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Coming Home Weekend Parents Weekend 2004


Vic Guyan, first student accepted in the Prescott College Charter Class, ... is the belief that I can drudge up the resources and support to get just about ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Coming Home Weekend Parents Weekend 2004

Coming Home WeekendParents Weekend2004

Vic Guyan, first student accepted in the Prescott
College Charter Class, inscribing his signature
on wax for bronze casting.
-Angela Hawse (RDP 86/MAP 01)
I ? Prescott College
because it provided me with endless opportunities
to expand my perspectives on life and the world
around me. Through countless adventures and by
engaging in meaningful dialogue with my mentors
and peers, I developed life-long friends and the
inspiration to pursue my dreams.
PC dares to be different
and thus provides every one of us with the
self-direction and the courage to follow our path
and ultimately make the world a better place.
I ? PC because of the amazing people that taught
us, and those fantastic individuals that
graduated and have continued on the journey to
make the world a better place - better than how
they found it. The PC adventure is one of
richness and great depth. Josh Traeger, RDP 98
PC Orientation, 1968
PC nourished my enthusiasm for the wild and
enabled me to pursue an education while remaining
close to the Earth
Since graduating from PC, I've been a field
technician for two ecological studies one with
invasive grasses in Mexico, and another with owls
in Canada.  I am returning to Canada in the fall
to participate in a project studying marten, the
results of which will hopefully change forestry
management practices to be more sensitive to
keystone species in boreal forests.  I've learned
to love snowy winters and the north woods.
-Andrea Ani Adams, RDP 03
Class of 86
Mark Hendrickson, Kathy Harting
Melanie Bishop, Bill Garrett
-Susan DeFreitas, RDP 00
  • Going to PC was a decision to
  • in the words of Mr. Joseph Campbell.
  • Looking back, the thing I appreciate
  • most about my PC education was the
    to study
  • exactly what I am most passionate about. In the
    long run,

follow my bliss,
its what has allowed me to follow a calling
rather than just make a living.
What is the Alumni Store?The idea behind the
Alumni Store is to have a forum in which alumni
can sell their goods and services to the PC
community while at the same time helping to raise
money for Prescott College. We have an assortment
of goods from alumni for PC community members to
purchase. The Alumni Store is also a fundraiser
for the Crossroads Center with profits from
alumni sales donated to this project.  For each
item that your purchase, as least 50 of their
profits go to the Crossroads Center. Visit
(No Transcript)
PC in 97
I ? PC because of the friends, faculty, and
staff that became my family.
(No Transcript)
Why do I ? Prescott College?
Let me count the ways.
because we dont fit into the mold because
were about experience because were about
leverage because we care because we change
the world!
Anne Simone at San Francisco City Hall for
their legal marriage
-Anne Dorman, RDP 74with her partner Simone
after their legal marriage ceremony at San
Francisco City Hall
(No Transcript)
Prescott College provided for me the space and
the COMMUNITY which helped me to reconnect with
who I am and where I am headed. The support,
love, and natural beauty of the Prescott people
and Prescott itself, as well as the places that I
got to see through my coursework there, gave me
the courage and strength to return home and
ACTUALIZE MY DREAMS of teaching and supporting
I currently live with my fiancé, Gabriel
Grossman, in Manhattan. He is an financial
analyst and I teach 11th grade English in a Title
2 public school in Manhattan. -Tracey Finch, RDP
I ? Prescott College because... was a fun, exploratory part of my lifea
foundation, so to speak.
it's the place I come from.
I feel like I am part of something
an entity,
a community,
a philosophy,
a way of life.
of the people, and not just the people at the
school, but the alumni, friends, parents, and
others I constantly run into in life.
- Matthew Merritt McCarthy, RDP 00
I ? Prescott College because when I left I knew
it would always be therea well of idealism and
inspirationand I knew that I was part of a group
whose lives were guided by concepts such as
Prescotteers! Steve Huemmer (RDP 73), Angela
Garner (RDP 72), Beth King, Lorrie Bonds Lopez
(RDP 74), Tom Robinson (RDP 73) and Anne Dorman
(RDP 74) on Walker Glacier while running the
Tatshenshini River in 2002
I ? Prescott College because I met some of the
dearest people who left large impressions in my
We wouldnt have met if it had not been for
Prescott College Even though I was only there
for two years, it was the correct experience for
that time in my life.  I received excellent
training for research and writing skills.  What I
learned about world cultures served me well in my
business and personal life.  I also have very
good memories about my time at Prescott which
included riding into town on a horse and the
parties out in the desert. I learned that life
takes a lot of hard work, but don't forget to
have fun along the way.
-Will Beckett 69 Jill (Thomas) Beckett, 70
PC in 84
Windy with his solar well pump that supplies
water for his home and garden.
I discovered my calling in renewable energy
through the Earth Ethics course at PC. After two
years of off-campus work-study, I graduated in
1976 and immediately started a wind and solar
power business in Santa Fe. I've had an exciting
and creative career.
-Mark "Windy" Dankoff, RDP 76
(No Transcript)
After leaving Prescott and the Shanti Wellness
Project 3 years ago, I found myself on journey
after journey after journey!
I did a 2 week Permaculture Course, which led me
to an Herbal Apprenticeship, which led me to
travel to Thailand to do Natural Building with an
international activist organization along with a
10-day Forest Walk with the Wongsanit Buddhist
Ashram (similar to Wilderness Orientation but
with a Buddhist Nun, stops in Villages to witness
their joys and struggles, and a solo with bamboo
water bottles and leeches!).
-Chanti Smith, RDP 99
Then I was off to New Zealand to do bio-diesel
education and help out with a Planet Organic
Permaculture course, back to the states to study
Body Mind Centering and Yoga, and finally back to
the Bay Area where I have made my home for the
past year.
I ? Prescott College because it was there that I
swam with sea lions in Baja, rafted the Grand
Canyon, broke stereotypes in the Himalayas,
learned to deal with conflict in a snow storm in
Wyoming, and hiked my way to a place inside
myself I never knew was there in Utah.
-Pedro Aisa in 1982 with students before leaving
for Spain
The general abilities that are inherent in PC
graduates are
invaluable in life
to write and communicate well, to lead, to
follow, to manage, to organize, to research, to
take responsibility, to jump into situations and
make things happen on the fly, to welcome new
ideas with open arms, to understand and value
diversity and ecology and human rights.
The photo is of my partner, Elaina Herndon, and I
with our daughter, Solia, on Lake Buel in the
beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts,
where we make our home.
In this crazy election year, I say,
Prescott College for President!
-Andreas Schmid, RDP 97
Where are they now?
Professional Public Speaker President of the
Alumni Association
Ph.D. in ecology, owns his own consulting firm
Founder of Four Corners School for outdoor ed
Braves the winter at her home in Anchorage, Alaska
Left to right Ann Killefer, Larry Stevens,
Maggie McQuaid, Martha ?, Don Gale, Jeff Salz,
Janet Ross
I ? Prescott College because I lived and
breathed and exhaled in a place where people
believed in me.
PC in 91
"Simply put, PC is an amazing place with amazing
people doing amazing things to make our world
and the lives we live better for all."
I can look back at my time at PC as one of
tremendous growth. Every class, every trip,
every experience was an adventure with its own
challenges, accomplishments and joys.
- Joe Scanlon, RDP 93
PC in 83
Why do I ? Prescott College? Its simple
Prescott started me off exploring, and Ive been
doing so ever since exploring different
professions, cultures, and ideas. Ive had the
good fortune to work, study and live in such
places as the Grand Canyon, Managua Nicaragua
Copenhagen Boston Sonora, Mexico Siena, Italy
and Tensleep, Wyoming in my careers in
environmental education and architecture.
-Ainslie Kincross Ph.D. (aka Nina Feltman) RDP
The Prescott College Planets -1987 intramural
basketball team-
Jens Hoeg (RDP 89)
Mike Malco
Toby Tyler
Derk Janssen (MAP 99)
Brad Reuss (RDP 89)
Greg or Hilly Zeitlinz
Joel Hiller (PC President 94-97 former Dean
of College for 18yr)
PC in 92
Why do I ? Prescott College? I love Prescott
College cuz I get to play in the MUD as part of
my work!
-Joel Barnes, RDP '81Joel partakes in a Little
Colorado River mud wallow while teaching a PC
field course in Grand Canyon, September 2004.
I ? Prescott College because I wasn't lost in
the crowd.
PC in 96
The greatest gift PC gave me
is the belief that I can drudge up the resources
and support to get just about anything done in
this life. Another gift - this 'just add water'
instant alumni community, this incredible
affinity with amazing strangers merely because we
all chose the same funky little college.
-Holly Roach, RDP 00
I ?Prescott College because I found my future
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