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Title: Best English Notes - Top IAS Coaching Centre

Best English Notes by Top Coaching Center
English section is an important part of all
Competitive Exams. Dear Students, You are living
in very competitive times, If you want something,
you have to fight for it, nothing comes easy
these days. All of you are trying your level best
to get a Govt. job. We will start with all the
basic components of English Grammar. One
important thing you need to understand. While
these, notes are prepared keeping in mind the
needs of SSC, we can ensure that they can also be
used for other exams like UPSC, SSC or other
Ostensible (adjective)
Best English Notes by Top IAS Coaching Center -
  • Meaning stated or appearing to be true but not
    necessarily true
  • Synonyms apparent, feigned
  • Antonyms real, genuine
  • It is the CVCs note to the government that was
    the ostensible provocation for the government to
    wield its axe at midnight.

  • Meaning be indecisive
  • Synonyms agitation, babble
  • Antonyms calm, peace
  • The CBI has dithered in providing records to the
    CVC, no doubt, but there is no matter of such
    great concern or exigency mentioned in the note
    that required immediate interim measures or a
    midnight cabinet meeting to wield the axe.

Impediment (noun)
  • Meaning a hindrance or obstruction in doing
  • Synonyms obstacle, encumbrance
  • Antonyms freedom, benefit
  • The moment of truth will come when the deal, if
    reached, is put to a parliamentary vote, widely
    considered to be an impediment for Ms. May

Egregious (adjective)
  • Meaning outstandingly bad shocking
  • Synonyms blatant, conspicuous
  • Antonyms unobtrusive
  • And if that was the extent of the problem, far
    less egregious measures, consistent with its
    powers, were possible including actually
    summoning the CBI Director instead of the
    records, and registering a case against him,
    which has still not been done.

Palpable (adjective)
  • Meaning able to be touched or felt
  • Synonyms perceptible, tangible
  • Antonyms impalpable, imperceptible
  • As the clock ticks without a breakthrough so far
    in the talks, anxiety is palpable among the
    business community and the general public.

Loathe (verb)
  • Meaning feel intense dislike or disgust for
  • Synonyms abhor, detest
  • Antonyms love, like
  • It is unclear what the routine decisions
    essential to the CBI functioning are, but the
    interim Director should be loathe to act with
    the alacrity and brutality he deployed in the
    first hours when he took office.

Sufficed (verb)
  • Meaning be enough
  • Synonyms adequate, satisfy
  • Antonyms displease
  • However, as an interim measure, it is hard to
    think what else would have sufficed.

Humongous (adjective)
  • Meaning huge or enormous
  • Synonyms immense, prodigious
  • Antonyms small
  • This is a humongous task as some of the
    countries outside the bloc, including the U.S.,
    have opposed Britain leaving the EU.

Ratified (verb)
  • Meaning sign or give formal consent
  • Synonyms affirm, authorize
  • Antonyms disapprove
  • The deal will also have to be ratified at a
    plenary by the European Parliament.

Reinstate (verb)
  • Meaning restore to their former position or
  • Synonyms restore, rehabilitate
  • Antonyms destroy, kill
  • It has not immediately reinstated the CBI
    Director and instead has clipped the wings of the
    interim Director, restraining him from making
    any policy or major decisions, except those that
    are routine and essential for the CBI to

Evangelical (adjective)
  • Meaning of or according to the teaching of the
    Christian religion.
  • Synonyms orthodox
  • Antonyms irreligious
  • The first set of debates regarding Chaus
    evangelical calling and his almost willing
    surrender to the hazards it entailed are not of
    interest to us at this moment nor are the details
    of the investigations that are being carried out
    by the local police and administration

Abjured (verb)
  • Meaning solemnly renounce (a belief, cause, or
  • Synonyms repudiate
  • Antonyms adhere
  • It goes to the credit of the Indian government
    that unlike its colonial predecessors it has
    completely abjured all kinds of coercion against
    the indigenous communities of the Andaman and
    Nicobar Islands.

Punitive (adjective)
  • Meaning inflicting or intended as punishment.
  • Synonyms penitentiary
  • Antonyms exculpating
  • Colonial punitive expeditions, kidnappings,
    forced confinements that devastated the
    Andamanese populations at large are a thing of
    the past.

Distraught (adjective)
  • Meaning very worried and upset
  • Synonyms fraught
  • Antonyms calm
  • Communities in the affected areas are distraught
    as houses have collapsed, farms lie ruined, water
    sources are contaminated and electricity supply
    remains disrupted.

Rendered (verb)
  • Meaning provide or give (a service, help, etc.).
  • Synonyms proffer
  • Antonyms retain, withhold
  • Many of them have invested in trees and livestock
    expecting long term returns, but have been
    rendered paupers overnight.

Partake (verb)
  • Meaning join in (an activity).
  • Synonyms consume, receive
  • Antonyms abstain
  • By apologising, an offender demonstrates that
    despite his past acts, he partakes in a shared
    moral world.

Moratorium (noun)
  • Meaning a temporary prohibition of an activity.
  • Synonyms deferment
  • Antonyms continuation
  • It is equally important to assure the large
    number of stricken farmers that there will be a
    moratorium on any agricultural loans that they
    have taken, while a fair compensation scheme is

Tandem (adjective)
  • Meaning having two things arranged one in front
    of the other.
  • Synonyms lineup
  • Antonyms individual
  • Since then, the rupee has gained against the
    dollar in tandem with the fall in global crude
    prices. Brent Crude has dropped by a massive 30
    since early October, when a barrel cost around
    86, to around 60 today.

Melanoma (noun)
  • Meaning a tumour of melanin-forming cells,
    especially a malignant tumour associated with
    skin cancer.
  • Synonyms cancerous
  • Antonyms benign
  • From the virtual reality (VR) of 3D printing,
    we are now moving towards augmented reality (AR),
    by which, for example, every piece of node in a
    malignant melanoma can be completely removed,
    thereby eliminating the risk of the cancer
    spreading to any other part of the body.

Longevity (noun)
  • Meaning long existence or service.
  • Synonyms durability, endurance
  • Antonyms short
  • That is the extent of the breakthrough in
    longevity that modern medicine has been able to
    achieve. Healthcare in India too has been
    transformed over the last three decades, and as
    members of this industry, we can be proud of how
    far weve come in terms of improved indices on
    life expectancy, infant mortality, maternal
    deaths and quality of outcomes.

Leapfrogging (verb)
  • Meaning surpass or overtake another to move into
    a leading or dominant position
  • Synonyms jump, bounce
  • Antonyms decline
  • By leapfrogging through smart adoption of
    technology and using emerging platforms such as
    Blockchain, significant improvements are possible
    in healthcare operations and costs

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Innuendo (noun)
  • Meaning an allusive remark or hint
  • Synonyms suggestion, insinuation
  • Antonyms evidence
  • It has become fashionable and smart in many
    political circles to evoke hate by suggestion,
    ridicule and innuendo.

Mutate (verb)
  • Meaning change in form or nature
  • Synonyms convert, alter
  • Antonyms remain, stay
  • Hate is exactly like a virus in its ability to
    break up bits from our prejudices and attach them
    to social genetic codes elsewhere, so that your
    hatred for Muslims or Christians will sooner or
    later mutate in some other part of India into
    hatred for Bengalis or Biharis.

Scapegoat (noun)
  • Meaning a person who is blamed for wrongdoings,
    mistakes or faults of others
  • Synonyms victim
  • Antonyms praise
  • All of us need to bear this in mind before we
    point an easy finger of accusation at some
    scapegoat or the other

Avowed (adjective)
  • Meaning that has been asserted, admitted or
    stated publicly
  • Synonyms professed, sworn
  • Antonyms deny
  • In fact, one of the 56 things I love about our
    government is that, despite its many alleged
    failures, it has never wavered in its avowed
    mission to wipe out urban Naxals.

Shudder (verb)
  • Meaning tremble convulsively, typically as a
    result of fear
  • Synonyms shiver, quiver
  • Antonyms steady
  • The fact that the sold out, spineless mainstream
    media never talks about them, that even
    government officials shudder at the mention of
    their name, and that most of us see them every
    single day without the mildest suspicion is a
    testament to how deeply they have embedded
    themselves in Indias civic, social and cultural

Mustered (verb)
  • Meaning assemble especially for inspection or
    for preparation of battle
  • Synonyms convoke, collect
  • Antonyms avoid
  • A friend who had suffered sexual harassment
    several years ago admitted that she mustered
    enough courage to go public only after the MeToo
    campaign had started but wouldnt have done so if
    the offender had written a private letter of

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Exonerated (verb)
  • Meaning absolve (someone) from blame for a fault
  • Synonyms acquit, discharge
  • Antonyms blame, condemn
  • Hearing these accounts, I was reminded of a news
    story about an Algerian Muslim pilot who was
    falsely accused of training the 9/11 hijackers
    and who spent nearly five months in a prison in
    London before the court exonerated him.

Fester (verb)
  • Meaning become worse or more intense,
    especially through long-term neglect or
  • Synonyms intensify, smolder
  • Antonyms flourish
  • Sometimes these wounds fester and grudges
    congeal, deepening an already spiralling

Expunge (verb)
  • Meaning remove completely (something unwanted or
  • Synonyms obliterate, abolish
  • Antonyms establish
  • They betray the sickness of the wrongdoer
    because he continues to treat his victim as an
    object to be manipulated, as an instrument with
    which to expunge his own sense of guilt.

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