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Cadcorp and GML


UK-based GIS software development company ' ... Stadt Melle (Germany) Port Stephens (Australia) Security. Mexican Federal Police (Mexico) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cadcorp and GML

Cadcorp and GML
  • Martin Daly
  • Technical Director
  • Cadcorp Ltd
  • GML Relay
  • 26th January, 2006
  • http//

Corporate Background
  • UK-based GIS software development company
  • Computer Aided Development Corporation Limited,
    aka Cadcorp
  • Privately held British company
  • Active in GIS market since 1995
  • Originally developed a Windows-based CAD system
  • Offices in UK (London and Stevenage), Australia
    (Sydney) and USA (Boston)
  • More than 25,000 licences sold worldwide
  • Market-leading OGC compliance

What do we do?
  • Cadcorp
  • The software development company
  • Cadcorp SIS Spatial Information System
  • The product range
  • Windows-based product range covering
  • Desktop
  • Map Browser, Reader, Viewer, Manager, Editor, and
  • ActiveX
  • Control Development Module (CDM)
  • Internet
  • SIS Map Server
  • SIS ActiveX Server Component
  • GeognoSIS.NET
  • Lightweight ActiveX/COM (apSIS)
  • Mobile (mSIS)

Selection of Customers
  • National Mapping Agencies
  • United Kingdom (OS GB and OSNI)
  • Japan (GSI)
  • Mexico (INEGI)
  • France (IGN and IGN-FI)
  • Ireland (OSI)
  • National Government
  • Department of Food and Rural Affairs (UK)
  • Government Housing Bank (Thailand)
  • Ministry of Public Management (Japan)
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs (Netherlands)
  • Local Government
  • Medway District Council (UK)
  • London Borough of Hounslow (UK)
  • States of Jersey (UK)
  • Stadt Melle (Germany)
  • Port Stephens (Australia)
  • Security
  • Mexican Federal Police (Mexico)
  • Commercial
  • PEMEX (Mexican National Oil Corp)
  • WVEM (Belgium)
  • Factory Mutual Global (USA)
  • Mapshots (USA)
  • NTT Data (Japan)
  • Bangkok Airport
  • Knight Frank (UK)
  • FIT CONSEIL (France)
  • Maritime
  • Coastguard (UK)
  • Port of London (UK)
  • Port of Southampton (UK)
  • CNR Compagnie National du Rhone (France)
  • Emergency Services
  • Avon Police (UK)
  • Greater Manchester Ambulance (UK)
  • Forestry Service Catalonia
  • (Spain)

Integrated Product Range
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
  • Technical Members since 1997
  • OGC Implementations
  • Simple Features for OLE/COM
  • Co-ordinate Transformation Services for OLE/COM
  • Grid Coverages for OLE/COM
  • Simple Features OLE-DB Provider
  • SQL 92 database (client)
  • Web Map Service (server and client)
  • Web Feature Service (server and client)
  • Gazetteer (server and client)
  • Web Terrain Service (server)
  • Web Map and OWS Context documents
  • GML 2.1.2 and 3.1.1 (read and write)
  • Catalogue Service for the Web (CS-W) (client)
  • Web Coverage Service (client)
  • Ten compliance certificates

Cadcorp involved in drafting or editing
Cadcorp SIS and OGC
  • Market-leading OGC compliance
  • Geometry handling
  • Core spatial tests use Simple Features DE9IM
  • Well-known Binary (WKB)
  • Well-known Text (WKT)
  • Simplify, Decompose, Convex Hull, etc.
  • Co-ordinate Reference Systems
  • EPSG-based
  • WS servers and clients
  • GML
  • Map Browser

Support for OGC Specifications
Cadcorp SIS Open and open
  • Vector
  • Autodesk
  • AutoCAD DWG 2004 (.dwg)
  • AutoCAD DXF 2004 (.dxf)
  • AutoCAD DWG 12 - 2000 (.dwg)
  • AutoCAD DXF 12 2000 (.dxf)
  • Autodesk Drawing Web Format (.dwf)
  • Bentley
  • Bentley MicroStation DGN V7 (.dgn)
  • Bentley MicroStation DGN V8 (.dgn)
  • Cadcorp
  • OS MasterMap Database (.odb)
  • Base Dataset File (.bds)
  • SIS Export Dataset (.sed)
  • Shared Dataset File (.sds)
  • ESRI

Raster ESRI ESRI ArcIMS Image Service ESRI
ArcInfo ASCII Grid (.asc) ESRI ArcInfo Binary
Grid (.adf) ESRI Band Interleaved By Line
(.bil) ESRI Band Interleaved By Pixel
(.bip) ESRI Band Sequential (.bsq) Bentley Bentl
ey Geographics HMR (.hmr) ERDAS Erdas Imagine
(.img) Earth Resource Mapping ER Mapper (.alg)
ER Mapper Enhanced Compression Wavelet (.ecw)
ER Mapper Image Web Server EXIF EXchangeable
Image Format (.jpg .jpeg) Intergraph Intergraph
Raster Image (.rle .cit) LizardTech MrSID
(.sid) PCI PCI Geomatics Database File
(.pix) PCI .aux Labelled (.aux .raw) Open
Geospatial Consortium OGC Web Coverage Service
(WCS) OGC Web Map Service (WMS) Ordnance Survey
Great Britain OS (GB) OS (GB) Land-Form PROFILE
PLUS (.ntf) OS (GB) Land-Form PANORAMA DTM
150000 (.ntf) OS (GB) LIDAR (.dat) Ordnance
Survey Ireland OSI OSI DTM (.ntf) USA National
datasets USGS Digital Elevation Model (1 degree)
(.dem) USGS Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (New
Style) (.doq .nes .nws .ses .sws) USGS
Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (Old style)
(.doq .nes .nws .ses .sws) USGS GTOPO30
(.hdr) USGS Optional ASCII DEM (.dem) USGS SDTS
DEM (.cadt .ddf) Japanese National
datasets Japanese GSI (.mem) Other Atlantis MFF
HKV Raster (.hdr) Atlantis MFF Raster (.hdr)
Binary Terrain (.bt) BW TIFF with
anti-aliasing (.tif.tiff) CEOS SAR Image file
(.img) Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics
Support (.cal) Digital Terrain Elevation Data
(DTED) (.dt0 .dt1) ENVI .hdr Labelled (.evi)
ENVISAT Image (.n1) EOSAT FAST-L7A (Landsat TM)
(.fst) ETOPO2 (ASCII and Binary) ETOPO5
(Binary) GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction
Library Geosoft Grid Exchange Format (.gxf) GIF
(.gif) Globe Raster Image (.glb) Hierarchical
Data Format (HDF) Release 4 (.hdf) JPEG
(.jpg) JPEG 2000 (.jp2 .j2k) National Imagery
Transmission Format (NITF) (.ntf .i12)
NextMap Britain DTMs and DSMs (.ntf) NetCDF
(Network Common Data Format) Grid Format
(.grd) NOAA/MAPTECH/NDI/SoftChart BSB (.kap
.nos) PNG (.png) Raw raster data (.raw) RLC
(.rlc) Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM)
TerrainBase Targa Image File (.tga)
TIFF/GeoTIFF (.tif.tiff) Windows Bitmap
(.bmp) Windows Metafile Worldwide Digitial
Terrain Data (.bin)
EXPORT Document Format Adobe Portable
Document Format (.pdf) Comma Separated Values
(.csv) HTML (.htm) Text file (.txt) Vector
Autodesk AutoCAD DWG to release 2000 (.dwg)
AutoCAD DXF to release 2000 (.dxf)
Bentley Bentley MicroStation DGN v8 (.dgn)
Cadcorp Base Dataset File (.bds) SIS Export
Dataset (.sed) Shared Dataset File (.sds)
ESRI ESRI Shape (.shp) EuroNav EuroNav
Geographic Exchange format (.gxf) Safe
Software Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) FME
Feature Store file (.ffs) Google Google Earth
KML (.kmz) MapInfo MapInfo Interchange
(.mif) MapInfo TAB (.tab) Open Geospatial
Consortium OGC GML 2.1.2 (.gml) Ordnance Survey
Great Britain OS (GB) OS (GB) (.citf) OS
(GB) (.ntf) Other Scaleable Vector Graphics
(.svg) Scaleable Vector Graphics Gzipped
(.svgz) VRML Raster ER Mapper Enhanced
Compression Wavelet (.ecw) GIF (.gif) JPEG 2000
(.jp2 .j2k) JPEG (.jpg) TIFF/GeoTIFF (.tif
.tiff) Windows Bitmap (.bmp) Windows Metafile
STORAGE Cadcorp Cadcorp SIS ASCII BLOB format
(Any Database) Open Geospatial Consortium OGC
Well-known Binary (WKB) format (Any Database)
OGC Well-known Text (WKT) format (Any Database)
OGC SQL92 (Any Database) ESRI ESRI ArcSDE (read
only) Oracle Oracle 9i and 10g Spatial/Locator
Oracle 10g GeoRaster (read only) Oracle 10g
Network Model Oracle Application Server MapViewer
(read only) Oracle 8 Spatial Cartridge Refractions
Any ODBC, DAO or ADO compliant database or file
format, including Microsoft Access Microsoft
Excel Microsoft SQL Server Direct Database
Drivers Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g PostgreSQL Notes
- Chargeable Plug-in. - Requires purchase of
Safe Software FME
Cadcorp SIS and GML
  • OS MasterMap
  • Dedicated parser
  • Hardwired to OS MasterMap Schema
  • Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap Manager
  • Loads and indexes up to national coverage
  • e.g., PostGIS and (Cadcorp-proprietary) OS
    MasterMap Database (ODB) file 4½ days
  • Not OS MasterMap
  • Generic, XML Schema-aware parser

Cadcorp SIS and TOP10NL (i)
  • Multiple geometry elements
  • SIS Group?
  • Not easy to edit
  • Geometry Collection?
  • Semantically different, and difficult to
    decompose on re-export
  • Split into multiple features?
  • Humpty Dumpty problem
  • Change the Schema?
  • One geometry/id per feature

Humpty Dumpty
  • Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
  • Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
  • All the king's horses and all the king's men
  • Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Humpty Dumpty (reprise)
  • Homme petit d'homme petit, s'attend, n'avale.
  • Homme petit d'homme petit, à degrés de bègues
  • Anal deux qui noeuds ours, anal deux qui noeuds
    s'y mènent
  • Coup d'un poux tome petit tout guetteur à gaine.

Cadcorp SIS and TOP10NL (ii)
ltsldRulegt ltsldNamegtspoorweg-enkelspoorlt/s
ldNamegt ltsldTitlegtSpoorweg
enkelspoorlt/sldTitlegt ltogcFiltergt
ltogcAndgt ltogcPropertyIsEqualTogt
cPropertyNamegt ltogcLiteralgttreinlt/og
cLiteralgt lt/ogcPropertyIsEqualTogt
pertyNamegt ltogcLiteralgtin
tunnellt/ogcLiteralgt lt/ogcPropertyIsNot
EqualTogt ltogcPropertyIsEqualTogt
ropertyNamegt ltogcLiteralgt1lt/ogcLiter
algt lt/ogcPropertyIsEqualTogt
gt ltogcLiteralgtin gebruiklt/ogcLiteral
gt lt/ogcPropertyIsEqualTogt
lt/ogcAndgt lt/ogcFiltergt
ltsldLineSymbolizergt … ltsld/Rulegt
  • Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD)
  • Wow
  • Forty-one ltsldRulegt elements
  • Many, many string comparisons
  • No scale thresholds
  • On-the-fly rendering potentially slow

Cadcorp SIS and TOP10NL (iii)
  • If…
  • Hard-wired parser and exporter
  • Styling applied by parser
  • Dedicated editing application
  • OS (GB) CITF
  • IHO S-57
  • Use additional metadata/feature attributes to
    help solve the Humpty Dumpty problem

Cadcorp SIS and TOP10NL (iv)
  • Or is there a Humpty Dumpty problem?
  • Is editing a normal use-case?
  • Definitely not with OS MasterMap
  • Consider having multiple application schemas
  • Internal/editing
  • External/reference/backdrop
  • Etc.

Cadcorp and GML
  • Martin Daly
  • Technical Director
  • Cadcorp Ltd
  • GML Relay
  • 26th January, 2006
  • http//