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Jesus Saves


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves?
  • Session 4
  • Feminist theory
  • Ecological theory
  • Modern Lutheran theory

Feminist theology and Salvation
  • Variety within feminist interpretations
  • Two feminist thinkers

Rebecca Parker
Rita Nakashima Brock
Feminist Critique
  • Atonement is the greatest of Christian
    heresies. Brock
  • God did not want, will, require, approve, cause,
    or allow Jesus violent death it was an act of
    state-sponsored violence.

Feminist Critique Violence
  • A different starting point violence and victims
    of violence
  • Intimate violence (Family violence, emotional
    abuse, child abuse, rape, incest)
  • State-sponsored violence (war, crusades, capital
    punishment, execution, torture)

Feminist Critique Violence
  • Violence does not save death does not save
    violence is not redemptive
  • Violence doesnt create, console, heal, repair
    what has been lost, or bring peace

Feminist Critique
  • Reject the idea that God sent Jesus to suffer,
    violently die in order to save us from our sins
    because that idea
  • valorizes suffering
  • says that Divine child abuse saves
  • says that intimate, family violence is a form of
  • has led to women being counseled to stay in
    abusive relationships
  • has caused victims of violence to remain silent
    and bear their cross

Whats wrong with the world?
  • Violence is a sin, both in its intimate and
    state-sponsored forms
  • Human violence has both victims and perpetrators
  • Victims of violence experience physical,
    emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain,
    suffering, trauma, and broken-heartedness
  • Victims of violence are in need of love,
    healing, caring community

How should it be? (Salvation)
  • Physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual,
    and relational healing
  • Restoration, wholeness, well-being, flourishing
  • Paradise/restoration of life
    on earth

What is Jesus role?
  • To heal, restore life
  • To reject violence (Jesus was non-violent to the
  • To show people how to experience and create the
    kingdom of God on earth
  • To embody the fullness of Gods love
  • To show people how to love each other

What is Gods role?
  • To be the active presence of love working through
    people to repair lifes injuries, bring new
  • To be the power of love, passion, compassion,
    liberation, and healing working in and through

What is our role?
  • To be steady witnesses that face into the reality
    of suffering and violence and move to resist it
    and stop it
  • To love one another
  • To be communities that help people heal and
    recover from violence, pain and suffering

Eco-theology and salvation
  • Variety within ecological interpretations
  • An ecological theologian

Sallie McFague
Ecological Critique
  • Traditional atonement theories and ideas about
    salvation are too human-centered
  • The whole earth cries out for salvation our
    planet is suffering
  • God created the whole universe God is present in
    all of creation
  • Humans are not the center of the salvation story

Whats wrong with the world?
  • We live in sin, thinking that we are the center
    of the universe
  • Sin is communal and systemic as well as
  • We destroy creation and harm one another
  • We do not live in right relationship with God,
    one another, or creation

How should it be? (Salvation)
  • Restoration of the whole earth/universe
  • Living in Gods presence imitating Gods love
    for the world
  • Living appropriately on our planet, co-creating
    with God the beloved community on earth
  • The flourishing of all people and all creation
    every creature fully alive
  • Becoming like God by following Jesus
  • Living the abundant life in union with God and

What is Jesus role?
  • To be the incarnation of Gods love
  • To love the world fully and completely without
  • To show us what we are meant to be
  • To preach liberation of the oppressed
  • His death was a defiance of the powers of greed,
    hatred and domination
  • In Jesus execution, he totally
    identified with the worlds suffering

What is Gods role?
  • To participate in the creation of and be in
    relationship with everything that is
  • The whole world is Gods body
  • To be present (incarnate) in all of creation,
    down to the tiniest sub-atomic particles
  • To be the source of all life and love
  • To love the world unconditionally and

What is our role?
  • To follow Jesus by living differently, in full
    communion with God
  • To live rightly with creation and people
  • To be conformed to live as Jesus lived
  • To heal Gods body (the whole world)
  • To work towards the flourishing of all creation
  • To participate in an ecological reformation

Dr. Gerhard Forde, Luther Seminary
  • Modern Lutheran response
  • Builds on Martin Luther
  • Luther close to Classic Theory
  • Agrees with some feminist critiques

Gerhard Forde
  • Key questions Why was Jesus killed?
  • What are the brute facts?
  • Look at what actually happened, actual events.

Critique of Satisfaction Theory
  • God seems like a vindictive tyrant demanding a
    pound of flesh
  • These ideas dont make the character of God look
    very good
  • God needed Jesus death to show mercy?
  • Gods honor had to be satisfied payment made?

Critique of Satisfaction Theory
  • Gods nature is love and mercy
  • If mercy is mercy, why couldnt God just up and
  • Jesus did forgive before his death
  • Death not necessary (at least for this reason)
    for forgiveness
  • God is paid doesnt freely forgive

Critique of Classic Theory
  • Christ triumphed for us over the tyrants,
    demons, sin, death, devil/evil
  • Jesus death not necessary to defeat tyrants
  • If God is God, God could have put demons out of
    commission at any point
  • Obscured the truth of the murder of Jesus shifts
    the blame to the demons

Whats wrong with the world?
  • We need mercy and forgiveness
  • We cant accept unconditional mercy and
  • Our world isnt run on mercy we live by
    conditional rule
  • We are the obstacle to reconciliation, not God

How should it be? (Salvation)
  • Acceptance of Gods unconditional mercy and
  • Resurrection vindicates Jesus message of

What is Jesus role?
  • Dangerous because he offers total compassion
  • Dangerous because he came to realize the kingdom
    of God on earth
  • Offers unconditional mercy and forgiveness in his
    life and message
  • Offers it in the name of God
  • Dies at our hands, gets out of our way

What is Gods role?
  • God must come to us to have mercy
  • God will have mercy on whom God will have mercy
  • God is only satisfied when faith is created and
    people accept Gods unconditional mercy

What is our role?
  • To accept Gods unconditional love and
  • To believe in God and Gods mercy

  • Which of the theories of salvation is most
    helpful to you?
  • What do you believe about Jesus death? About
  • Did you ever think there could be so many ways to
    understand how Jesus saves?
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