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RosecJewels - Diamond Jewelery Collection


"RosecJewels is the world's leading diamond jeweler online for engagement and wedding rings. 100% Certified, Free Shipping, COD, Quality Assured.” – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: RosecJewels - Diamond Jewelery Collection

RosecJewels Latest Collection Of Online
RosecJewels think about you and the reasons
behind your purchase designing timeless pieces
that bring out your best..
  • Because Diamonds are forever..

Why Choose RosecJewels?
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The Solitaire Advantage
At RosecJewels, Customize a latest collection of
Jewelery and grab a huge discount up to 20 Off
with 100 Quality Assurance.
Our promise to you is that we will always uphold
Rosec Jewels promise of purity and
transparency. All you must do is place your
order, and we'll take care of the rest. 
The absence of middlemen and our low overheads
enable us to pass on huge cost savings back to
you We have Over 2,00,000 Diamonds
We are specialized in
History Of Engagement Rings
The history behind the engagement ring is quite
different. An engagement is a commitment of love
and care for couples that start from a ring
ceremony. In the tradition time, engagement
ceremony wasnt so popular as todays time. But
it was a tradition to the ancient Egyptians, who
believed that is it a symbol of love and
eternity. They wear a ring on the left-hand
finger because it directly connects to the heart.

Diamond Buying Guide
While Buying Diamond, Consider 4cs Of Diamond.
Which are
Consider the cut When a diamond has a good cut,
light travels through it easily, adding to its
spark. From Round to Heart-shaped, Princess to
cushion, the cut and shape of the Diamond plays a
big role.
Choose your color While the jeweler talks about
the diamonds color, he is referring to the
absence and presence of the color in the diamond.
Color of a diamond is a result of diamonds
composition and does not change with time.
Think about Carat Carat is the unit in which a
diamond is weighed. One carat equals to 0.2 grams
or 200 milligrams. Carat weight is the prime
factor that determines the weight of a
diamond. Carat weight is an important
consideration while buying the diamonds for
Diamond Clarity Diamond clarity means finding
out characteristics of a diamond, including the
blemishes and inclusions. At RosecJewels, Browse
a Gorgeous Diamond Collection.
Diamond Settings
Prong Setting
Prong setting or prong mount refers to the use of
metal projections or tines, called prongs, to
secure a gemstone to a piece of jewelry. ... A
common setting for diamond engagement rings,
the prong setting allows light to strike a
gemstone from more angles, increasing its
Channel Setting
A channel setting isnt complicated and is
exactly as the name suggests. The band contains a
specially cut channel, into which is set small
stones such as diamonds. They are kept secure
either by the lip of the groove being narrower
than the stones or by special grooves in the wall
of the channel.
Bezel Setting
A bezel setting consists of a metal band that
encircles the stone mounted in it. It can be made
from any metal used in jewelry, but bezel-set
diamonds are usually mounted in settings made of
platinum or white gold. Since the bezel (the
metal band) holds the diamond along its edge, the
most visible part of the stone is its top.
Pave Setting
Pave settings are talked about so often in the
jewelry industry, but most people don't know what
they are outside of the business. Simply put, a
pave setting is made up of many small gemstones,
and are often consisted of diamonds, which are
set closely together.
Design Your Own Diamond Ring
The first step is to start with the setting of a
ring. Think about your fiancé s preference for
what setting they like the most. There are many
settings, which are - Prong solitaire setting,
Bezel setting, channel setting, pave setting,
halo setting, Three-stone setting and so on.
Select Setting
The second important step is to find a perfect
diamond for a ring. Diamonds are available in
many shapes like Round cut diamond, oval cut
diamond, Princess cut diamond, Marquise cut
diamond and so on.
Select Diamond
It has been seen that engagement rings are made
from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or
platinum. While designing your own engagement
ring you can choose any metal according to your
preference. At RosecJewels, Customize Metal
according to your choice with 100 Quality
Choose Metal
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Rosec Rings
Rings are circular in shape that defines there is
'No End and No Beginning'. The ring is round
ornament made with precious metals. First, when
we hear about Ring first thing click in our
mind is Finger Ring except this, Earring, Nose
ring, Toe Rings are also a make a beautiful
accessory, but Finger Ring has its own
charisma. From years, wearing Engagement
Ring and Wedding Ring is in our traditional. 
Rosec Earrings
Earring is the piece of jewelry that makes a
statement whether it be studs, drop or a hoop.
Studs are the most elegant and classic earrings
they have a single stone or design that doesnt
go beyond ear lobes. Gold Hoop Earrings are
available in a variety of circumference and
widths, simple hoops go beautifully with formals
and casuals. Handmade Clip-on Earring perfectly
enhances your ethnic or party outfit.
Rosec Bracelet
 Charm Bracelets are link bracelets that have
little trinkets or dangling charms link with the
chain. You can have one charm or dozen, each
charm represent different stories. Friendship
bracelet have enchanting designs, these bracelets
are very popular among the teenagers as they like
to remark their friendship forever with the
beautiful bracelets. At RosecJewels, Customize a
Gorgeous collection of Diamond and Gold Bracelet
at best prices.
Rosec Pendant
Simple and dramatic Gold pendant necklace is
everyones eye-candy. Buy online Gold, Crystal
and  Diamond Pendants for Women and Girls at best
prices. Personalize a  wide collection of
Fashionable, casual, Classy and fancier designer
Pendant Necklaces Sets and Locket collection in
various size, shaped, metal, etc. at our E-Shop
at best prices. RosecJewels Provides a Jewelry
with Precious certified Diamonds and 100 quality
Thank You!!
Our Rosecjewels  Promise is here to resolve any
issues and make sure your satisfaction with our
products will stand the test of time. And we'll
continue to craft the special pieces for every
one-of-a-kind occasion, person and purpose in
your life.
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