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African Mask Making


... and Culture: The student demonstrates understanding of the visual arts in ... works of art between cultures and countries within Africa as well as other parts ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: African Mask Making

African Mask Making
Visual Arts Performance Task 9 through 12
3 Student 2
Standards VA2 Structures and Functions The
student demonstrates knowledge of structures and
functions. VA2c The student selects and uses
the elements of art and the principles of design
to communicate ideas, solve visual problems, and
develop personal expression. VA4 History and
Culture The student demonstrates understanding
of the visual arts in relation to history and
cultures. VA4b The student recognizes and
describes works of art according to artist and
style. VA4c The student compares and contrasts
works of art in terms of history, aesthetics,
and culture. VA6 Connections to Other
Disciplines The student makes connections
between the visual arts and the other
disciplines VA6b The student compares
characteristics of works in the visual arts that
share similar subjects, themes, purposes,
historical periods, or technologies.
Performance Task Imagine this You are a
native of a country on the continent of Africa
and will be creating a mask for a specific
ceremony or ritual. What culture or tribe will
your mask represent? What form or spirit will
your mask imitate? What is the story behind the
purpose of what your mask represents? You
will 1. Create a web-quest as a means to explore
and research African masks, beliefs, customs, and
traditions. In this web-quest you will
investigate masks in at least 3 different
geographical locations. You will find the uses,
customs, beliefs, and themes associated with
these masks. Then, you must uncover
characteristics which make masks unique to a
particular region, tribe, and/or continent. 2.
Create a 3-dimensional mask out of clay, using at
least 4 elements of art and 4 of the principles
of design. 3. Have an in process critique to help
refine your selections and creation. 4. Present
your findings and your mask in a 4 minute
presentation before the class. This presentation
should demonstrate your knowledge gained during
your investigation. 5. Submit your presentation
(video format) along with your mask.
Circumstances of Performance The student work is
produced under the following conditions
Criteria for Success 1. The student produces a
3 dimensional clay mask that is the culmination
of a cultural and technical investigation into at
least 3 different cultures. 2. The student is
able to articulate the differences in
construction, appearance, and uses of works of
art between cultures and countries within Africa
as well as other parts of the world. 3. The
student indicates how artwork is different
according to the style and culture of the artist
who creates it. 4. The student is able to
identify subjects, themes, purposes, and
historical periods of artwork. 5. Four of the
Elements of Art and four of the Principles of
Design are evident in the finished
artwork. Related Standards VA1 Media
Techniques and Processes The student
demonstrates understanding and can apply media,
techniques, and processes. VA1b The student
experiments with materials, media, technology,
techniques, and processes as a means of
expressing visual ideas. VA2 Structures and
Functions The student demonstrates knowledge of
structures and functions. VA2c The student
interprets the expression of ideas, moods and
feelings in art forms. VA3 Subject Matter,
Symbols and Ideas The student chooses and
evaluates a range of subject matter, symbols and
ideas. VA3c The student identifies themes
found in works of art.
Rhythm and movement are created by the use of
line and pattern.
Line, shape, color, form and texture create unity
that makes the artwork feel complete and
The use of raffia creates texture and emphasis
around the face of the mask.
Standard VA2c Criteria 5
(No Transcript)
The styles and culture of other artists are
demonstrated in the storyboard. Standard
VA4b Criteria 3
Implications for Teaching and Learning
  • How can this student work and the commentaries be
    used as a tool to improve teaching?
  • Through expressing the choice of media in order
    to justify materials.
  • Through the formal evaluation, more emphasis
    could be placed on characteristics and merits of
  • What is the value of using this performance task
    to assess student learning?
  • Through this assessment increased proficiency and
    communication is demonstrated by using media,
    techniques and processes.
  • The use of the principles of design and the
    elements of art is demonstrated.
  • Understanding of self is developed through
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