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Qualitative Research Methods: Computerized Data Analysis


American University of Central Asia. The place of this course in the Curriculum ... The photo essay might be based on photographs only or with some explanations. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Qualitative Research Methods: Computerized Data Analysis

Qualitative Research Methods Computerized Data
  • Gulzat Botoeva
  • RS, Sociology Department
  • American University of Central Asia

The place of this course in the Curriculum
  • This is 200 level course which is taught at the
    first semester
  • We have Quantitative Research Methods course
    which follows this one in the spring semester,
    SPSS and statistical analysis course in the fall
    of the 3rd year

In this course, students will develop the skills
needed to
  • design and conduct a qualitative study
  • develop ability to interpret research findings
  • coherently describe conclusions in written and
    oral forms.

  • Denzin, Handbook of Qualitative Research, (3rd
    ed.) London Sage Publications, pp. 139-164
  • Sanghera B. (2003) Reader. Sociological
    Analysis Theory and Method II, Almaty CARC
  • Booth W. C., Colomb G.G. and Williams J.M. (2003)
    The Craft of Research, Chicago The University of
    Chicago Press pp. 40-107
  • Bauer (2000) Qualitative Researching With text,
    Image and Sound, London Sage Publications, pp.

  • Bernard H.R. (2000) Social Research Methods,
    Thousand Oaks Sage Publications, pp. 437-471
  • Neuman W.L. (1997) Social Research methods
    Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, Boston
    Allyn and Bacon, pp. 88-105, 201-225
  • Berg B.L. (2001) Qualitative Research Methods
    For Social Sciences, Boston Allyn and Bacon, pp.

Course content
  • Introduction
  • Ethics Protecting Human Subjects and Research
  • Philosophy of Social Research Qualitative and
    Quantitative Approaches
  • The Problem the Heart of the Research Process
  • The Review of the Related Literature
  • Conceptualization
  • Sampling
  • Data Collection Interviewing, Ethnography,
    Visual Methods
  • Case Study
  • Analytical Frames in Qualitative Research
  • Computerized Qualitative Data Processing

Homework assignments (1-2)
  • Assignment 1. Due on Tuesday, September 5th
  • Answer the following questions about film made by
    Peter Lom
  • 1. What are some ethical concerns to consider
    regarding the way the film was made?
  • 2. If you were the researcher, how might you
    justify conducting a covert project of this sort?
  • Assignment 2. Due on Thursday, September 21st
  • 1. Write out your research question in one
    sentence, and elaborate on it in one paragraph.
    List three reasons why it is a good research
    question for you to investigate.
  • 2. Find at least 3 academic articles related to
    your research project. Summarize each of the
    articles and demonstrate the relevance of the
    articles to your research questions.

Homework assignments
  • Assignment 3. Due on Thursday, October 12th
  • 1. Prepare interview guide including good
    introduction to the interviewee. The interview
    guide should cover the research questions
    indicated in the assignment 2. Identify
    essential, extra, probing and thraw-away
  • 2. Select the method of interviewing individual,
    group or combination of the two.
  • 3. Design a strategy for the selection of
  • Assignment 4. Due on Thursday, October 26th
  • Submit the reflection on your interview. What
    problems (getting consent, establishing rapport
    with an interviewee, problems with questions,
    etc) have you encountered with during the
    interviews? What did you do to overcome such
    problems? Provide as much details as possible
    about interview.

Homework assignments
  • Assignment 5. Due on Thursday, November 9th
  • Observation assignment.
  • Bonus Assignment Photo essay. Due on Friday,
    November 24th
  • Choose any topic related to your research
    question. The essay should include photos taken
    by you. The number of photographs should be no
    more than six. The photo essay might be based on
    photographs only or with some explanations.
  • Assignment 6. Due on Tuesday, November 28th
  • You have to submit the transcript of ONE

Other assignments
  • Written research project (220 40 of final
  • Students will conduct qualitative research on the
    topic of their own choosing. Students will define
    the study problems and propose methods to address
    these problems, carry out data collection and
  • Paper 1 should identify the research topic, key
    research questions as well as present the related
    literature review.
  • Paper 2 should include the revised paper 1, the
    method of data gathering and preliminary analysis
    of data collected. The deadlines for the papers
    are indicated in the schedule. Any students who
    plagiarize will get an F grade for that
    assignment. Further information on the research
    papers will be distributed later in the semester.

Benefits of using homework assignments
  • Students have started working on their projects
    as much as earlier, so they do not rush at the
    end of semester
  • They followed the stages of research projects
  • It was much easier to monitor the work of
    students during the semester, so we could suggest
    to change the topic or methods of research at the
    earlier stage as possible

Problems encountered with these assignments
  • We have found that it would be better to ask
    students to prepare Index chart before doing
  • It would be better to include reflection on
    interview to the transcript of interview also

Using ATLAS TI computerized program for
qualitative data analysis
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