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Amphibian Ark Communications and Fundraising Plan


To run a global campaign ideally under the brand of WAZA and thus creating ... Webkinz: Amphibian Ark Webkinz with activities at ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Amphibian Ark Communications and Fundraising Plan

Amphibian ArkCommunications and Fundraising Plan
  • Raising Awareness, Generating Donations

History - Amphibian Campaign ?
  • Potential Marketing goals (Leipzig, 2006)
  • To run a global campaign ideally under the brand
    of WAZA and thus creating global awareness of
    global zoo community as a leading conservation
  • Bundling up of forces of the regional
    associations with a globally as well as
    content-wise highly relevant topic
  • To raise funds for the amphibian conservation
  • Official year of the amphibians 2008 ?
  • Suggested actions (Leipzig, 2006)
  • Development of a marketing strategy by a working
    group in cooperation with the WAZA office
  • Usage of an existing structure of a region to
    developa global campaign ?

Status Year of the Frog 2008
  • Decision of AARK to develop a global campaign
    YOTF 2008 in February 2007(Coordinator WAZA
    Mkt. Chair)
  • Several Meetings and excellent cooperation with
    EAZA Amphibian Campaign Planning Group
  • Actions and results so far
  • Between two possible candidates the global agency
    for marketing and communication Fleishman Hillard
    (FH), USA was selected to develop and support the
    global campaign.

Status Year of the Frog 2008
  • A global campaign Year of the Frog 2008 will be
    developed with the following objectives
  • Raise awareness among national governments, world
    media, school educators, and the general public
    about the fragility of amphibians and the
    extinction crisis they face
  • Raise funds through corporate sponsorship,
    philanthropy, consumer, and govern- ment
    involvement to support AArks rescue efforts and
    ensure amphibians long term sustainability
  • Funds will be paid to Amphibian Ark through the
    Global Conservation Network to cover such costs

Status Year of the Frog 2008
  • Species acquisition and transportation
  • Biosecure containment facilities, operating
    expenses, staff, and training
  • Educational workshops and awareness campaigns
  • Inspire the zoo community and appropriate
    institutions to participate in Amphibian Ark by
    creating and maintaining ex situ facilities for
    the most threatened amphibians.
  • Further position the zoo community and IUCN as
    leaders in global conservation.

  • Goals 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Raise awareness and understanding
  • Educate allaudiences
  • Raise50-60 million

  • Assumptions 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Likened to a political campaign
  • Competition for mindshare
  • Focus on simple messaging
  • Impart a greater sense of urgency

  • Audiences 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Key messages will be developed for specific
    targets, including
  • Public, government, corporations, foundations,
    philanthropists, zoo and aquarium organizations,
    educators, media
  • All audiences are connected in a global effort to
    halt the rapid extinction of amphibians

  • Measurement 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Funds raised
  • Message impact
  • General public, national and international
  • Corporations
  • Philanthropists
  • Educators

Communications Plan
  • Situation 2008 Year of the Frog
  • IUCN/SSC CBSG, IUCN/SSC ASG, WAZA form Amphibian
  • Amphibian Ark is one portion of ACAP
  • Amphibian Ark high profile, interest-generating,
    call-to-action platform for media, donors,
    general public, other stakeholders
  • 2008 Year of the Frog global campaign is
    designed to generate international awareness,
    concern, and action

Communications Plan
  • Situation 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Amphibian Ark becomes intuitive choice for
    companies, organizations, individuals, others to
    support global response to amphibian crisis
  • Comprehensive, creative, and strategic media
    relations, communications, special events,
    third-party experts, and celebrity ambassadors
    fuel awareness and action
  • Amphibian Ark communications raise awareness of
    amphibian threat globally cut through media
    clutter, unite audiences, educate and empower
    general public
  • Program drives participation in local education
    and promotional programs and events

Communications Plan
  • Execution 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Communications and fundraising efforts will be
    executed at multiple levels global, regional,
    local -- each designed to include media
    relations, education, political outreach, events,
    and stakeholder communications
  • Because of the complexity of all parties
    involved, its critical that strong communication
    is maintained by all associations

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Global efforts
Regional and local efforts
Communications Plan
  • Global Execution 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Communications plan implemented on a global
    basis, involving international, regional, and
    national zoo and aquarium associations
  • Official launch of Year of the Frog and other
    events (Kiss a Frog Day, International Day of the
    Frog, Wearing of the Green) are global awareness
    platforms they also represent opportunities for
    corporate partners to develop impactful marketing
    programs to engage the public
  • Major global Amphibian Ark corporate and
    philanthropic sponsors will be sought to generate
    the US50-60 million needed to support the
    efforts of Amphibian Ark

Communications Plan
  • Regional Execution 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Regional associations such as AZA, EAZA, and
    others will execute amphibian awareness programs
    customized to their regions
  • To further the reach of international efforts,
    associations will execute fundraising efforts to
    implement their regional programs as well as to
    support the work of Amphibian Ark

Communications Plan
  • Individual Institution Execution 2008 Year of
    the Frog
  • Individual participating institutions, under the
    guidance of their regional associations, will
    execute local programs, events, and activities,
    whether hosting a container or providing
    educational information to visitors
  • It is anticipated that individual institutions
    may execute their own fundraising to support
    Amphibian Ark

Communications Plan
  • Communications Tools
  • Research
  • Message Development
  • Media Training
  • Ambassadors, Advocates, Spokespeople
  • Materials Development
  • Media Relations
  • Educational Outreach
  • Digital/Grassroots
  • Special Programming
  • Sustainable Communications

Global Media Outreach
Communications Plan
  • Key Messages 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Connection Between Man and Nature
  • Nature is a place to renew the spirit and refresh
    emotional and mental health
  • The beauty and resources of the natural world are
    international treasures, defining our character
    and heritage
  • The variety of biodiversity is essential and
    inspirational for human existence
  • Connection to nature enriches our lives and
    inspires choices for future generations

Communications Plan
  • Key Messages 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Mans Effect On Nature
  • All life on Earth exists with interdependent
    relationships between living things and their
    environments. Healthy environment sustains life
    for humans and animals
  • Humans are responsible for dramatic changes to
    nature at an unprecedented rate in Earths
    history population growth, increased consumption
    of resources, global warming, habitat
    destruction, overuse of individual species, and
  • Humans have the responsibility to care for the
    Earth and leave a healthy environment for future
  • Humans must often intervene to save wildlife

Communications Plan
  • Key Messages 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Frogs Matter
  • Amphibians are a critical part of a healthy
    natural world
  • Frogs play an important role in the food web as
    predator and prey
  • Amphibians eat pest insects, benefiting
    successful agriculture around the world and
    minimizing the spread of diseases, including
  • The skin of amphibians has substances that
    protect them from some microbes and viruses,
    offering possible medical cures for a variety of
    human diseases, including AIDS
  • Amphibians are natures canaries in the coal
    mine they are among the first species to be
    affected by environmental stressors
  • When amphibians show a decline, it serves as a
    warning to other species, including humans

Communications Plan
  • Key Messages 2008 Year of the Frog
  • The Problem
  • After thriving for more than 360 million years,
    nearly one half of the 6,000 amphibian species
    could disappear in the near future
  • Earth is facing thesingle largest mass
    extinction since thedisappearance of

Communications Plan
  • Key Messages 2008 Year of the Frog
  • The Reason
  • Amphibians are severely affected by habitat loss,
    climate change, pollution and pesticides,
    introduced species, and over-collection for food
    and pets
  • However, the most immediate threat is a parasitic
    fungus called amphibian chytrid, a disease that
    is deadly to hundreds of amphibian species, is
    unstoppable and untreatable in the wild, and can
    kill 80 percent of native amphibians within
  • Since the 1930s, African clawed frogs (likely
    resistant carriers of the fungus) have been
    shipped around the world, spreading the disease
    across the globe
  • Amphibian chytrid may be exacerbated by climate

Communications Plan
  • Key Messages 2008 Year of the Frog
  • The Solution ACAP and Amphibian Ark
  • Amphibian Ark is a program coordinated by CBSG,
    ASG, and WAZA and is supported by a worldwide
    network of zoos and aquariums as a critical part
    of the emergency response component of the ACAP
  • Amphibian Ark will rescue priority endangered
    species that cannot be saved in nature and place
    them in protective custody in dedicated
    biosecure facilities at zoos, aquariums, and
    other institutions for safekeeping and breeding,
    helping to ensure their long-term survival
  • The hope is that these rescued amphibians can be
    released back into the wild when chytrid fungus
    and other threats have been controlled
  • Plan requires US50-60 million in funding.

Communications Plan
  • Key Messages 2008 Year of the Frog
  • The Plan 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Organizations supporting Amphibian Ark will lead
    the global public awareness campaign to
  • Raise awareness among governments, world media,
    educators, and the general public
  • Raise funds through corporate sponsorship,
    philanthropy, public and government involvement
    to cover costs for species collection and
    transportation, biosecure containment facilities,
    operating expenses, staff and training,
    educational workshops, and awareness campaigns
  • Further establish IUCN and the zoo and aquarium
    community as leaders in global conservation.

Communications Plan
  • Key Messages 2008 Year of the Frog
  • The Bigger Purpose
  • The Year of the Frog will serve as an example
    to teach the world how to boldly and confidently
    face our planets biggest environmental
  • People will be invited to participate in the
    Amphibian Ark initiative by getting engaged as
    volunteers, spreading the word, making donations,
    and influencing governments
  • We will learn that, by working together, we can
    deal with environmental crises and confidently
    face other environmental challenges

Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (November/December 2007) Leap of Faith
  • Use the holiday gift-giving period to educate the
    public about Amphibian Ark ask people to take a
    leap of faith by making donations
  • Partner with major shopping mall developer and/or
    international and national retailers
  • Create Hop Till You Drop events with a portion
    of proceeds to benefit Amphibian Ark
  • Promote idea of holiday gifting to Amphibian Ark
    (individual or corporate donations) in lieu of
    traditional gifting
  • Execution as time permits repeat campaign for
    holiday 2008

Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (December 2007) Year of the Frog Official
  • Official Amphibian Ark Year of the Frog global
    launch on New Years Eve
  • Create (or tie into) multiple high profile events
    around the world on New Years Eve to ensure
    media exposure and buzz
  • Identify iconic New Years Eve events in 10-20
    cities (Times Square in New York, Sydney Harbor
    in Sydney, Newmarket Square in Amsterdam, London
    Eye in London, etc.)
  • Amphibian Ark ambassadors at each event (Kermit
    in NYC, Sir David Attenborough in London, Terri
    and Bindi Irwin in Sydney, etc.)
  • Create and place global PSAs featuring Kermit and

1 Kermit on PSA and at Disney Parks
  • Kermit records PSA that is offered to media and
    to organizers of all major celebrations
  • Ask ABC to broadcast PSA in its programming
  • PSA posted on YouTube, passed around virally
  • Kermit takes special place in Disney New Years
    Eve parades to ring in TYOF
  • Interviews around the world via satellite media

THE KEY Get Disney Buy-in at WAZA Level
Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (February 14, 2008) Kiss a Frog Day
  • Secure famous princesses (Princess Caroline,
    Crown Princess Victoria) to kiss a frog (model or
    stuffed), signifying support of Amphibian Ark and
    challenging the public to participate in local
  • Create similar frog kissing events at zoos,
    aquariums, botanical gardens, and science centers

Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (February 29) International Day of the Frog
  • Leverage leap day to stage multiple amphibian
    rescues for media and educational programs
  • Invite select media to accompany rescue teams
  • Have involved scientists participating in rescues
    do live interviews for broadcast and education
  • Secure official recognition of International Day
    of the Frog by the United Nations

2 Leap Frog Events In 20 Cities
  • In conjunction with WAZA-member zoos, ring in
    YOTF with leap frog conga lines at cities New
    Years Eve celebrations (and at the zoos)
  • Guinness record attempts around the world
  • Incorporate AArk masks, other materials

THE KEY Get WAZA, Guinness Buy-in
Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (February/March/July) Frog Fashion Week
  • Leverage eco-friendly designer to support
    Amphibian Ark
  • Identify design (e.g. Stella McCartney) to create
    an Amphibian Ark t-shirt, scarf, tie, or cap to
    unveil at Fashion Week in NYC (February), and
    show at Fashion Weeks in Los Angeles (March) and
    Berlin (July)
  • Items to be sold at retail and at to benefit Amphibian Ark

Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (March 17, 2008) Wearing of the Green
  • Use worldwide St. Patricks Day activities as
    platform to wear green in celebration and support
    of frogs and other amphibians
  • Create Amphibian Ark floats to appear in major
    St. Patricks Day parades around the globe
    (Boston, NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Dublin, Oslo,
  • Sell Amphibian Ark t-shirts from Frog Fashion
    Week to wear on St. Patricks Day

Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (June/July 2008) Jump for Frogs
  • Partner with Olympic track and field long jumpers
    and hurdlers to promote Amphibian Ark
  • Invite Olympic track and field jumpers and
    hurdlers to wear an Amphibian Ark cap, shirt,

Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (Sept/Oct/Nov 2008) Amphibian Art
  • Develop a high-profile, worldwide art program to
    build and sustain awareness of Amphibian Ark and
    to provide a media hook for discussion of
  • Sponsor an art competition requesting amphibian
    art (paintings or sculptures), with winning
    entries placed in high visibility locations in
    major cities around the world
  • Identify a well known artist interested in
    conservation to sponsor and support the program

Communications Plan
  • Global Events 2008 Year of the Frog
  • (November/December 2008) Leap of Faith
  • Close the year with a larger version of 2007s
    Leap of Faith holiday campaign
  • Spread message about 2008 successes
  • Share need for ongoing support beyond 2008

Communications Plan
  • Additional Programs 2008 Year of the Frog
  • International Amphibian Photo Contest
  • Request submission of photos taken at zoos,
    aquariums, in the wild, or in backyards
  • Create categories for amateurs and professionals
  • Photos uploaded to
  • Winning photos displayed at participating
  • Contest could be sponsored by a company like
    Kodak or Canon

Communications Plan
  • Additional Programs 2008 Year of the Frog
  • The Princess and The Frog Disney Movie
  • To be released in 2009
  • Tie-ins could include Amphibian Ark messaging and
    logos on movie posters and ads
  • Use the stars voicing the movie to create
    Amphibian Ark testimonials to run before and
    after the movie
  • Create a cause marketing tie-in with the DVD
    release of the movie, winning on-package exposure
    and a portion of the sale price for Amphibian Ark

Communications Plan
  • Cause Marketing 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Potential Merchandise Tie-Ins
  • Parker Brothers/Hasbro Frogopoly themed
    Monopoly game
  • Pepperidge Farm Frog cracker version of Goldfish
  • Gund Amphibian Ark stuffed frog
  • Webkinz Amphibian Ark Webkinz with activities at
  • ATT Frog ring tones and cell phone skins
  • Hallmark Cards Series of frog-themed cards
  • Harper Brothers Special edition release of Frog
    and Toad childrens books by Arnold Lobel with
    Amphibian Ark forward

Fundraising Plan
  • Amphibian Ark 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Objective
  • Raise50-60million tosupportAmphibianArk

Fundraising Plan
  • Amphibian Ark 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Key Targets
  • Corporate Partners
  • Develop a tiered corporate sponsorship program
    and proposal packages, including pricing and
  • Identify a top-tier list of corporations that
    would be ideal sponsors, schedule meetings to
    solicit funding
  • Philanthropic Funding
  • Identify appropriate foundations interested in
    conservation and environmental causes
  • Write and submit grant proposals

Fundraising Plan
  • Amphibian Ark 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Key Targets (continued)
  • Government Funding (U.S.)
  • Raise visibility of amphibian threat to key
    government decision-makers through lobbying and
    awareness campaigns
  • Execute targeted media outreach inside the
  • Recruit champions within government as
    third-party voices
  • Government Funding (International)
  • Create template documents for outreach to other
  • Identify top ten countries with ability to fund

Fundraising Plan
  • Amphibian Ark 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Key Targets (continued)
  • General Public
  • Provide regional associations and their member
    institutions with messages and graphics to use
    for donor solicitation
  • Create tools for consumer participation in
  • Collection boxes at Amphibian Ark displays
  • Adopt a Species program for schools and
  • Personal pledge opportunities

Fundraising Plan
  • Amphibian Ark 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Sponsorship Packages and Revenue Goals
  • 5 Noah _at_ 5M 25M
  • 6 Frog _at_ 2.5M 15M
  • 5 Salamander _at_ 1M 5M
  • 10 Caecilian _at_ 500K 5M
  • Total 50M
  • Goals to be adjusted based on philanthropic and
    governmental contributions

Fundraising Plan
  • Amphibian Ark 2008 Year of the Frog
  • Sponsor Candidates
  • Targeting corporations that are ideal candidates
    for sponsorship of Amphibian Ark
  • Customized proposals will be created for
    corporations with activation and cause marketing
    ideas suited to each company
  • In some cases, in-kind donations of products
    needed to carry out the amphibian rescues may be
    part of the proposal

Sponsorship Candidates(Partial List)
Amphibian Ark Donors July 2007-WAZA
Al Ain Zoo Aquarium Allwetterzoo
Münster Barcelona Zoo Binder Park Zoological
Society Birmingham Zoo Birmingham Zoo Chapter
AAZK Bristol Zoo Gardens Cameron Park Zoo Chester
Zoo Chicago Zoological Society Cleveland
Metroparks Zoo Columbus Zoo Aquarium Denver
Zoo Disneys Animal Kingdom Animal Programs
Johannesburg Zoo
Kansas City Zoo The Living Desert Marwell
Zoological Park New Mexico BioPark Society
Nordens Ark Ocean Park Conservation
Foundation Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo Paignton
Zoo The Philadelphia Zoo SAAMBR Saint Louis
Zoo San Diego Zoo San Francisco Zoological
Society SeaWorld Busch Gardens Sedgwick County
Singapore Zoo Taipei Zoo Tokyo Zoo Conservation
Fund-Ueno Zoological Gardens Toledo Zoo Toronto
Zoo Twycross Zoo Wildlife Conservation
Society World Association of Zoos Aquariums
(WAZA) Zoological Society London Zoo Leipzig
Zoo Zürich Zoos South Australia (Adelaide)
Next Steps
  • Get involved by signing up to participate in
    Amphibian Ark
  • Global InfoPack available on CD with global
    campaign information and details on how to get
    involved locally.
  • Help us raise awareness and funding.
  • Saving the worlds amphibians
  • Our obligation as conservation leaders
  • Our privilege as citizens of the world

Global Info Pack on CD ROM
  • Media Kit (Images, Press release)
  • Logo Style Guide
  • Key Messages
  • Images for general Usage

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Comittments from Zoo Associations
WAZA Annual Conference 2007, Budapest
  • Internal Launch of the campaign
  • Adoption of a global petition to save frogs
  • Press conference

  • Frogs are dying out. This is the largest mass
    extinction since the disappearance of the
    dinosaurs. It is due to habitat destruction,
    pollution, and disease (especially a fungus
    called chytrid) all made worse by climate change.
    It is due to us humankind and if we do
    nothing they will disappear forever.
  • Petition to the Politicians and Parliaments of
    the World
  • We, the undersigned, support the zoos and
    aquariums of the world, which are carrying out
    public awareness, conservation breeding and
    habitat protection. We call on our leaders and
    governments to commit resources for urgent global
    action to rescue frogs and other amphibians.
  • N.B. Please do not sign this petition if you have
    already signed a similar petition
  • NameAddressPostcodeNationalityE-mailSignature

Internal Launch at annual conferences of EAZA and
AZA, September 2007
  • EAZA Goals
  • 100 membership involvement
  • 1,0 Mill. US funds raised by zoos

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August!Worldwide!250 Articles until now!
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