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Justice of Just War


provide a foundation upon which a well-informed opinion can ... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/He219/dailypix/militarypix/fresh/mor e/more/31362417.jpg ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Justice of Just War

Justice of Just War
  • Greg
  • Ryan
  • Chadid
  • Katy
  • Barrett

Goals of Presentation
  • Present an unbiased opinion of the "just war"
  • develop a stronger understanding of the "just
  • provide a foundation upon which a well-informed
    opinion can be formed concerning the practice of
    just war.

What is Just War?
  • Notion that the resort to armed force is
    justified when certain conditions are met
  • Conditions
  • War must be declared by sovereign authority
  • War must have just cause
  • Warring state must have just intentions
  • Aim of war must be establishment of just peace

Why this is an ethical issue?
  • Because of Christianity's large presence and
    influence in the world today, the Christian
    doctrine of just war directly affects and
    determines the life and death of millions of
    people around the world.

  • How can the use of the armed force contribute to
    the pursuit of Justice, Freedom, and other world
  • Should the just war theory evolve over time or is
    their certain standards humans should follow
    concerning war through the ages?
  • When should a war stop being classified as just?
    Who should determine this?
  • What does it man to be a person of Conscience?

  • Strives to keep war as civil as war can be
  • Does not allow wars for means such as
  • Rules genocide and other unjust actions as a just
    cause for war
  • Ultimately strives for just peace

  • Although authorities can try to limit collateral
    damage, it is nearly impossible
  • Lives are lost during war, usually lives that
    havent been fully lived out yet
  • Conditions for war are somewhat loose and can
    easily be mangled by warhawks

Catholic Views of Just War
  • Just cause
  • right authority
  • Justice is needed for war
  • right intention
  • War needs to be a last resort
  • Protect the innocent and the people of no
  • When a war ends you need to have repentance and
    remorse for the victims

Political Views of Just War
  • War is a approximate response to terrorism
  • Military action against terrorists is necessary
    and justifiable
  • War can be just if it is fought by a legitimate
    authority under certain restrictions
  • War may be the best way to prevent terrorism
  • We fight to defend ourselves and to defend or
    American values and principles
  • The government does not intend to raise racism or
    slaughter innocent people in foreign countries

  • Society being lead or governed by the military
  • Under the justification of potential application
    of force, militarism asserts that civilian
    populations are dependent upon the needs and
    goals of its military
  • Militarists hold the view that discipline is the
    highest social priority, and claim that the
    development and maintenance of the military
    ensures that discipline

  • Pacifism is the opposition to war or violence as
    a means of settling disputes
  • Some persons, who consider themselves pacifists,
    while opposing war, are not opposed to all use of
    coercion, physical force against people or
    destruction of property

  • The catholic church believes that the war in Iraq
    is not a just war
  • 600,000 Iraqi citizens have died since the 2003
  • 2,754 Americans have been killed during the war
    in Iraq

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