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Safety Orientation for Supervisors


... to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other ... High: disabling injury, loss of body part, fatality, major property loss ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Safety Orientation for Supervisors

Safety Orientation for Supervisors
  • Welcome !

Vance Lester HSEMS Consultant
  • Legal regulatory
  • Definitions
  • U of S Safety Policy
  • Supervisor responsibilities
  • Tools for supervisors

Why? Learn? Do?
  • Know my Health, Safety Environment (HSE)
  • Identify eliminate or control hazards
  • Comply with Regulations.minimum

Legal Regulatory
  • Federal
  • Nuclear Safety Control Act
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
  • Lab Biosafety Guidelines Containment Standards
    for Veterinary Facilities
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act
  • Criminal Code of Canada / Bill C-45

Legal Regulatory
  • Provincial
  • Occupational Health Safety Act (1993) and
    Regulations (1996)
  • Administered by Saskatchewan Labour, OHS
  • Onus on employer, owner, worker, contractor
  • Line management / internal responsibility model

Legal Regulatory
  • Saskatchewan OHS Regulation section 2 states
  • supervisor means a person who is authorized by
    an employer to oversee or direct the work of

Legal Regulatory
  • train means to give information and explanation
    to a worker with respect to a particular
    subject-matter and require a practical
    demonstration that the worker has acquired
    knowledge or skill related to the subject matter

Legal Regulatory
  • Depends on type of offence, gravity and whether
    single, isolated or continuing
  • Range of 2 000 to 300 000

Criminal Code Bill C-45
  • Background
  • 1992 Westray Mine in NS 26 people died
  • Legal response
  • 52 charges laid by OHS withdrawn
  • Criminal charges laid stayedtechnicality
  • Public Inquiry held
  • Political response Bill C-45 in effect 2004

Criminal Code Bill C-45
  • What it does
  • Amends Criminal Code of Canada
  • Imposes a legal duty on those who direct work,
    even lead hand co-worker
  • Integrates discipline into due diligence
  • Broadens meaning of persons
  • Defines organization, representative and
    senior officer

Criminal Code Bill C-45
  • Duty of supervision is now clearly under the
    Criminal Code
  • 217.1 Everyone who undertakes, or has the
    authority, to direct how another person does work
    or performs a task is under a legal duty to take
    reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that
    person, or any other person, arising from that
    work or task

Criminal Code Bill C-45
  • Sanctions
  • Fines.
  • Prison termsfor individuals
  • Compensate injured person for loss
  • Establish processes to prevent recurrence
  • Communicate safety system internally
  • Report to court on implementation

Criminal Code Bill C-45
  • Police respond now
  • Police are attending to 911 calls on campus when
    injury is reported.
  • If negligence is found then criminal proceedings
    can take place.
  • Significant difference here

U of S HSE Policy statement
  • Objectives
  • .demonstrate commitment to
  • H S of community and to protect..
  • make premises safe healthy
  • minimize risk injury, property loss, violence,

U of S HSE Policy statement
  • Workplace Responsibility System
  • The Board of Governors shall meet these
    objectives through the assignment of duties and
    responsibilities to the President,
    Vice-Presidents, Associate Vice-Presidents,
    Deans, Associate and Assistant Deans, Department
    Heads, Heads of Administrative units, Principal
    Investigators, Managers, Supervisors, and all
    other employees in positions of authority.

U of S HSE Policy statement
  • Accountability
  • all members of the University community are
    accountable for health, safety and environmental
    management within their areas of jurisdiction.
  • Descriptors proactivecomplying..providing
    trainingsafe workplacemodifying

U of S HSE Policy statement
  • What does this mean ?
  • All positions have a HSE component..
  • .supervisors HSE role is crucial.

U of S experience
  • Source WCB

Our situation
  • High injury rate
  • High lost time
  • High cost
  • Supervisors HSE role.
  • many do not know their role!

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Recognize hazards
  • Identify hazards
  • conditions
  • acts / behaviors
  • Take corrective measures
  • Document these

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Regulatory Agency compliance
  • Determine regulations that apply
  • Identify non-compliance items
  • Take corrective measures
  • Document these

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Engage your workers
  • Encourage participation
  • Expect instruct workers to report hazards /
    safety concerns
  • Recognize employees who propose an idea or change
    that eliminates or reduces a hazard / injury

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Manage Lead
  • Provide instruction training in assigning work
  • Provide effective supervision
  • Enforce correct work procedure, behaviors rules
  • Include progressive discipline when necessary
    within collective agreements

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Plan and budget
  • To eliminate / control hazards
  • To comply with Government Regulations Agency
    standards.a minimum
  • To be in accord with University policy
  • To protect your workers, your employer and

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Plan and budget
  • Make Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) a
    permanent line item on the agenda for
  • Department meetings
  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Planning budgeting meetings
  • Regular, special other meetings

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Be prepared
  • Put emergency procedures in place
  • Ensure that visitors are supervised
  • Procedures for after hours work alone

Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Site specific instructions The place
  • Department orientation
  • Location use of 1st aid kit, MSDS
  • Access to personal protection equipment

Provide instruction training the work
Supervisor responsibilities
  • Introduce
  • equipment, tools
  • materials, supplies

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Review
  • Operations / users manual
  • written job / task procedures
  • protocols / Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Do not assign hazardous tasks without
    instructions that address safety

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Work instruction training
  • Department / University rules guidelines
  • Permitting agency standards, permits, license
  • Government regulations

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Work instruction training
  • Get workers to demonstrate ability
  • Get worker to sign off on competencies
  • Keep records of instruction

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Inspections Purpose
  • To prevent injury, illness property loss
  • Identify hazards (conditions actions)
  • Required by law
  • Local Safety Committee DHSE inspections are
    secondary to supervisor worker inspections


Supervisor responsibilities
  • Inspectionsinformal
  • Quick scan.....daily
  • Relatively casual approach
  • Looking for obvious needs for correction
  • Engage front line staff
  • Deficiencies logged acted on promptly

Supervisor responsibilities
  • Inspections..formal
  • Done on a routine schedule (weekly, monthly)
  • More thorough in-depth, analyzing
  • Document deficiencies
  • Becomes a corrective action plan with target
  • Use for budgeting planning

Risk Assessment
  • Can be done by supervisor experienced staff
  • Use to rank prioritize job risks
  • Plots severity versus probability of occurring

Risk criteria
  • Severity (impact)
  • High disabling injury, loss of body part,
    fatality, major property loss
  • Medium medical aid injury, moderate repair cost
  • Low First aid injury, low repair cost

Risk criteria
  • Probability (likelihood)
  • High greater than 50 chance of occurring.
    Repetitive. Has happened often.
  • Medium 10 to 50 chance of occurring.
    Infrequent event. Was observed.
  • Low less than 10 of occurring. Unlikely event.
    Never happened yet but still possible.

Risk Level Table
Severity (Impact)
Probability (likelihood)
Job Hazard Analysis
  • Must involve supervisor experienced staff
  • Tool used to flush out job hazards
  • Uses a step by step approach
  • Form is used to document analysis

Job Hazard Analysis
  • Inventory all jobs
  • Prioritize higher risk jobs
  • Break job down into steps
  • List these stepsask what if?
  • Identify list hazards for each step
  • Identify list corrective action or measure to
    be taken for each dates
  • Becomes action plan budget

  • Investigation
  • Gather related facts observations
  • Determine root cause of incident
  • Identify corrective measures
  • Complete Incident Report form
  • Co-sign submit copy of form to DHSE

  • Follow up
  • Set target dates
  • Plan budget
  • Follow up complete corrective measures
  • Keep records, logs, correspondence to demonstrate
    due diligence protect yourself

Incidents / medical
  • Workers Comp. Board WCB claim
  • Employer report of injury to complete
  • Employee report of injury to complete
  • 5 working days deadline for submitting forms to
  • For assistance contact the Health Wellness
    Resource Centre at 4580

Safety Care Core value
  • Future direction
  • Elevate safety culture philosophy
  • Reactive mode to proactive thinking
  • Aligned integrated strategic directions
  • Health, Safety Environment Management System
  • Goals
  • reduce number of injuries time loss
  • protect your employees yourself