplicationsEmail Reader
  • DeleteInvocation and check Automatically delete
  • Now can run browser in sandbox and run CCleaner

Scheduling the Cleanup
  • Vista
  • Defragmenter includes a scheduler
  • Select daily/weekly and time (computer needs to
    be on)
  • Use Task Scheduler for CCleaner
  • Control PanelAdministrative ToolsTask Scheduler
  • ActionBasic task set day and time (computer
    needs to be on)
  • Select CCleaner and type /auto for the argument
  • Windows XP
  • Create a batch file (c\cleanup.bat)
  • c\program files\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe
    /autoc\windows\system32\defrag.exe c
  • Use Scheduled Tasks to run this batch file
  • Control PanelScheduled TasksAdd scheduled task
  • Select c\cleanup.bat set day and time
  • Check Open advanced and check Run only..

Enjoy Your Surfing Experience