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Psychology Reading Suggestions


Living with and Overcoming Depression. Coping with Obsessive ... and our hearts--to those with whom we share the future (description from Barnes and Noble) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Psychology Reading Suggestions

Psychology Reading Suggestions
  • Cathy Belben, Librarian
  • Burlington-Edison High School
  • Updated September 2003

  • The Psychology of Happiness
  • CrimeWho? What? Why?
  • The Psychology of Advertising and Marketing
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • The Senses and their Mysteries
  • Food and the Brain
  • Eating Disorders and Body Image
  • Living with Mental Disorders
  • Treating Mental Illness
  • Gender Issues
  • The World of Words Language and the Brain
  • Personality Development
  • Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Living with and Overcoming Depression
  • Coping with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Coping with Autism
  • Animals and Animal Psychology
  • Books about Various Cultures

The Psychology of Happiness
Laughter A Scientific Inquiry
  • The author, a neuroscientist, examines the role
    of laughter in our lives as well as its evolution
    over time. He examines its role in social
    relationships, its contagiousness, its neural
    mechanisms, and the truth about its health

The Criminal MindThe Science of Catching Killers
The Mad, the Bad, and the Innocent The Criminal
Mind on Trialby Barbara Kirwin
  • Kirwin, a forensic psychologist, discusses some
    of her experiences with various criminals
    including serial killer Joel Rifkin, and
    challenges the current use of the insanity
    defense. This study of forensics and its
    application to criminal detection is fascinating.

MindhunterInside the FBIs Elite Serial Crime
Unit by John Douglas
  • One of the foremost forensic detectives for the
    FBI details a number of high-profile crimes he
    has helped to solve in his career. Using
    psychological profiling, the author has developed
    a method for determining the likely perpetrator
    in a given crime

Anatomy of a Motive the FBI's legendary
mindhunter explores the key to understanding and
catching violent criminals.By John Douglas
  • Presents a look at the development and evolution
    of the criminal mind, attempting to discover what
    motivates arsonists, hijackers, bombers,
    poisoners, serial and spree killers, and mass
    murderers to commit their violent acts.

The Mad, the Bad, and the Innocent The Criminal
Mind on Trialby Barbara Kirwin
  • A forensic psychologist discusses some of her
    experiences with various criminals including
    serial killer Joel Rifkin, and challenges the
    current use of the insanity defense. This study
    of forensics and its application to criminal
    detection is fascinating. A forensic psychologist
    discusses some of her experiences with various
    criminals including serial killer Joel Rifkin,
    and challenges the current use of the insanity
    defense. This study of forensics and its
    application to criminal detection is fascinating.

The Island of Lost Mapsby Miles Harvey
  • The true story of a man who, in 1995, was
    arrested for stealing antique maps from a book in
    the library at Johns Hopkins University. Miles
    Harvey, fascinated by the story, delves into the
    psychology of the man and his reasons for these
    unusual thefts.

The Psychology of Advertising Marketing, and Media
Life The MovieHow Entertainment Conquered
  • Motion pictures introduced a new way of seeing
    that has so dominated the national consciousness
    that everything including religion, politics,
    art, and news seem like branches of show business.

Cant Buy My Loveby Jean Kilbourne
  • Why women and girls must fight the addictive
    power of advertising. Many advertisements these
    days make us feel as if we have an intimate, even
    passionate relationship with a product. But as
    Jean Kilbourne points out in this fascinating and
    shocking expose', the dreamlike promise of
    advertising always leaves us hungry for more. We
    can never be satisfied, because the products we
    love cannot love us back. (amazon).

Hope in a Jar The Making of Americas Beauty
Cultureby Kathy Peiss
  • A social history of cosmetics, looking at the
    ways in which women have used make-up to express
    their own sense of self and their role in
    society, and discussing the reasons why
    cosmetics--once primarily concocted in home
    kitchens--has grown to be a multi-billion dollar

Branded The Buying and Selling of Teenagers by
Alissa Quart
  • Author Alisa Quart examines the increasing
    pressure placed on teenagers to purchase items
    based on their brand names. She also looks at the
    phenomena of teen consultants, who work for major
    companies and keep them informed about what's
    popular with other teens.

Why We Buy The Science of Shopping by Paco
  • Underhill, a retail anthropologist describes
    how people shop, why they get pleasure from
    shopping, and how marketers use psychology to
    attract customers.

The Beauty Myth How Images of Beauty are Used
Against Womenby Naomi Wolf
  • Wolfs research carefully documents how women in
    American culture are pressured to look and act in
    certain ways in order to be considered beautiful.

Overcoming Obstacles Books About People With
Brain Injury Disease, and Disability
Where is the Mango Princess?By Cathy Crimmins
  • After her husband is brain-injured in a boating
    accident, Cathy Crimmins must rebuild her life
    and help her young daughter understand and cope
    with the changes in her father's personality. In
    addition, she must battle her HMO to get the
    company to pay for the tremendous recovery needs
    of her husband.

My Sister from the Black Lagoonby Laurie Fox
  • Lorna Person grows up unintentionally neglected
    in the shadow cast by her crazy sister, and it is
    not until she grows older that she finally gets
    the attention she needs when she takes to the

Lucky Manby Michael J. Fox
  • In September 1998, actor Michael J. Fox revealed
    to the world that he had be struggling with
    Parkinson's Disease for seven years. In his
    memoir, he describes his reaction to the
    diagnosis, his ongoing efforts to find a cure,
    and his family's support in helping him live with
    the degenerative disease.

Rescuing Jeffreyby Richard Galli
  • When his seventeen-year-old son is paralyzed
    from the neck down in a swimming accident, the
    author, Richard Galli, is convinced that his son
    would rather be dead than live without any
    physical mobility, but after his son awakes from
    a coma and is able to communicate his wishes,
    Galli realizes that a happy life is not
    necessarily determined by what the body is able
    to do.

The Diving-Bell and the Butterflyby
Jean-Dominque Bauby
  • The author, who died two days after the French
    publication of his book, tells of his life and
    feelings after suffering a brain stem stroke that
    left him unable to move his body or communicate
    in any way except through the blinking of his
    left eye.

Riding the Bus with My Sisterby Rachel Simon
  • Rachel Simon chronicles the experiences she had
    and shares the lessons she learned during the
    year she spent riding the bus which her mentally
    handicapped sister rides on each day.

Look Up for Yesby Julia Tavalaro
  • The autobiography of Julia Tavalaro, a woman who
    suffered two severe strokes at the age of
    thirty-two and remained in a coma for seven
    months before waking up totally paralyzed, and
    then had to endure six more years of pain and
    abuse before a young speech therapist noticed she
    was awake, aware, and in complete control of her

The Psychology of the Senses
A Natural History of the Sensesby Diane Ackerman
  • In this fascinating book, Diane Ackerman
    explores the history of the senses and their role
    in our everyday lives and behavior. She looks
    closely at each sense, seeking out the most
    fascinating historical facts and new research
    findings about the senses and their abilities and
    roles in our lives. An excellent, often
    entertaining, read.

The Man Who Tasted Shapesby Michael Cytowic
  • Synesthesia is a neurological disorder in which
    the circuits sending signals from the sensory
    organs are crossed resulting in a bizarre and
    astonishing phenomena victims perceptions are
    strangely skewed so that they taste shapes, or
    smell colors, or have other disordered sensual
    perceptions. This book traces the authors
    discovery of the disorder and his research into
    its causes. Contains intriguing case studies and
    some challenging scientific information.

Planet of the Blindby Stephen Kuusisto
  • Kuusisto was raised to disavow his blindness,
    and spent much of his life trying to pass a
    sighted person. He struggles with anorexia,
    obesity, ridicule, and derision, but he persists
    nonetheless, becoming a talented writer and
    student. When a devastating injury forces him to
    acknowledge that he cannot see, he picks up the
    white can and acquires a seeing eye dog, a yellow
    Lab who becomes his guide and changes his life

The Seeing Glass by Jacquelin Gorman
  • The author recounts her experiences dealing with
    an optic nerve condition that left her blind,
    while also struggling with a difficult childhood.

Slackjaw A Memoirby Jim Knipfel
  • The author describes his sometimes harrowing,
    sometimes hilarious experiences as a
    thirty-year-old man facing impending blindness as
    his eyes deteriorate due a condition called
    retinitis pigmentosa.

Seeing Voices A Journey into the World of the
Deafby Oliver Sacks
  • Provides a history of deaf people in the U.S.,
    looking at the ways in which they have been seen
    and treated in the past and their ongoing
    struggle for acceptance examines Sign, the
    visual language of the deaf and discusses the
    uniquely human gift of language.

Why We Hurt The Natural History of Painby Frank
  • Includes information about how the body responds
    to various types of pain including cancer and
    other diseases, back pain, arthritis, childbirth,
    and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Food and the Brain
The Crazy Makers How the Food Industry is
Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children
by Carol Simontacchi
  • Can food make you crazy? Find out how fast food
    and other highly processed food products may be
    harming our mental health.A revealing look at how
    American food manufacturers and the impact of
    their industry on humans, especially children.

The Best Thing I Ever Tasted The Secret of
Foodby Sallie Tisdale
  • The author explores society's public and private
    attitudes about foods by examining her own
    experiences with food and cooking, the role of
    food in our society, our roles as customers of
    the food industry, and how food is a powerful
    force in our lives.

Eating Disorders and Body Image
Wasted A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimiaby Marya
  • The author reflects on her 14-year battle with
    the two eating disorders, and describes how they
    have impacted her self-image and her life.

Stick Figure A Diary of My Former Selfby Lori
  • Lori Gottlieb spent several years of her
    childhood trying to become the skinniest girl in
    her school. Pressured by her mother and by
    messages from the media, Gottlieb was convinced
    that she was fat. Eventually, her anorexia landed
    her in the hospitalat age eleven.

You Remind Me of You A Poetry Memoir
  • A startling autobiographical account of a young
    woman¹s battle with eating disorders that put her
    in and out of hospitals over a span of four years
    and led to her own parents fighting for the right
    to commit her. When her last source of support,
    her boyfriend, attempts suicide and ends up in a
    coma, she is forced to find strength from within.
    A courageous story about the strange paths we
    take to recovery.

Food and Loathingby Betsy Lerner
  • The author chronicles her long struggle with
    depression and binge eating, including her years
    in therapy, her experiences with Overeaters
    Anonymous, and her six-month stay in a mental

Living with Mental Illness
Girl, Interruptedby Susanna Kaysen
  • At age 18, Susanna Kaysen was sent to a mental
    institution for an undefined mental
    problemprimarily that she wouldnt conform to
    the rules and expectations of her parentsand she
    spent several years living among the mentally ill
    before finally being released.

Angelhead My Brothers Descent into Madnessby
Greg Bottoms
  • In a terrifying memoir of a family held hostage
    by a son with schizophrenia, Greg Bottoms
    chronicles the events that kept his family in
    fear of his brother, Michael and eventually led
    to Michael's psychotic breakdown and his
    admission to the psychiatric wing of a maximum
    security prison.

The Day the Voices Stopped A Schizophrenics
Journey from Madness to Hopeby Ken Steele
  • Ken Steele chronicles his struggle with
    schizophrenia, discussing how he was diagnosed
    and treated, how it affected his family, and what
    he is doing to help others with schizophrenia
    cope with the disease.

Treating Mental Illness
Madness A Brief Historyby Roy Porter
  • Explores the radically different perceptions of
    mental illness and approaches to its treatment
    from antiquity to the present day.

Mad in America Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and
the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Illby
Robert Whitaker
  • Tracing over three centuries of "cures' for
    madness, Whitaker shows how medical therapies
    have been used to silence patients and dull their
    minds, deepening their suffering and impairing
    their hope of recovery.

Gender Issues
The Frailty Myth Redefining the Physical
Potential of Women and Girls by Colette Dowling
  • Using the latest research and anecdotal
    evidence, Dowling argues that women are gradually
    catching up to men in terms of physical
    strength.  In previous generations, she argues,
    women were often denied opportunities to realize
    their full physical potential and discouraged
    from athletics, and as those attitudes change, so
    do women's perceptions of themselves, and so do
    their physical abilities. A provocative read, and
    an enlightening look at culture and history.

The Last Time I Wore a Dressby Daphne Scholinski
  • Daphne Scholinski lived in mental institutions
    from the time she was fifteen until her 18th
    birthday, committed because she was ruled an
    "inappropriate female," a teenage tomboy whose
    lack of interest in make-up and other "feminine"
    things was ruled a mental problem. For those who
    also enjoyed "Girl, Interrupted," this story of
    life in a mental institution and a sane girl's
    attempt to escape the expectations of those
    around her will appeal to all readers.

The World of WordsLanguage and the Brain
Genie A Scientific Tragedy by Russ Rymer
  • The true account of the girl whose tragic life
    story has taught researchers a great deal about
    language acquisition. Genie was discovered at age
    13 living in a closet, where she had apparently
    been kept by her mentally ill parents for years. 
    She had not acquired any verbal skills, and after
    her discovery, an intense rehabilitation process
    began, in which researchers attempted to teach
    her how to speak.  When she was only able to
    learn very basic sounds, they concluded that
    language must be acquired very early in life and
    throughout childhood in order to be complete.

Personality Development
The New Birth Order Book Why You are the Way
You Areby Kevin Leman
  • Are you the oldest child in your family? The
    youngest? Research suggests that your birth order
    may affect your personality. Read about how the
    order in which a person was born ties into
    marriage, stepfamilies, vocation, and the
    business world.

Twins and What they Tell Us About Who We Areby
Lawrence Wright
  • Examines studies of identical twins who have
    lived entirely separate lives, and discusses what
    that research reveals about the relative
    contributions of heredity and environment to the
    makeup of individual human natures.

Multiple Personality Disorder
The Flock by Joan Casey
  • The author describes her years-long struggle
    with Multiple Personality Disorder, a time period
    in which she managed a normal life, despite the
    chaotic comings and goings of her twenty-four
    separate personalities, all of which were unaware
    of each other.

Sybilby Flora Rheta Schreiber
  • Sybil is the true story of a woman whose severe
    childhood abuse led to the formation of 16
    different personalities. In this book, her past
    is examined and details about the behaviors of
    each of her distinct personalities are given.

First Person PluralMy Life as a Multipleby
Cameron West
  • Cameron West describes his experience with
    multiple personality disorder. He experienced
    the mental illness in his thirties, when he was
    already a successful businessman, happily
    married, and a new father. Over a period of
    several months, twenty-four distinct
    personalities emerge and recount specific
    incidents of abuse West had encountered as a
    child--and kept long hidden.

Living With and Overcoming Depression
Coping With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Everything in its PlaceMy Trials and Triumphs
with Obsessive Compulsive Disorderby Marc
  • Television personality Marc Summers, former host
    of MTV's "Double Dare," shares the story of his
    sometimes harrowing, often humorous struggles
    with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and provides
    information about the causes and treaments of OCD.

The Boy Who Couldnt Stop Washing by Judith
  • The author clearly explains the phenomena of
    obsessive-compulsive disorder, using numerous
    case studies to illustrate her research findings.

Passing for Normal by Amy Wilensky
  • Passing for Normal is Amy's emotionally charged
    account of her lifelong struggle with the often
    misunderstood disorders of obsessive-compulsive
    disorder and Tourette's Syndrome. A powerful
    witness to her own dysfunction, she describes the
    strain it bore on her relationships with the
    people she thought she knew best.

Coping With Autism
Emergence Labeled Autisticby Temple Grandin
  • The author describes her experiences as a
    high-achieving adult with autism, who was once
    unable to function socially, but has found a
    treatment for her own disorder and teaches
    college classes.

A Slant of Sunby Beth Kephart
  • Kephart chronicles the life of her young son,
    who is born with an assortment of developmental
    disabilities, including autistic tendencies. With
    the help of dedicated parents and teachers, he is
    able to gain some social abilities and aim for a
    normal life.

Somebody Somewhere Breaking Free from the World
of Austismby Donna Williams
  • Chronicles the four years since Donna's diagnosis
    as autistic and continues the journey begun in
    her first memoir, Nobody Nowhere, including
    sessions with her therapist, her experiences
    attending college to obtain a degree in
    education, and her work with autistic children.

Animal Psychology
How to Speak Dogby Stanley Coren
  • Coren provides research-based insights into the
    structure and form of the simplified language
    that many dog owners use to communicate with
    their pets. He offers examples of words, sounds,
    actions we can use to communicate more
    effectively with our pets, and decophers the
    signs--ear motion, tail wagging, head-tilting,
    etc.--that dogs give to humans to communicate
    happiness, fear, playfulness, and other emotions.

The New Work of Dogs to Life, Love, and Family
in a Changing Worldby Jon Katz
  • The author explores the increasingly changing
    role of dogs in the lives of humans, focusing on
    specific dogs and their owners to show how dogs
    are being required to provide more and more
    emotional support for their human companions.

Pack of Two The Intricate Bond Between People
and Dogs
  • Knapp, a recovering alcoholic, recounts how she
    overcame her loneliness and helped face sobriety
    with the help of her dog, Lucille. In the
    process, she gives information about how dogs and
    humans form bonds and support one another.

The Parrots Lament and Other True Tales of
Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuityby
Eugene Linden
  • Examines the behavior, intelligence, and
    ingenuity of animals through true tales of their
    amazing interaction with humans and other species.

The Emperors Embrace Reflections on Animal
Families and Fatherhood by Jeffrey Masson.
  • The author describes animal fathers around the
    globe, and how various species produce fathers
    which especially attuned to the needs of their
    offspring and responsible for much of their care.
    Among the animals discussed are wolves, dogs,
    beavers, sea horses, marmosets, penguins, lions,
    bears, and humans.

When Elephants Weep The Emotional Lives of
Animalsby Jeffrey Masson
  • The author explores what is known about animal
    behavior, including evidence that animals, like
    humans, experience and express intense emotions.

Animals as Teachers and Healersby Susan McElroy
  • The author discusses how she was able to triumph
    over cancer with the help of the animals in her
    life, and shares the stories of other people
    whose lives have been touched by the loving
    energies of animals.

Inside the Animal Mind A Groundbreaking
Exploration of Animal Intelligenceby George C.
  • Studies animal intelligence, cognitive ability,
    problem solving, and emotions in various animal

Sheldrake, Rupert. Dogs That Know When Their
Owners are Coming Home and Other Unexplained
Powers of Animalsby Rupert Sheldrake

Filled with captivating stories and
thought-provoking analysis. This book is an
exploration of animal behaviour that will
profoundly change the way we think about animals,
and ourselves. After extensive research
Sheldrake proves what many pet owners already
know-that there is a strong connection between
humans and animals that lies beyond present-day
scientific understanding.
Books About Cultural Norms, Biases, and
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne
  • This amazingly poignant story illustrates the
    clash of cultures that occurs in the United
    States far too often, but in some cases, with
    tragic results.
  • Anne Fadiman retraces the story of a Hmong
    family that moved to L.A. in the 80s and
    discovered their youngest child was seriously
    ill. Suffering from violent seizures, she was
    rushed to the emergency room again and again,
    where doctors eventually diagnose severe epilepsy
    and prescribe medication that will control the
    seizures and prevent brain damage.
  • The family rejects Western medicine, believing
    that the epilepy is a form of spiritual
    possession, and that their daughter is blessed.
    As she grows older, the seizuresand the conflict
    with doctors and between culturesgrow more and
    more severe.
  • A beautifully written, heartbreaking story.

The Middle of Everywhereby Mary Pipher
  • The author connects us with refugees and
    describes how, in cities all over the country,
    refugees arrive daily from Sudan, Kosovo,
    Afghanistan and Vietnam The Middle of Everywhere
    moves beyond the headlines into the homes of
    refugees from around the world. Working as a
    cultural broker, teacher, and therapist, Mary
    Pipher has once again opened our eyes--and our
    hearts--to those with whom we share the future
    (description from Barnes and Noble).

The Psychology of Bullying and Harassment
Please Stop Laughing at MeOne Womans
Inspirational Story by Jodee Blanco
  • The author, a victim of bullying, provides her
    inspirational story of her miserable school
    career, telling how being an outcast affected her
    life, and sharing her perspective on the events
    now that she is an adult.

Odd Girl Out The Hidden Culture of Aggression in
Girlsby Rachel Simmons
  • Explores the issues surrounding aggression in
    girls, discussing why the signs of aggression are
    harder to recognize in girls than boys, how
    parents can help their daughter's deal with
    aggression, and the negative impact aggression
    can have on teenage girls' lives.

Psychology in Everyday Life
The Psychology of Everyday Thingsby Donald Norman
  • People often comment that computers hate them
    or that they are terrible with mechanics, but as
    Donald Norman points out, many of our
    difficulties with technology stem not from our
    own faults, but with poor design weird-shaped
    door handles, for example, and other designs that
    make the use of an object difficult or confusing.
    Find out why design and psychology must work
    together in order for people and objects to
    co-exist in peace.