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Company emerging. Re-establish partnerships. Make sure we're known. Remind that more is available ... Graphic designers. Booth. Design/construction. Turnkey ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Michael Heavener

Product Launch CTIA 2005
  • Michael Heavener

Overview - UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Deliverables
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Post-show wrap up

UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Post-show wrap up

Objective of product launch
  • Announce launch of new product
  • Re-introduce company to marketplace
  • Re-establish image with existing customers
  • Position company as large player
  • Demonstrate products and development processes
  • Develop business with new customers

Launch new SDK v.1.5
  • Postcard with download URL
  • Redesigned website with added functionality for
    new SDK
  • Demonstration applet (weather/NOAA feed)

Company emerging
  • Focused on future
  • Buy-out behind and accomplished
  • New vision of future
  • New products and services

Existing customers
  • Re-establish partnerships
  • Make sure were known
  • Remind that more is available

UIE is well-positioned
  • Wholly-owned by large Japanese firm
  • Solid financial backing
  • Independent operating status
  • Competitive products
  • Already used by large content producers
  • Disney
  • ESPN
  • GoComics, Starwave, Mobile Lingo Hip Hoptionary

Plenty to talk about
  • Variety of new products
  • Strong development process
  • Available and willing to experiment
  • Ready to help in any possible way
  • Flexible business models

Embrace new business
  • Expanding customer base
  • Open to variety of revenue models
  • License developer environment
  • Build custom applications
  • Split/share content publishing returns

UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Deliverables
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Post-show wrap up

  • Booth and signage
  • Printed collateral
  • Info sheets
  • Postcard with download URL
  • Website
  • Incentive/promotional items
  • Booth uniforms
  • PR/publicity
  • Press kit

Trade show booth
  • UIEvolution staff meets CTIA visitors to discuss
    a range of business opportunities
  • See photo images/inbooth.jpg
  • Booth design centers around Development, with
    additional topic areas for
  • Consumer applications
  • Consumer games and media
  • Framework
  • Cross-platform
  • See photo images/pods.jpg

Branding for UIEvolution
  • Signage in booth
  • Sizable and visible
  • See photos images/development.jpg and
  • Corporate logo - big, and everywhere
  • Nothing competes with placement
  • See photos images/boothtower.jpg and

Product launch support
  • Postcard with download URL
  • See photo images/postcard.jpg
  • Demonstration applet (weather/NOAA feed)
  • See photo images/uieweather.jpg
  • Test weather applet demo - wx.exe

  • Redesigned website with added functionality for
    new SDK
  • See photo images/website.jpg
  • Or http//www.uievolution.com/
  • Supportive print collateral
  • Consistent messages and graphics
  • See photo images\techoverview.jpg

Other support
  • USB 256K memory swiveldrive
  • See photo images\swiveldrive.jpg
  • Matching booth shirts
  • Two polo style and one long-sleeve button collar
  • See photos images\poloshirt.jpg and

UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Deliverables
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Post-show wrap up

Strategy/development plan
  • Determine corporate message strategy
  • Determine message vehicles
  • Determine consistency patterns
  • Develop scope and need
  • Build time lines
  • Determine budget

Corporate message strategy
  • Determine real message
  • Determine audience(s)
  • Determine depth of messages

Message vehicles
  • Booth (obvious)
  • Collateral
  • Website
  • Word-of-mouth (informal/buzz)
  • Customers point to us
  • Publicity (formal)

Consistency patterns
  • Keep it simple
  • Say the same thing
  • Similar graphic look-and-feel

Scope and need
  • Who will manage project segments
  • Who will do what tasks
  • Who will follow up/take responsibility
  • Who will address failure to achieve
  • Who will determine and enforce cut-offs
  • Who will say Were done

Time lines
  • Fixed end date
  • Shows doors open at 3 p.m. Sept. 27
  • Work backwards to segment start dates
  • Develop interim milestones/handoffs

Budget/cost centers
  • Booth/show biggest expense
  • Development/applications high
  • But assigned to other containers
  • Airfare and hotel/lodging
  • Publicity/PR
  • Ongoing but show specific
  • Collateral/incentives lowest

UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Deliverables
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Post-show wrap up

  • Development team
  • Applications team
  • Marketing/copywriters
  • Graphics team
  • Vendors
  • Booth
  • Promotions
  • Printer
  • PR/publicity agency

  • Core team/Tools team
  • Finalize new product (SDK v.1.5)
  • Bring new servers online
  • Create additional scripts to support demos
  • Create Quick Start Guide
  • Finish documentation

  • Create demonstration applets
  • Weather applet showing NOAA feed
  • Media viewer/player accepting any http feed
  • Sports player for larger customer (ESPN) to
    announce during show
  • Large application for release with December
    launch of big-budget animated film (Disney)

Messaging team
  • Marketing manager (president)
  • Copywriters
  • Dev teams documentation writers
  • Product manager

Graphic designers
  • Gaming graphics developer
  • Web designer
  • Product manager (graphics supervisor)
  • Booth vendor (signage)
  • Print graphics designer (collateral)

Vendors - 1
  • Booth
  • Design/construction
  • Turnkey show management
  • Incentives
  • Shirts (booth uniform)
  • USB swiveldrive
  • PSP

Vendors - 2
  • Printers
  • Collateral
  • Postcard
  • Info sheets
  • Publicity
  • Press releases/Press kit
  • Media and analyst pre-briefings
  • Schedule media briefings at show

UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Deliverables
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Post-show wrap up

  • Create schedule matrix
  • Assign team tasks
  • Assign task due dates
  • Assign accountability trails

Schedule matrix
  • Weeks - horizontal
  • Tasks - vertical
  • Showing
  • Owner
  • Due date
  • Gantt tick for on/off schedule
  • See photo images/devplan.jpg

Team tasks
  • Determine overall team tasks
  • Assign completion to team leader
  • Assign follow-up responsibility
  • Determine review process

Due dates
  • Determine task due dates
  • Assign adherence to team leaders
  • Assign follow-up responsibility
  • Determine review process
  • See photo images/devsched.jpg

  • Determine who will take responsibility
  • Assign accountability review
  • Assign alternate/backup responsibility for high
    impact items
  • Assign reporting/supervisory trails

UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Deliverables
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Post-show wrap up

Execution and exhibition
  • Weekly task manager meetings
  • Task leaders invited/encouraged to attend
  • Publish time line/dev plan to all teams
  • Telephone and email coordination
  • Teams support each other
  • Stage web content to new server farm
  • Onsite pre-staging of booth
  • Scope modifications

Task manager meetings
  • Review milestones/deliverables
  • Update task assignments
  • Provide support for other teams
  • Modify scope as needed

Publish time line/dev plan
  • Send updated dev plan to all team leaders
  • Present time line at all task manager meetings
  • Post time line
  • Intranet
  • On centrally located wall/white board

  • Mostly done through email
  • Weekly (and semi-weekly) conference calls with
    PR agency
  • Weekly high-level coordination meetings
  • Weekly summary report to president
  • Highlight slipped milestones
  • Budget summary

Teams support each other
  • Shuffle personnel between core, tools, and apps
  • Marketing assist documentation team for Quick
    Start Guide
  • Docs team provide editor for collateral
  • Design team shuffle duties to free up time for
    head designer

Website staged in increments
  • New server farm
  • Main application push servers
  • Download site
  • Main website content
  • Helpdesk (in progress)
  • New graphics
  • Most content pulled from old site

Booth pre-stage assembly
  • Booth assembled for client review
  • Graphics placed
  • Hardware locations identified for use at show
  • Hardware (monitors, plasma screens, etc.)
    provided by show vendor not available at
  • No potential problems uncovered
  • Booth staff utilization pre-visualized

Modify scope
  • Decrease info sheets from five to three
  • Reduce amount of copy on booth signage
  • Change DVD loops from working apps to screen
  • Eliminate drawing/giveaway of PSPs
  • Add second media player to booth demonstrations

UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Deliverables
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Post-show wrap up

  • Distance
  • Lack of prior knowledge of industry and company
  • Source of information bottleneck
  • Time
  • Contractor status
  • Legal

  • Booth vendor in Poulsbo
  • Show venue in San Francisco
  • Parent company in Tokyo
  • PR agency in Atlanta
  • Sony Entertainment in New York

Industry knowledge
  • Steep learning curve
  • Not enough time
  • Two months from time of hiring to opening of show
  • No common focus to industry
  • Restraints from clients on shared information

Information bottleneck
  • President repeatedly and adamantly promised to
    write messaging
  • And didnt
  • And went on vacation
  • PR agency drove toward wrong message
  • Final collateral copy approved two weeks before
  • Final press releases received at hotel

Not enough time …
  • To learn industry and company
  • To write messaging
  • To relieve president of copywriting
  • To fully populate website with all pages
  • To review PR and press releases
  • To assemble materials at corporate office

Status as contractor
  • Had to build level of trust
  • Initial lack of resources and knowledge
  • Fragmented approval process, including payroll
  • No business cards to hand out at booth

Legal issues
  • Booth contract signed at last possible minute
  • Protective language rewritten
  • Beneficial to both parties
  • Had to remove screen shots of applications from
    booth signage
  • Not licensed to display except on devices
  • See photo images/multimediawithscreens.jpg and
  • Had to forego drawing/promotional giveaway
  • Sony Entertainment is major customer of
    UIEvolutions parent, Square Enix

UIEvolution at CTIA
  • Objective of product launch
  • Deliverables
  • Strategy/development plan
  • Teams/collaborations
  • Workflow/production
  • Challenges/obstacles
  • Execution and exhibition
  • Post-show wrap up

Post-show wrap up
  • Determine how to follow up on leads
  • Determine what could be better
  • Determine what worked well
  • Message from president to all staff sharing
  • Place photos on corporate intranet
  • Write summary report to leave with staff for
    future trade show exhibitions

Leads follow-up
  • Identify top 30 prospective clients
  • Establish which staff will follow-up immediately
  • Make follow-up calls immediately
  • Place additional 150 leads into contact list
  • Break contact list down into categories
  • Send follow-up letter of thanks
  • Assign categories to staff for further follow-up

Post-mortem planned
  • Post-show review session requested by booth
  • Scheduled for Oct. 13 with all team leads
  • Preliminary list of next times emailed to booth
  • Things to change or do better next time
  • Comments from booth staff

Things to change next time
  • We need to push the corner pods in about two feet
    and registration/cross-platform desks in about a
    foot. When our staff engaged visitors at the
    corners, they had to stand on the Moscone carpet,
    not the double padded. Getting people into the
    booth would have been more comfortable.
  • We should add power to the registration desk.
    There were several times I lamented not having it
    -- notable for the ecard reader -- and when I
    wanted to plug my own laptop and the digital
    camera in.
  • Speaking of the ecard reader, we need to push
    Freeman to "do it right" next time. The wireless
    unit never worked, which is why we ended up with
    the plug-in model. I know the problem was not
    Steelhead's and I appreciate the extra mile Troy
    went to resolve it.
  • Midway through the second day the carpet between
    the door and the cross-platform desk started to
    come off the backing at the joint and I worried
    about it the rest of the show. Fortunately, our
    people made sure not to traffic through that area
  • The tower door got stuck open several times and
    required considerable torquing to close. Perhaps
    it could be shortened at the bottom to allow
    freer swing.
  • The little rubber feet on the armature platforms
    all came off. The adhesive wasn't strong enough
    for the weight and when UIE's staff moved the
    armatures to lock them inside the cabinets, the
    feet popped right off.
  • We need to lower the monitors on the
    cross-platform desk about a foot. While the
    current configuration worked, UIE staff had to
    crane their necks to see the screens and visitors
    behind them were far enough out that lower
    screens would still have been viewable. Our
    benchmark should be the monitor on the
    development pod, which was the right height.
  • Could the holes in the aluminum posts on the
    cross-platform desk be made larger -- perhaps
    oval shape -- without breaching post integrity?
    We had some sticky moments trying to push/pull
    plugs and cables through.

What worked well
  • Top-notch placement/location
  • Solid booth construction/design
  • Excellent/eye catching graphics
  • Demonstrations/applets available for showing and
    downloading to attendee phones
  • Double-padded carpet
  • Warm welcome from booth staff to all visitors
  • DVD loops and mobile devices with apps running

Notes from booth staff
  • Encrypted persistent data would be desirable.
  • "Can you guys do LBS (Location based services)?"
    Several people.
  • A couple of people commented on how they liked
    the ability to run/demo apps on the Mac as well
    as the PC.
  • People really liked the app push to a Sprint
    phone trick. "Seeing" wireless in action is
  • A large of people wanted us to be turnkey. We
    handle everything servers, app dev, maintenance,
  • Some people were upset that they hadn't heard of
    us sooner. "Where have you been?," they would
    say. They were surprised to hear that we have
    been focusing on this fragmentation problem and
    solution for 5 years.
  • We almost had a groupie like following. On the
    first day, people were waiting outside the
    barrier an hour before the opening to talk to us
    specifically. When the gates opened we were
  • I had a person ask if we support Symbian as well
    as Brew and Java.
  • A number of people said, "So your SDK for
    download is some kind of reduced capability
    version right?"
  • All the phones that we had at the different
    stations worked well. People were drawn to them
    to try them out. A few app purchases might have
    been made on the BREW phones so we might want to
    check and cancel those dang (I mean lovely)
    monthly recurring charges.
  • About 75 of the attendees were company
    executives. About 5 were developers. Managers
    and support staff made up the rest. So it was the
    place for deal making.

From the President of UIE
  • I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to
    everyone who participated in what was a very
    successful first marketing event for
    UIEvolution. The booth was unbelievable and our
    good fortune of getting the best location on the
    second floor helped position UIE as a leader in
    our software and application space. This is the
    first marketing event of this type, but we are
    already beginning to discuss preparation for CTIA
    in March as well as put ourselves in the lottery
    for this same show next September in LA.
  • (more)

  • Please talk to one of the 15 different people
    who worked the booth to get their candid
    impression of the event. I can tell you that for
    me it was very motivating to see existing and new
    customers excited about the software and
    applications that have come to define us. For the
    next show, we will try to get the rest of you
    involved so that you can also have experiences in
    the market with our customers. This is a new
    opportunity for UIE to expand our business in the
    market and I look forward to working with all of
    you to make this company bigger and better than
  • Thanks for your hard work.
  • Chris Ruff

Statistics - 1
  • Key CTIA deliverables
  • Booth and Signage
  • 3 Pieces of Collateral
  • SDK Download Postcard
  • Advertisement in CTIA Daily Guide
  • Booth DVD
  • Upgraded Website
  • SDK v1.5
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Weather Application (Downloaded at conference to
    attendees Sprint Phone)
  • Cross Platform Demo
  • Mobile Devices loaded with our applications
  • (more)

Statistics - 2
  • Press and Media
  • 3 Press Releases (UIEngine v1.5, Mobile Lingo,
    5th Cell)
  • 12 Press Briefings before and during CTIA
  • 10 articles written about UIE
  • Key Success Metrics
  • While it is too early to determine how successful
    the event will end up being, but it has already
    produced the following results. 
  • Over 150 new business development leads
  • Over 80 SDK Downloads
  • 10 news articles
  • Chris Ruff

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