AMRC 2008 Fall Conference Waste Diversion Ontario Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AMRC 2008 Fall Conference Waste Diversion Ontario Update


Collectors pay haulers who then pay processors. System drives lowest cost management choice ... To accept tires from local haulers. To manage seasonal surge ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: AMRC 2008 Fall Conference Waste Diversion Ontario Update

AMRC 2008 Fall ConferenceWaste Diversion
Ontario Update
  • October 24, 2008

Presentation Outline
  • Update on Blue Box Program
  • Blue Box review
  • Next steps on best practices
  • Plastics market strategy
  • Continuous Improvement Fund
  • Comments on MHSW WEEE
  • Update on Used Tires Program
  • WDO Board Restructuring

Blue Box Review
  • Minister directed WDO to
  • Conduct a review of BBPP
  • Use EPR principles to form framework for review
  • Consult with relevant stakeholders
  • Submit report with recommendations
  • By March 20, 2009
  • Link to Ministers correspondence on WDO website
  • Under Latest News items

Blue Box Review Issues
  • Program performance
  • Program has achieved 63 diversion
  • Target for next 5 years
  • Material specific performance
  • Targets by material for next 5 years
  • Consistency across municipalities
  • For materials collected
  • Problematic wastes e.g. 15 litre PET bottle
  • Managing through BBPP or other mechanisms

Blue Box Review Issues
  • Blue Box wastes from ICI
  • If how BBPP could be extended
  • Blue Box wastes collected outside of Blue Box
    system e.g. garbage litter
  • Collection options beyond municipal curbside
  • Stewardship for these options materials
    disposed as waste or litter
  • Additional Blue Box wastes
  • Reconsider BBPP definition to include other
    products covered by Blue Box Waste Regulation

Blue Box Review Issues
  • Environmentally responsible management
  • From collection to final market
  • Stewardship fees
  • Revising fees to increase diversion recycled
  • EPR funding
  • Moving BBPP towards full EPR funding
  • Impact to management of municipal recycling

Blue Box Review
  • WDO consultation process likely to include
  • Survey of Ontario residents
  • Number surveyed sufficient to be statistically
  • Facilitated meetings with
  • Stewardship Ontario Board
  • AMO-AMRC Waste Management Task Force
  • OWMA Board
  • ENGOs
  • Other industry associations
  • Facilitated MIPC-Blue Box retreat

Blue Box Review
  • WDO consultation process likely to include
  • Posting of draft report for comment
  • Workshop/webcast to review draft report
  • Written submissions during consultation period
  • To
  • Consultation plan backgrounder
  • Posted on WDO website
  • Likely early November

Blue Box Best Practices
  • MIPC-Blue Box established
  • BP Model Working Group
  • Review BP Study cost model parameters, data
    inputs, analog programs
  • BP Funding Distribution Working Group
  • Develop methodology based on BP
  • Under consideration
  • Base funding for all programs
  • Enhanced BP funding calculated using system
    of points for best practice activities
  • More information should be available at next ORW

More Blue Box
  • Plastics market strategy
  • Stewardship Ontario
  • Issued REOI received 7 responses
  • Issuing RFP for new processing capacity for rigid
    packaging 1 to 7 film plastic
  • WDO administration of CIF
  • Entered into agreement with SO AMO to support
    CIF Director being employed by AMO
  • Approved Strategic Plan, 2008 Operations Plan
  • Delegated authority to MIPC-BB CIF Committee to
    implement Operations Plan

  • Phase 1 implementation issues
  • Delayed execution of municipal agreements
    development of commercial collection system
  • Some retailers charged visible fees on July 1
  • Consumers paying new fees but no new services
  • Phase 2 development issues
  • Exploration of substantive issues
  • Collection options to provide program
  • Residential collection, incentives, retail
  • Transition from shared to full responsibility

  • Phase 1 implementation issues
  • Service providers registering
  • Audits of processors to begin shortly
  • Concerns among some processers regarding
    methodology to allocate WEEE may limit
    investment in new capacity/technologies
  • Phase 2 development issues
  • Orphan equipment e.g. typewriters
  • Likely higher costs due to lower material revenue
  • Likely lower diversion due to higher of
  • For which there are currently limited 3Rs markets

Used Tires
  • Program Request Letter (PRL)
  • Brand owners first importers
  • On-road off-the-road (OTR) tires
  • 90 diversion within 5 years
  • Higher value uses green technology
  • Address stockpiles as a priority
  • Vendor qualification standards
  • Tracking auditing

Used Tires - PRL
  • Minister directed
  • There shall be a single fee paid by the stewards
    that is associated with the program
  • Collectors participating in program shall not
    charge consumers additional fee for management of
    tires following removal from vehicle
  • Since
  • Stewards may choose to pass fee to customer as
    visible fee on new tire
  • Customers should not be charged an additional fee
    by retailers or municipalities for management of
    scrap tire

Used Tires Current System
  • Money tires track together
  • Retailers charge consumers up to 5/tire
  • Collectors pay haulers who then pay processors
  • System drives lowest cost management choice
  • As a result, tires are directed to TDF Ontario
    processors lack feedstock

Used Tires Program Plan
  • Stewards pay fees to OTS
  • OTS uses fees to pay for collecting, storing,
    transporting, processing and marketing scrap

Issues Under Discussion
  • Various processing incentives
  • For crumb rubber by mesh size fabricated
  • Possibly manufacturing incentive to encourage
    creation of new products market demand
  • Hauler incentive to pick up transport
  • Likely on a distance quantity basis

Issues Under Discussion
  • How should haulers be paid?
  • Directly by OTS
  • Through collectors or processors
  • Possibly consolidation incentive
  • To accept tires from local haulers
  • To manage seasonal surge
  • Should program offer incentive to collection
  • Or will collectors provide service at no charge?
  • Value of each financial incentive

Used Tires - Challenges
  • Layering stewardship program onto existing
  • Mature collection hauling system
  • gt8,000 collection points
  • 40 hauling companies
  • 3Rs processing capacity
  • lt 10 operating companies
  • With reported annual capacity for 5 to 9 million
  • Compared to 12 million tires generated annually

Used Tires - Challenges
  • Used Tires Plan due to Minister by December 31,
  • OTS asked WDO to request extension
  • WDO Board agreed to request 2 month extension to
    February 27, 2009
  • Decision at October 22 Board meeting
  • Request submitted to Minister October 23

WDO Governance
  • Restructured board
  • 5 Directors jointly appointed by 14 industry
  • 3 Directors jointly appointed by AMO RPWCO
  • 1 Director appointed by City of Toronto
  • 1 Directly jointly appointed by RCO OEN
  • 1 Directly appointed by Minister from MOE
  • 5 Directors appointed by Minister to represent
    public interest
  • 3 groups of Directors
  • 5 industry 5 other stakeholders 5 public
  • Director of Waste Management Policy Branch
  • who will abstain from voting

WDO Governance
  • Board retreat on November 26/27
  • Orientation for new Directors
  • Opportunity for interaction among returning new
  • Consideration of go-forward operational policy
  • First meeting of new Board on December 17

Contacting WDO
Email Datacall MHSW
Report BBPP
Review Executive
Director Telephone 416 226
5113 Fax 416 226 1368 Website
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