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Practical PC, 4e


... Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from the ... Downloading and installing the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Practical PC, 4e. Chapter 3. 24 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Practical PC, 4e

Chapter 3 Installing and Learning Software
Installing and Learning Software
  • In this Chapter, you will learn
  • How to install/uninstall new software
  • How to find the instruction manual
  • What a PDF is
  • How to use online help
  • What the paperclip cartoon is for
  • How to contact the software company for help
  • How to download and install software

Finding the Instruction Manual
  • Software usually comes with several types of
  • Reference manuals contain detailed information
    about the software features use like a
    dictionary when you need information
  • An installation guide will help install the
  • Readme files contain later information usually
    about software changes or updates or solutions to
  • Tutorials are interactive lessons used to learn
    the basics about the software.

Finding the Instruction Manual
Locating a Readme file after installation
Whats a PDF?
  • Paper documentation has become too lengthy and
    costly to produce
  • PDF (portable document format file) file types
    are portable and can be viewed on virtually any
  • To view a PDF, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader
    which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe
  • Acrobat Reader displays PDF files like a printed

Whats a PDF?
Viewing a PDF document using Acrobat Reader
Using Online Help
  • The most frequently used help system is called
    online Help or just Help.
  • It is most often a menu item on the menu bar.
  • Help contains several ways to find information
  • Contents, lists major topics
  • Index, lists key words and features
  • Search, allows keyword search for specific words

Using Online Help
  • The question mark is also used to get help
  • Clicking the ? Button changes the mouse cursor
    into a help pointer.
  • Pointing this cursor at a label or object on the
    screen displays a pop-up message about the
    objects features.

Using Online Help
Using the features of online Help
What is the Paperclip Cartoon For?
  • Microsoft applications often contain a paperclip
    cartoon character called the Office Assistant.
  • The Office Assistant will take questions and
    select answers from the online help.
  • The Office Assistant will also provide
    suggestions about your particular task without

What is the Paperclip Cartoon For?
  • The office Assistant will also provide tips to
    help you use the software more efficiently.
  • The Office Assistant can be closed by clicking
    the close button.
  • The Office Assistant can be reopened by clicking
    the ? button on the toolbar

What is the Paperclip Cartoon For?
The Office Assistant Cartoon
Contacting the Software Vendor for Help
  • You may need to contact the software company for
    assistance if
  • You cant get the program to install correctly.
  • Your software aborts or hangs up and you think
    there is a bug in the software.

Contacting the Software Vendor for Help
  • To contact a software vendor
  • Make sure you checked all available help for the
  • Make a note of the serial number of the software
  • Print out any error messages or make a note of
    the specific problem
  • Determine if the company has a website
  • Contact the company either through their website
    or by telephone

Contacting the Software Vendor for Help
Using a Website to contact a Vendor
Installing/Uninstalling Software
  • Adding a software program to your PC is called
    installing it.
  • Removing software from your PC is called
    uninstalling it.
  • There are two different types of software you may
    want to install
  • A new program not currently on the PC
  • An upgrade (or new version) of a program already
    on the PC

Installing/Uninstalling Software
  • A software package that you buy from a store,
    would usually contain
  • The system requirements for the software to run
  • A CD (or floppy disks) containing the software
  • Installation instructions
  • Program documentation

Installing/Uninstalling Software
  • The very large software programs like Photoshop
    are made up of smaller program modules.
  • The installation process often has options to
    install only desired modules to save computer
  • When you install a program, its name is added to
    the Registry and the programs menu.
  • Some programs use the CD during execution time.

Installing/Uninstalling Software
Manually starting the Setup Program
Installing/Uninstalling Software
  • Windows has an Add/Remove Programs icon in the
    Control Panel that makes removing software easy.
  • This process can also be used to install
    software, but the automatic setup program that
    comes with most software is easier.
  • You might be cued during the uninstall process
    about shared program modules. In general they
    should not be deleted.

Installing/Uninstalling Software
The Control Panel method of uninstalling software
Downloading software to install
  • Many software upgrades, patches and new software
    products are available on the Internet
  • First you must transfer the program file to your
    hard drive by downloading it.
  • The downloaded file will install itself if you
    click on it after the download.

How to use Windows Controls
Downloading and installing the Adobe Acrobat
What do you think?
Is it legal to install this software?
  • Have you ever used pirated software?
  • Before reading about this issue, did you
    understand the difference between freeware,
    shareware, commercial, and demo software?
  • If you discovered pirated software in use at your
    school or office, would you report it?

Chapter Summary
  • You should now be able to
  • Find several different ways of getting help if
    you have a software problem
  • Install new software or an upgrade from a CD
  • Download and install software from the Internet
  • Uninstall software when you are through with it.