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ITC Servicesand Computing Facilities


Printers, Scanners and Accessories provided to all departments ... Provides a cost effective enterprise storage backup solution for all platforms, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ITC Servicesand Computing Facilities

ITC Services and Computing Facilities
  • ABCD

Supporting Excellence via Technology
ITC Mission
  • Information Technology Center (ITC) is
    committed to providing high-quality information
    services that foster
  • a productive academic and research
    environment for students, faculty, staff, and
    management at KFUPM.

ICT Organizational Charts
Overview of ITC Departments

Few Recent ITC Achievements
  • Framework Agreement for Desktop/Notebooks
  • More than 2000 PCs/notebooks (new and used)
    have been distributed/relocated. More than 150
    printers have been distributed.
  • Academic and Administrative Applications
  • More than 35 scientific/engineering applications
    are being supported.
  • More than 30 enterprise applications are being
  • Installing New Library Automation System
  • Supporting Dammam Community College IT Resources

Few Recent ITC Achievements (cont.)
  • Wireless Computing
  • All University Buildings (14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 24,
    etc. and Library) currently. Currently 20
    Buildings are considered for wireless zones
  • Major ongoing effort to provide mobile computing
    infrastructure and hardware
  • Faculty Laptops/Notebooks with Docking
  • Wireless Project
  • Installation of Access Points across major
    Academic buildings

Desktop Computing Hardware Resources
  • Faculty Desktops - Hardware
  • Pentium 4 with LCD monitors
  • University Domain Login
  • CD-Writers for Backup
  • Faculty Desktops - Policy
  • Adopted Policy hardware periodically (3 Yrs)
  • Provide standard hardware and Software support
  • Printers, Scanners and Accessories provided to
    all departments
  • Faculty Notebooks to replace all current Desktops

General Purpose PC Labs Operations
Support??All ITC PC Labs Hardware is IBM Pentium
4 High-end Machines With a Comprehensive List of
Applications And Protected Through Deep Freeze
PCs Accessible to Students at KFUPM
  • PC Labs (Teaching General Purpose, 50) 1200
  • CCSE Labs (Teaching General Purpose) 300 PCs
  • Students Dorms (total 2204 nodes, Currently 50
    used) 1100 PCs
  • Total Accessible PCs to students are 2600

Desktop Computing Latest Lab
General Purpose PC Lab 14/132
PCs Accessible to Students at KFUPM
  • December 2004 Performance Key Indexes (PKI)
  • PC Labs (Teaching General Purpose) 1200 PCs
  • CCSE Labs (Teaching General Purpose) 300 PCs
  • Students Dorms (total 2204 nodes, Currently 50
    used) 1100 PCs
  • No. of students per institutional computer
    accessible to student 3.43
  • Total Accessible PCs to students are 2600
  • Total KFUPM Students (undergraduate graduate
    041) 8907
  • Total IT users (Active Directory, Fac., Stu.,
    Staff others) 11800

Instructional Technology
  • WebCT Campus Edition (Ver.
  • Blackboard (Bb) Basic Edition (Ver. 6.1.0 Build
  • WebCT is Arabic Language Enabled.
  • WebCT (454 courses in current semester 043)
  • Bb (63 courses already phased out by
    end of 043)

Smart Classrooms Technical Support
  • Maintenance and support for 100 smart classrooms
    in the academic buildings.
  • In the process of implementing new 60
    smart classrooms and upgrading some
    smart classrooms equipment such as PCs,
    projectors, and podiums.

Smart Classrooms Operations Support
  • In order to provide high quality support, two
    support levels have been identified
  • The first level of support through EduTech that
    will provide direct contact to the faculty for
    solving problems in the least time possible.
  • The second level of advanced technical support to
    be provided by ITC.

Training, Awareness and e-Learning
  • ITC Training Courses
  • Courses to KFUPM Faculty Members Students
  • Win 2000 Office 2000 Beginners Level Courses
    and Intermediate Level Courses, Win XP Office
    XP for Directors, Managers, Deans and Chairmen.
    MS EXCEL Workshop for ELC Teachers for Academic
    Purposes. Web Design Course has been repeated few
  • Courses for ICT Staff
  • More advanced courses.
  • Interactive e-Learning Tool (NETg)
  • Currently, more than 1200 courses (IT MGT
    courses) are available. The number of courses
    will be increased continually.
  • To Access NETg please use the following
  •  (Use your internet account username and password
    to access the tool)
  • Possibility of using Element-K as a replacement
    for NETg is Currently Considered.

Non-Enterprise Application Development
Scope of Services
Develop non-enterprise administrative and non
administrative applications
Computer Allowance Committee System
Horizon Implementation Project
Online Phone Bill System
Research Database System
Online Pay Check System
Short Course
Online Surveys
Print Quota Manager
Committee Management System
Employee Activity System
New Library Automation System (Horizon 7.3)
How to access it (Internet/Intranet)?
Please use the following URL
http// Horizon
Information Portal (HIP version 2)
Other Services
  • Web Enabled Library Catalogue Search System
  • Theses and Dissertations Abstracts Systems
  • Library Intranet Support
  • Online catalog search from any browser.
  • CD-ROM Databases access.

Desktop Computing - Help Desk Services
  • Enterprise Online Help Desk
  • users report problems and get assistance
  • Tickets Issuance and Online Follow-up
  • Internet Account-based Login
  • Ticket Numbers, Confirmation and Completion
  • User Help Desk Requests Span
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Campus e-mail, Internet
  • Campus network
  • Desktop Anti-Virus Support
  • Automatic updates
  • Enterprise Version with Management Console

Desktop Computing - Change Management Services
  • Enterprise Change Management
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Internet Account-based Login for Department
  • Change Order Numbers, Confirmation and Completion
  • Change Order History
  • Pending Orders Status
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • ITIL Compliant
  • Online IT Resource Management

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Enterprise Computing
  • E-mail servers - High Availability Clustering
    (HACMP) for minimizing service downtime.
  • An Enterprise Storage Server with 3.4 TB capacity
    available on the network (Storage Access Network,
  • High-end server (z800) is operational for all
    web-based applications.
  • Centralized Backup and Recovery solution for all
    critical University Servers and Clients (Tape
    backup using Tivoli, TSM).

Enterprise Computing - Unix Services
  • Powerful Unix (AIX) Servers
  • Hosting about 10,000 user accounts with Secure
    Shell access to home directories
  • Serving various High Performance Scientific
    Applications such as
  • HSPICE - Simulation software used by EE users.
  • SAS - Data Management and Analytical Software
    used by CIM and Civil Engineering, RI,  ME and
    Housing Department users.
  • GAUSSIAN (G98)- Software used by Chemistry users
  • GTSTRUDL - Software used by Civil Engineering
  • IMSL - Fortran Numeric Libraries
  • C Fortran Programming Languages
  • CHEERS/CHAP - Used by Petroleum Researchers.
  • High-Performance Computing

Messaging Services
  • Email Service with Clustering for active
  • Web-based Email (access from anywhere with secure
  • VirusWall to actively filter viruses at Email
  • Spam Control and SMTP Authentication
  • Isolated External Mail Relay for mail routing,
    redundancy and security

Enterprise Printing Services
  • Color and Black/White Laser Printing Services
  • Web-based Interface for ease of installation
  • Print Quota Management solution that tracks,
    controls and reports printing usage and costs
    across networks.

Online Storage Facility (Network Attached
Storage, NAS KFUPM Filer)
  • Faculty and Staff have a quota of 200MB of
    online storage 100 MB quota per Student (for
    storing home directories as an additional disk
  • Files and Documents can now be placed and
    accessed securely using the Online Storage
    Facility (from anywhere using roaming Profiles).
  • Data Security and Protection using anti-virus and
    regular backup.

Methods of Accessing the KFUPM-Filer (NAS)
  • Web-based Access http//
  • 2. Network drive mappingSteps to Connect to
    Network Attached Storage (for Users not part of 
    ITC Windows 2000 Domain)
  • http//
    ITC Domain Users home directory is automatically
    mapped to NAS (Click my computer).
  • 3. From Unix via NFSUnix home directory is
    automatically mapped to NAS.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Total 3.4 TB of SAN Storage
  • Server Email Inboxes for Faculty and Students are
    increased to 50 MB.
  • Provides a cost effective enterprise storage
    backup solution for all platforms, AIX, Linux,
    W2K, and z/OS.
  • Improves application responsiveness
  • Allows Storage Consolidation
  • Allows connectivity for storage to be shared
    among several servers

University Web and Portal Services
  • Design and maintenance of the KFUPM Web Site 
  • - Site design - Maintenance and coordination
    for university
  • departmental web sites
  • - Regular updates
  • Hosting Faculty ,Staff and Student Web Sites -
    Provide Web Space - Maintaining the Web Servers
    - User Support

Testing and Evaluation Services
  • Exam Processing
  • Exam Randomization
  • Answer Forms Processing
  • Report Generation
  • Software Modifications based on Modified
    Evaluation Criteria
  • Item Response Theory (IRT) Support
  • Faculty and Course Evaluation
  • Forms Redesign
  • Software Modifications based on Modified
    Evaluation Criteria
  • Report Generation
  • Short Course Evaluation

Student Information System (SIS)
  • SIS Interfaced Systems
  • Graduate Studies System (GSS)
  • Student Housing System (SHS)
  • Student Mail Desk System (MDS)
  • Student Services System (SSS)
  • Human Resource System (HRS)
  • Horizon Library System (Horizon 7.3)
  • Book Management System (BMS)
  • Testing Services System (TSS)
  • Security System
  • Smart Card Project System
  • Email, Internet Active Directory

Recently Developed Administrative Applications
  • Financial Resources Systems
  • Human Resources System (Major Modules)
  • Students Mail Desk System (MDS)
  • Converting all legacy academic and administrative
    systems to Web enabled applications using Java
    with WebSphere development tool and DB2 database.
  • Computer Allowance (CAC) workflow system
  • Students Services Systems
  • Research Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Research Performance Evaluation (RPE)

Current and Future Projects
  • Document Management System
  • E-forms Workflow System
  • Server Consolidation
  • HR system redevelopment
  • High Performance Computing
  • Group Calendaring Services
  • Faculty Housing network (DSL, 2 Mbps)
  • Implementation phase of 60 legacy classroom to
    smart classrooms
  • KFUPM Portal (IBM WebSphere portal)
  • Framework agreement
  • Wireless Project
  • ERP Implementation
  • Dammam Community College IT Resources
  • KFUPM New Website

Whom to Contact in ITC for Help
For any general help please call 1900 (IVR) Home
page http//
Thank you ?
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