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A good guy turned bad. Wears a pocket protector. Buzz: Hacker's ... Family activities & teacher materials. Opportunities to submit drawings and stories ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CYBERCHASE Training

CYBERCHASE Training Builders Math
2007 - 2008
  • Welcome Introductions
  • Introduction To Cyberchase
  • Cyberchase 2007 2008
  • Materials Review
  • Sign Up To Join The Chase!

Workshop Objectives
  • By the end of todays presentation, you will
  • be a Cyberchase Expert
  • learn how to use the Cyberchase television
    episodes and corresponding educational materials
    to help the children in your program better
    understand mathematical concepts
  • have an opportunity to sign up to receive free
    Cyberchase educational materials through 2008

What is

  • The CYBERCHASE project strives to
  • Help 8- to 11-year-olds develop and
    sustain enthusiasm for math
  • Help children develop skills in reasoning
    and problem solving
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of
    mathematical thinking
  • Help children see math in the everyday world
  • Change childrens perceptions of math and
    foster an I can do this! attitude.

CYBERCHASE is Popular and Effective
  • Broadcast on 300 PBS stations digital channels
    in 50 states (95 of TV households)
  • Download your favorite episode at
  • Google Video, Amazon Unbox, Open Media Network,
  • A big hit with kids of all ages
  • Skews evenly between boys and girls
  • Nearly 1/3 of the audience is African-American or
  • Nearly 5 million viewers tune in every week
  • Ranks in the top tier of the PBS Kids line-up
  • CYBERCHASE is effective! According to research,
    CYBERCHASE viewers are better problem-solvers and
    are more confident about math relative to

72 half hour episodes on
air as of fall 2007
The Series
  • Action-packed Adventures
  • Packed with mystery, humor, and action, the TV
    show features a team of curious kids who outwit,
    outsmart, and outlast the bad guys in their
    adventurous quest to save Cyberspace.
  • Centers on the classic battle of good vs. evil.
  • One of the original inspirations for the series
    was Alice in Wonderland.
  • Each episode takes place on a different fantasy
  • Key to shows success is that it shows ordinary
    kidsnot teenagers or adultsusing brain power
    to solve mysteries and problems.

The Series
The Good Guys Jackie African-American suburban
girl a drama queen, over the top, the
organizer. Inez Latina city girl stubborn
and talkative, loves animals and has a
cat. Matt Caucasian country boy kinesthetic
learner backpack full of gadgets. Digit
Wisecracking, loudmouthed Cyberbird.
The Series
The Bad Guys Hacker Pompous, power-hungry,
conniving. Wants to take over Cyberspace. A good
guy turned bad. Wears a pocket protector. Buzz
Hackers bumbling henchman. Short and round not
the sharpest tool in the shed. Delete Hackers
other bumbling henchman. Tall and skinny not the
brightest star in the heavens.
The Series
  • The Premise
  • Hacker is on a dastardly mission to crash
    Motherboard, and take over all of cyberspace.
  • Jackie, Inez, and Matt are whisked into
    cyberspace to help Motherboard and prevent
    Hackers victory.
  • In each episode, the kids must thwart Hackers
    diabolical plans with their only weapon BRAIN

The Series
  • Sneaky Learning
  • Math content is an integral part of the humor,
    mystery, adventure, and fun of the series
  • Series content guided by NCTM math standards,
    classroom experience of math educators, and
    cognitive research
  • Each episode focuses on the exploration of a
    single math concept
  • Applies math to real-world problem-solving.

The Series
  • Whats the
  • Each episode is built on a single math concept or
  • All mysteries and problems in the episode relate
    to the BIG IDEA.
  • The Cyber kids are challenged to apply this
    concept or skill to a variety of situations.

The Series
  • Important to note. . .
  • Some characters may not catch on to math
    concepts immediately
  • Problems are broken down into simple steps
  • Characters employ different strategies and
    learning styles
  • Solutions come with process and persistence.

The Series
  • For Real
  • Each episode is immediately followed by a
    live-action epilogue where The Big Idea is
    applied to real life.
  • Bianca and Harry constantly encounter
    conundrums and challenges that require math
    skills and brain power.
  • Each epilogue is exactly five minutes long and
    provides a stand-alone overview of the concept
    and its applications.

Cyberchase Outreach
Outreach Goals
  • Extend learning into homes, classrooms,
    libraries, museums, and after school programs
  • Special focus on reaching girls, minorities and
    underserved kids, particularly those without
    ready access to technology.
  • Support teaching and learning through a network
    of outreach partner organizations.
  • Directly connect with educators at professional
    conferences through presentations, trainings and
  • Drive viewers to the TV program and visitors to
    the Web site.

Outreach Partners
  • Year-long outreach to PBS stations, libraries,
    museums/science centers and after school sites
  • Key Partnerships Collaborations
  • PBS Stations
  • After School and Educational Programs such as
  • American Library Association (ALA)
  • Association of Science Technology Centers
  • Childrens Aid Society
  • Childrens Museum of Houston
  • Girl Scouts
  • Girls Incorporated
  • National Engineers Week Foundation
  • Sally Ride Science

Museum Outreach
  • Cyberchase The Chase Is On!
  • Created in partnership with the
    Childrens Museum of
  • 1500 sq. ft. bilingual traveling exhibit
  • Visiting 14 cities over 5 years including
  • The New York Hall of Science Flushing, NY
  • EdVenture Columbia, SC
  • Minnetrista Muncie, IN
  • Chicago Childrens Museum Chicago, IL
  • Port Discovery Baltimore, MD
  • Austin Childrens Museum Austin, TX

Cyberchase Online
Cyberchase Online
  • Site includes
  • Over 40 multi-level math games
  • Streaming video
  • Webisodes
  • Family activities teacher materials
  • Opportunities to submit drawings and stories
  • Statistics
  • Over 1.3 BILLION page views to date
  • 650,000 unique visits per week
  • An online poll indicates that 85 of visitors are
    seven or older

Visit Cyberchase Web Site
  • Visit For Parents Teachers
  • Check out News Events
  • Play games!

Educational Materials Available Online
  • Thematic Initiatives from previous seasons of
    Cyberchase featured
  • Know Your Dough
  • Tackled topics such as saving, spending and
    budgeting, CYBERCHASE to help children learn
    smart money skills they can use their whole lives
  • Super Cyberchase Science
  • Illustrated how math can unlock and help children
    explore science ideas
  • Math in Science Engineering
  • Helped children think like engineers, who use
    both math and science to solve practical problems
    and create valuable and useful things for our
    everyday world
  • My Big Idea
  • Presented and modeled the problem-solving process
    behind inventing used by mathematicians,
    scientists, and engineers

New Themes 2007 - 2008

2007 2008 CYBERCHASE Themes
Construction projects are full of
mathematics. Through CYBERCHASE Builders Math,
kids and grownups have fun making things while
building important math skills. Topics
Include Measurement Algebraic
Thinking Multi-Step Problem Solving Patterns In
Nature 2D 3D Geometry
Builders Math Activity Example
2007 2008 Resources Available
  • Available Now
  • Cyberchase Comic books
  • Cyberchase Posters
  • Coming Soon
  • Builders Math DVD and CD-Rom
  • Math in Sports DVD and CD-Rom

Wrap Up
  • Questions
  • Please make sure that you have signed up to
    continue to receive Cyberchase materials
  • Email us at if you would
    like to request additional materials
  • Stayed tuned for more information from Cyberchase!

  • Thank You!