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Current Event


Since 1991, ABC, NBC, and CBS have had a 28.4% decline in total viewers, ... The six biggest networks include ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, UPN, and the WB. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Current Event

Current Event
Technology How Old Media Can Survive in a New
WSJ. (Eastern Edition) May 23rd, 2005
Television Networks
News Media
Music Companies
Book Publishing
Movie Studios
  • Traditional media businesses are struggling due
    to the e digital revolution and trying to adapt
    to what todays digital generation is wanting .
  • These industries are not as profitable as they
    used to be and they must use applied research to
    stress the need for market information if they
    want to be profitable.

How can they find a Solution ?
  • Intensify their research and development programs
    with regards to
  • Identify and Evaluate the best opportunities in
    their changing media markets, and strive to be
    the first to capitalize on that opportunity.

News Media
Network News
- The nightly news or evening news, either
national or local, are losing both their
esteem and viewers to the 24 hour news channels
like CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews, plus internet news,
blogs and email alerts.
- Since 1991, ABC, NBC, and CBS have had a 28.4
decline in total viewers, according to Nielsen
Media Research.
- They have lost readership because of 24 hour
news channels, and digital internet news. A
recent circulation drop of 1.9 over six months
was the largest decline in almost a decade.
Newspaper Circulation Graph
News Media
  • Experts suggest that newspapers and networks use
    a more personal news approach in their
    presentation catering to societys growing
    preference for digital media.
  • Full unedited interviews posted online
  • Behind the scenes clip shows of news programs
  • 24 hour internet web broadcasts, such as ABC
    News Now, recently created less than a year ago.
  • Partnering with mobile technology companies to
    deliver streaming and real time news to cell
    phones, organizers and even playstations.

Network Television
- The six biggest networks include ABC, NBC, Fox,
CBS, UPN, and the WB. They face a variety of
competition in the ascent of broadband and
wireless technologies.
  • A growing variety of cable channels
  • Videogames
  • Growing DVD popularity
  • Satellite Radio
  • HDTV and digital video recorders like TiVo

- In 1978, the three original broadcast channels
(ABC, NBC, CBS) retained about 90 of their
primetime audiences, compared to less than 50
Network Television
Network Television
  • Currently the three largest networks deliver 22
    hours a week of prime time programming.
  • Experts suggest limiting their total schedule to
    only 15 hours instead of 22, saving the cost of
    expensive shows that dont often succeed anyway.
  • Instead of network shows, local affiliates could
    run cheaper programs in news, game shows, and
    sitcoms, ultimately resulting in higher

Book Publishers
  • Problems
  • Winning over the younger generation
  • Children and young adults spend most of their
    time on their computer and playing video games
  • The national Endowment of the arts found the
    biggest literacy decline between the years
    1982-2002 was the youngest age groups

Book Publishers
  • Book Publishers can compete by
  • Sending authors to schools so the process of
    writing is more clear to students
  • This can create future readers
  • They can discuss the books with the author to
    stimulate their reading
  • Digital audio books
  • Students can download any book onto an iPod,
    other MP3 players, and cell phones
  • This will create a new base for publishers and
    connect to the younger generation

Book Publishers
  • Connecting to a readers culture
  • Kids want to read about their culture
  • Publishers need to find stories that reflect
    other cultures traditions

  • Problems
  • DVD bootleggers reduce the amount of customers
    that go to the movies
  • There is a variety of at home entertainment
  • Studios have yet to come up with the next
    generation of DVDs
  • Viewers loose interest in movies by the time they
    come out on DVD

  • Movies can compete with new technology
  • Theaters can become out of home entertainment
    hubs by providing viewings of sporting events,
    live concerts, and even video game events
  • Luxury reserved seating
  • More room a cocktail service during the movie
  • Comfortable chairs Moving chairs that coincide
    with the action of the movie
  • NO more DVDs - Movie down loading service
  • Download movies right to their television or
    portable player so they can be watched at any time

  • Problems
  • File sharing companies allow internet users to
    swap songs illegally
  • People can download and burn albums instead of
    buying the cd

  • How music can compete with new technology
  • Computer and cell phone sales
  • Right now they make up only 2 of sales but it is
    likely to climb to 20
  • Make cell phones into an MP3 player
  • About 80 million cell phones where sold last year
  • Takes away from carrying extra electronic devices
  • A cell phone can be like a music store

  • Their own file sharing
  • Start a file sharing network that consumers can
    download any song they want for a small fee
  • This allows consumers to still download music at
    home, but legally
  • Sell cds with a DVD of the music video's
  • Let the artists be seen more in public
  • Make a music channel that only plays music videos