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Christian Dating


Each volunteer should tell 2 things that are true about themselves and 1 ... is a huge life decision and vocation, both of which require time and discernment. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Christian Dating

Christian Dating
Ice Breaker
  • This Game is Called 2 Truths and a Lie.
  • Each volunteer should tell 2 things that are true
    about themselves and 1 lie about themselves.
  • Be sneaky and clever. The class will guess which
    is the lie.
  • This is not the time to share your deep dark
    secrets, simple but unusual facts work best.
  • Here is an example from my life.

Unpacking the Ice Breaker
  • Unless we are honest in our dating relationships
    about our intentions, our motivations, our
    beliefs, etc we are setting up ourselves and
    others for disappointment and failure.
  • A huge portion of relationships involve
  • If we dont practice telling the truth and
    listening to the truth then we may not spot the
    lies when we see them.
  • If we cant spot lies we could end up in dead-end
    relationships that, instead of helping us learn
    to love, become stumbling blocks on our path of
    purity and bad experiences that haunt us later in

Opening Prayer
  • 2 Volunteers to Read

Why do we date?
  • The modern practice of dating is really less than
    100 years old.
  • Before the car was invented a man would court a
    woman in the presence of her family, with the
    hope of marrying her.
  • Once the car came around the family was cut out
    of the process, the man would show up and take
    the girl away.
  • With the absence of the family dating for the
    purpose of marriage began to fall away.
  • Before long dating simply became recreational.

Recreational Dating
  • A person ends up breaking up with each person he
    or she datesexcept for the one who becomes that
    persons spouse.
  • Does this sound like good preparation for a
    lifelong marriage?
  • Some say, Yes, because you get to see what type
    of person you like and can, therefore, make a
    better choice someday.
  • The truth is the downsides tend to outweigh the
    possible benefits.
  • If you date for recreation, youre just training
    yourself in the habit of failed relationships.
  • So do not date anyone whom you cannot see
    yourself marrying, and never date a person
    expecting that he or she will change.

The Relationship Pyramid
Intimacy of Sex
The Relationship Pyramid
  • As you could see it begins with the most basic of
    human relationships.
  • It culminates in the top which is the expression
    of Free, Total, Fruitful, and Faithful love which
    is sexual intimacy.
  • What would happen if you tried to build this
    pyramid upside down trying to balance it on the
    point of the pyramid?
  • It would collapse from all the weight at the top.
    At very least it would fall over and get damaged.
  • The same thing happens when you begin a
    relationship with sexual activity it doesnt
  • It is contrary to Gods plan for life and love,
    and, in almost all cases, the relationship ends
    up collapsing or really hurting the persons

Marriage? Already?
  • Marriage is a huge life decision and vocation,
    both of which require time and discernment.
  • As teenagers, your priorities should be on
    school, duty, and fun, leaving these bigger
    questions for adult life.
  • But we can begin forming the base of our pyramid
    by making strong friendships
  • By getting to know them better.
  • By getting to know their families.
  • This is good training for when you will meet your
    future spouse and his or her family.

Chill Out You Wont Become Weird
  • Many teens think that something is wrong with
    them because they dont have a boyfriend or
  • But as much as they might miss having a date on
    Friday night, theyre actually better off in the
    long run.
  • When they finish high school, they wont feel
    like theyve been through a teenage soap-opera
    and three emotional divorces.
  • Not all high school relationships end in bitter
    break-ups but those who use the time to discover
    who they are have more to offer when it is time
    to seek a spouse.

How Far is Too Far
  • Jason Everett

Calling in the Reinforcements
  • We are naturally inclined to seek what is at the
    top, and that goes for the Relationship Pyramid
    as well.
  • When we are tempted to skip levels of the pyramid
    to the top we should be willing to call in
  • One set of reinforcements will come from God
    through prayer He will give you grace,
    fortitude, purity, and chastity.
  • Another set of reinforcements can be friends and
    family Avoiding arranging dates to be alone
  • Or plan to be alone in public places or in plain
  • What is evil we hide in darkness what is good we
    do in the light for all to see.

  • Finally well say a word about purity.
  • Pure gold means that the gold is not mixed with
    any other metals and retains its highest value.
  • Purity in relationships means that we dont mix
    selfishness with love.
  • When we follow the order of the Relationship
    pyramid we remain pure in our love and
  • This way when we do get married well be able to
    offer ourselves at full value, completely, with
    nothing held back.
  • That is the love Jesus talks about, The greatest
    act of love is for a man to lay down his life for
    his friend.
  • To lay down his life, whole and entire, for his

A Walk to Remember
  • Pay attention to Jamies request from Landon

Small Group Activities
  • 20 minutes Clock Appointments
  • 10 minutes Dating Game Theory

  • Jason Everett Website
  • Awesome Info!

Closing Prayer
  • Saints Perpetua and Felicity, please pray with
    me that I , like you both, would have the courage
    to safeguard my purity, especially when others
    are willing to jeopardize my salvation in the
    process. Amen.
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