Inventory Management System

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Inventory Management System


Inventory management helps companies recognize which and how much stock to order at what time. It tracks inventory from acquire to the sale of goods. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System
What Is Inventory Management?
  • Inventory management helps companies recognize
    which and how much stock to order at what time.
    It tracks inventory from acquire to the sale of
  • A key function of inventory management is to keep
    a detailed record of each new or returned result
    as it enters or leaves a warehouse or point of
    sale. Organizations from small to large
    occupations can make use of inventory management
    to track their flow of goods.

What Is Inventory Management?
  • There are many inventory management techniques,
    and using the right one can lead to providing the
    correct goods at the correct amount, place and
  • Inventory control is a separate area of inventory
    management that is concerned with minimizing the
    total cost of inventory, while maximizing the
    capability to provide customers with products in
    a timely manner. In a few countries, the two
    terms are used synonymously.

Why Travelopro Is Important For Inventory
Management System ?
  • We provide the leading Inventory Management
    System for the small and large business.
    Travelopro specializes in management software
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  • We work with the software to keep your business
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Why Travelopro Is Important For Inventory
Management System ?
  • Travelopro is known for the inventory management
    software along with inventory tracking software
    across the world.
  • Inventory Management is state of art system to
    manage and distribute travel inventories through
    different sales channels. It provides
    functionalities to automate the distribution and
    price fluctuation depending upon the market
  • Travel aggregators can manage travel inventory
    centrally and then expose them for sale to the
    online portal, representative dashboard as well
    as through XML web services.

Why Travelopro Is Important For Inventory
Management System ?
  • We are reliable and committed inventory
    management system providers over the world and we
    also provide the best services that have the most
    successful costs in a timely manner for your
    service management software package. Were
    obtainable 247 for the customers.
  • Therefore, it lets you take control of your
    inventory and make the right decisions to meet
    customer needs. With this tool in place, your
    business can reduce operational expenses and
    enjoy higher shopper satisfaction.

Process Of Inventory Management
  • Steps in Inventory Management Process
  • There are eight inventory management process
    steps that all inventory plans are construct
    around. Here are those steps.
  • 1. Product is delivered to your facility
  • This is the point at which goods earliest
    enter your inventory.
  • 2. Product is inspected, sorted, and stored
  • You may select to use cross docking,
    dropshipping, or another strategy for this,
    whatever works best for your storage space.

Process Of Inventory Management
  • 3. Inventory levels are monitored
  • This can be through physical inventory,
    inventory cycle count, or a everlasting inventory
  • 4. Customer orders are placed
  • Customers may make a purchase in human or
    through your digital storefront.
  • 5. Customer orders are approved
  • This is possible an automated your POS
    system. If you cooperate in dropshipping, this
    would be the point where you pass the order along
    to your supplier.

Process Of Inventory Management
  • 6. Products are taken from stock
  • These goods are found by SKU number,
    packaged, and shipped or delivered directly to
    the consumer.
  • 7. Inventory levels are updated
  • A perpetual inventory program will
    automatically exchange your stock levels. You can
    also manually record each sale or find changes
    when you take a physical inventory.
  • 8. Stock levels trigger reordering
  • Calculating your reorder point for each
    product you sell can optimize this step and get
    you the goods you require to meet demand. This is
    a crucial component of the just in time inventory

Benefits Of Inventory Management System
  • Increase in Sales
  • You get an successful solutions for warehouse
    or whatever business you are looking for. We help
    you integrate your Amazon,eBay, Etsy, or other
    accounts so that you make a right and flawless
  • Smooth Order Management
  •   Our developerexpertise enable us to create
    an outstanding order management system to manage
    their inventory such as offline and online
    orders, produce purchase orders, shipment, and
    much more.

Benefits Of Inventory Management System
  • Flawless shipping Management
  • You must be aware of the real- time cost and
    in-transit details in the market. Right inventory
    management system with all the required features
    helps you find the right shipping partner.
  • Smoother Business Process
  • Inventory Management System requires to have
    integrated CRM solutions to keep your employment
    operations smooth. We provide not only CRM, but
    also many other platforms like ERP, WMS, And TMS.

Benefits Of Inventory Management System
  • Robust Tracking
  • Tracking inventory using serial numeral of
    orders shipment, stocks management or assets help
    you increase sales, and sales, and at no time let
    you go out stock or overstock. Get the robust the
    inventory tracking.
  • Warehouse Management
  • We deliver smart warehouse solutions which
    manage everything whithin the warehouse such as
    inspect the stock level, placing an order for
    required assets, manage inter-warehouse transfer,
    and more

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