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Tyre Pressure


... vehicle has been designed to run at an optimum pressure and temperature ... Under inflated tyres run hotter, under inflated tyres also lower grip, cornering ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure
  • Why do I have to check my tyre pressures?
  • Rubber is naturally porous and all tyres will
    suffer from air loss due to porosity leaks, bead
    and rim leaks (due to badly fitted tyres, rusty
    or damaged rims) and valve leaks.
  • An under inflated tyre will cost you more money
    in extra fuel (greater rolling resistance), Extra
    tyre wear, uneven tyre wear and are positively

Tyre Pressure
  • Why is an under inflated tyre dangerous?
  • The tyre on your vehicle has been designed to run
    at an optimum pressure and temperature for your
    vehicle as recommended by the vehicle and tyre
  • Heat is the number 1 killer of tyres. Under
    inflated tyres run hotter, under inflated tyres
    also lower grip, cornering and straight line
    steering stability and most importantly stopping
  • Under inflated tyres are more prone to blow outs
    due to the extra flexing of the tyre wall and are
    more prone to side wall impact damage from kerbs,

Tyre Pressure
  • How often should I check my tyres?
  • We would recommend every week, but definitely
    once every two weeks.
  • What should I check for?
  • Tyre pressures, check side walls for damage
    (bumps, lumps, cuts in the side wall).
  • Replace tyre immediately if you have any side
    wall damage.
  • Check the tread area for puncturing objects (and
    remove,) objects stuck in the tread (and remove)
    cuts, slashes, (get your local tyre fitter to
    check whether the tread area cut or slash is down
    to the tyre casing)
  • Check tread depth.
  • It only takes a couple of minutes per tyre!!!

Tyre Pressure
  • Should I rotate my tyres, front to back?
  • This dates back to the "good old days" when
    vehicle tracking and tyre balancing was not as
    good as it is today.
  • The idea was that if you had uneven tyre wear,
    you rotated the tyres around, to wear the tyres
  • Uneven tyre wear is a very good indictor that
    there is something wrong with your vehicle. For
    instance, should you have a tyre on the front of
    your car that has no tread (bald) on one shoulder
    of the tyre but good tread on the rest of the
    tyre, this is a good indication that the steering
    needs "tracking."
  • But, if both tyre shoulders are bald, this means
    that the tyre has been running under inflated.
  • By rotating your tyres you are also increasing
    the amount of money that you have to pay out at
    one time. You will have to buy 4 tyres instead of
    just 2 tyres.
  • Also, some tyres are rotation sensitive, which
    means that they can only be fitted to one side of
    the vehicle.

Tyre Pressure
  • I have vibration through the steering wheel at
  • How old is your car? Vibration through the
    steering wheel as opposed to a steering wheel
    "wobble" is a good indicator that your vehicle is
    suffering from mechanical arthritis.
  • This is due to the drying out and wear and tear
    on the rubber inserts between the various joints
    and connections between the wheel assemble,
    suspension and steering assemble.
  • As the rubber components have lost their
    elasticity, they can no longer absorb road
  • Get your vehicle checked by a competent mechanic.

Tyre Pressure
  • What tyre should I buy for my car?
  • Depends on what you are looking for in a tyre.
  • Are you looking for grip in wet and dry
    conditions, comfort, low noise or longevity?
  • There are many specialist tyres and there are
    general work - a - day tyres. There is big
    difference in cost and the number of tyre
  • Your local tyre fitter is the expert give him
    your criteria and he will advise you on the best
    tyres for you.

Tyre Pressure
  • Are tyre sealants a good idea?
  • Any product that increases your safety, peace of
    mind and can save you money is a good idea.
  • What should I look for in a good tyre Sealant?
  • 1st, Look for a tyre sealant that has genuine
    Product Liability Insurance.
  • 2nd, Look for the warranty for the full legal
    life of the tyre
  • 3rd, Choose a tyre sealant company that
    Manufactures and installs its own product and
    that the company is traceable and does not
    disappear after a few months!!!
  • 4th, Beware of exaggerated claims.
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