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2007 Fraternity Guide to Summer Rush


Familiarize everyone with the rules and policies IFC enforces over the summer. ... wrestling, wet T-shirt contests, or bikini contests for any recruitment event. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2007 Fraternity Guide to Summer Rush

2007 Fraternity Guide to Summer Rush
Interfraternity Council
  • Policy and Rules Change and Overview

Meeting Outline
  • Summer Freshmen Program Policy for 2007
  • Registering Events, Advertising and Alcohol
  • Greek Move-In
  • Fraternity Tours
  • Fall Rush

  • Familiarize everyone with the rules and policies
    IFC enforces over the summer.
  • Reduce the number of infractions that occur over
    the summer.
  • Reduce the dangers of unregulated Summer Rush.
  • Understand what IFC does over the summer
  • To prepare for Fall Rush

Summer Freshmen Program
  • IFCs Rules and Policies
  • For 2007

Summer Freshmen Program
  • For the Purpose of This Document, pre-rush will
    designate the dates after Spring Finals and
    Before the Official start of Fall Rush.
  • A Member is defined as all actives, associates,
    and pledges on the fraternitys role according to
    IFC records at the time of the violation.
  • New pledges must be reported to the Fraternity
    Advisor within 5 working days of bid acceptance
  • All new pledges must sign a Grade Release/Hazing
    Policy/Conduct Code form and turn it in to the
    Fraternity Advisor within 5 business days of bid
  • A Rushee is a non-member who is eligible to
    participate in the rush program, visiting Greek
    organizations with an interest in possibly
    affiliating with one organization.
  • Rushees will not be allowed on Fraternity
    property during the pre-rush period unless
    attending a Rush event.
  • Rushees will not be allowed at any Fraternity
    event unless the event is a rush event.
  • Any infractions of the above defined will be
    treated as a Rush Violation.

Registering Events
Registering Events
  • All Recruitment Events MUST be registered one
    week in advance whether on-site or off-site
  • A recruitment event is defined as any
    communication between a fraternity member and a
    non-member for the purpose of influencing that
    persons choice of membership in a fraternity, or
    as a side effect.
  • Fraternities may hold recruitment events at any
    time provided they conform to IFC policy.
  • Exploitive Event Themes
  • There shall be no recruitment events whose themes
    are based upon the exploitation or exhibitionism
    of men, women or any cultural, ethnic, or
    religious group.
  • There shall be no themes such as female
    mud-wrestling, wet T-shirt contests, or bikini
    contests for any recruitment event.

Advertising Events
Advertising Events
  • Advertising Regulations
  • Fraternities are permitted to advertise
    recruitment events.
  • Advertised recruitment events must conform to all
    recruitment event policies.
  • All advertising must promote the fraternity
    system and the individual chapter in a positive
  • No alcohol or reference to alcohol is permitted
    on advertising of any form for recruitment
  • Fraternities must submit all advertising material
    to the Vice President of Recruitment for approval
    at least one week prior to printing..

Alcohol Regulations
Alcohol Regulations
  • Alcohol Related Regulations
  • This policy applies to all recruitment events.
  • Alcohol cannot be present at the event.
  • During Official Rush Periods no alcohol shall be
    present in the house, facility, or grounds.
  • Outside of Official Rush Periods, the house does
    not have to be completely dry, but alcohol must
    be stored away from common areas and inaccessible
    to those present at the event.
  • No alcohol shall be served or consumed by any
    person present, regardless of age.
  • No intoxicated person is allowed on fraternity
    grounds or at any event.

  • A FASET session is defined as the time that FASET
    officially designates as the beginning of that
    session or the time that a student checks-in for
    their session, whichever is earlier, through the
    time that FASET officially designates as the end
    of that particular FASET session. (Refer to the
    current FASET schedule for exact times.)
  • No fraternity functions are permitted during
    FASET sessions.
  • Fraternity members are strictly prohibited from
    any contact with students attending a FASET
    session, with the exception of FASET Leaders,
    the Executive Committee or their designees, and
    the IFC Rush Committee in the performance of
    their official duties..
  • No fraternity member may reveal their
    affiliation, either directly or indirectly,
    regardless of their FASET Leader status, to any
    student attending a FASET session.
  • Students attending FASET are not allowed on
    fraternity property during their session.
  • Pre- and post-FASET events must begin and end
    outside of officially designated FASET session
  • Severity of offenses is left up to the discretion
    of the IFC executive board and will be punished

Greek Move-In
Greek Move-In
  • Sign-ups will occur sometime in June
  • Last year No-Show Problems
  • Fraternities will be responsible for men who do
    not show up (pay for unused T-Shirts).
  • Training will occur Monday August 13th
  • Should we have one on Wednesday night (15th)?
  • Non-Affiliated Move-Ins will occur on August
    Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th.
  • To participate one a wear your affiliation day,
    you must participate on either the 14th or 16th.


Fraternity Tours
Fraternity Tours
Purpose Easy, relaxed, no-pressure for rushees E
ase fears of parents Demystify Greek community to
students and parents Show rushees there are a l
ot of choices Objective Higher bids accepted thr
ough Generating interest Reducing quitters who
rush only 1-2 chapters Finding the right fit for
every man
Fraternity Tours
Tour Details August 17th, 2-5pm No events allowe
d during this time No rushees on property Tour G
roups Led by IFC Rush Committee, PR Committee, an
d IFC Exec Tour guides are disaffiliated Only av
ailable to answer general questions, not give
opinions Leaving from Peters at 2pm, arriving b
y 215 Size of tour groups hopefully b/w 20-30 E
venly spread out between three groups (A,B,C)
10 fraternities per group
Your chapters participation Groups will be at yo
ur chapter for 10 minutes (timed)
Tour guides will bring them in, stay, and take
them out. You will have a 1-minute warning when
your time is almost up Parents groups and student
groups sent separately Need to have same present
ation for both groups
Fraternity Tours
Tour Details Two options Presentation PowerPoi
nt, group discussion, speaker QA Session at end
(optional, recommended) Must have presentation, c
ant just be QA Cant talk 1-1 with rushees Han
douts have to be given to the entire group
1-1s Have brothers available to talk 1-1 with rus
hees/parents Have equal number brothers to rushee
s (30 max) Talk to every rushee Handouts can be
given individually Cant pressure anyone to come
back, but can tell them youre interested
If not interested, be respectful and wish them
luck in rushing Dont ask for contact info from r
ushees (except name) Rushees can offer you their
info Youll get a contact sheet the end of the da
y July 31 Deadline for participation August 5
Deadline for choosing format, submit
presentation for review August 10-12 Mock tours
Must be exact presentation that will be given to
tour groups
Fresh Friday August 17th.Violations - Review
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