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PEGACRSA80V1 Test Dumps


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Title: PEGACRSA80V1 Test Dumps

Pegasystems PEGACRSA80V1 Certified Robotics
System Architect (CRSA) 80V1
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PEGACRSA80V1 Questions and Answers Dumps
PEGACRSA80V1 Dumps Questions
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PEGACRSA80V1 Questions and Answers Dumps
PEGACRSA80V1 Dumps Questions
Did You Know!
PEGACRSA80V1 Questions and Answers Dumps
PEGACRSA80V1 Dumps Questions
Question NO 1, When developing a project with
multiple applications to automate, how many
developers do you assign to each
application? A. 4 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 Answer A
Question NO 2, To run an RPA solution, the Robot
must log in and register to the Pega server. You
set the credentials for an RPA Robot by
. A. selecting RPACredentials from the Runtime
menu B. editing and saving the credentials within
the RuntimeConfig.xml C. setting the credentials
within the solution code on startup D. using the
default system credentials Answer A
Question NO 3, You are evaluating business
requirements and reviewing each adapter. Move all
of the Adapter Steps to the Adapter review Order
column and place them in the correct order.
Question NO 4, When performing application
discovery, it is important that you and. (Choose
Two) A. write automations to accomplish the
basic search functionality of the
application B. interrogate 100 percent of the
controls required for the use case C. interrogate
representatives of all controls required for the
use case D. utilize test methods to validate that
you can interact with representatives of the
controls in the use case Answer C D
Question NO 5, The business requirement states
that the solution is triggered from a screen
pop-up when a new phone call is delivered to the
user. When you develop the solution to handle
this automation trigger, which two items do you
need to consider? (Choose Two) A. The
application type (Windows or Web) in which the
screen pop-up starts B. The total execution time
for the automation handling the screen pop-up
trigger C. Another screen pop-up occurs before
the first caller disconnects and the first
process finishes D. Multiple configuration items
to handle different environments Answer A B
Question NO 6, Application Discovery is a process
that involves interrogating an application to
and. (Choose Two) A. determine if the solution
requires the use of keys to handle multiple
accounts open at once B. ensure that the
application uses the correct .Net Framework
version C. determine any controls that will
require translators or additional development
effort D. ensure that any controls on the
application needed within the use case can be
controlled Answer C D
Question NO 7, The business requirement states
that the user performs a search in a web
application. How do you order the automation
steps to perform this search? A. Verify the
adapter status, navigate the adapter to a known
location, and perform search. B. Verify adapter
status, search, and then navigate to a known
location. C. Navigate to a known location and
perform the search. D. Stop the adapter, start
the adapter, and then perform the
search. Answer B
Question NO 8, The requirement is to get the text
from a specific application (MyApp.exe) using the
Control Region functionality. How do you set the
OpenSpan.ini configuration setting? A. Control
Enabled1 ProcessList-MyApp.exe
AHProcesses0 B. GDI Enabled1 ProcessList
AllProcesses1 C. Control Enabled1
ProcessList AllProcesses1 D. GDI Enabled1
ProcessListMyApp.exe AllProcesses0 Answer A
Question NO 9, During application discovery, it
is important that you. A. prefix the
interrogated controls B. test at least one
control of each type included in the use
case C. use the interaction framework to test any
required activities D. follow solution
development best practices Answer B
Question NO 10, Which of the following is
important to know when performing application
discovery? A. Users run multiple copies of the
application. B. The application is maintained by
local IT personnel. C. Users change computers
daily. D. Users can change the color scheme of
the application. Answer A
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PEGACRSA80V1 Questions and Answers Dumps
PEGACRSA80V1 Dumps Questions
PEGACRSA80V1 Questions and Answers Dumps
PEGACRSA80V1 Dumps Questions
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PEGACRSA80V1 Questions and Answers Dumps
PEGACRSA80V1 Dumps Questions