Best 5 Skype Alternatives for Android


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Best 5 Skype Alternatives for Android


A lot of different Skype alternatives for Android are there that let you talk via video, voice, as well as text on the Android device. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Best 5 Skype Alternatives for Android

People generally like to communicate on a
consistent basis. This inherent requirement in
the humans is to make certain that they can talk
to their colleagues, friends and families.
Nowadays, an internet-based communication tool
known as Skype for Android is very popular. It is
a tool used by for both business communication
and personal communication purposes. What Is
Skype for Android? Skype for Android is a most
commonly used VoIP application that allows free
as well as cheap communication and provides
numerous features that support both collaboration
and fluid communication. Because of its
convenient feature, Skype for Android has
replaced further established means of
communication in all those countries where the
international calls are involved in daily life.
When it is about Skype video conferencing
calling services and applications, this app is
one of the major players. Skype is also
considered as a low-cost solution for the
businesses of all sizes. For replacing Windows
Live Messenger, Skype was acquired by Microsoft
in 2011.
Skype for Android is a tool with the help of
which, individuals all over the world can
connect with each other without spending any
penny. It gives a way to make free video and
voice calls to the other users. It has various
advantages and disadvantages. Some of them
are Advantages of Skype for Android Android
has rapidly become one of the favorite systems
for the tablet and mobile phone users. Thus,
there is a huge chance that you will want to
install Skype on it. It is easy to use Skype on
any Android mobile, tablet. Skype is not only
just known for the voice calls, but also offers
many features which are based on the version
chosen by the user to download. With it, one can
even host a small online meeting. It provides a
connection for business with the employees from
anywhere, as well as to lots of people on Skype,
using it for Business apps in browsers, Android
and on all other devices. It is a perfect
standby for a face-to-face meeting and can easily
be scheduled into the normal daily work on any
device, from anywhere. With it, phone bills are
dramatically reduced. Disadvantages of Skype for
Android When it works, Skype is great, but its
latest version is quite buggy. It hangs up and
drops calls automatically. Some people also fail
to log in. It resizes the video wrongly. The
main disadvantage of Skype for Android is, worse
bosses and even colleagues started to expect
employees to be presented 24/7. They want to
reach out and also see someone right
now. Because of multiple devices running on the
Android, it sometimes indicates that the
individual is available online, even when the
person is not. For it, an Internet services
essential for using the program. It always
remains a target for the attackers and hackers
seeing for different ways to steal the personal
information of the users such as passwords. The
online chatting is not less than a danger-zone
for children. Parents have to adjust
their children's privacy settings to monitor with
whom children communicate with. No doubt, a free
account is offered by Skype, but still we have to
pay for various other interactive features to
use them. It is enabled by the government could
potentially with the wiretapping
capabilities. Because of its privacy issues and
various other disadvantages, many people prefer
to Skype alternative for Android to try a
different chat app for Android. A lot of
different alternatives to Skype for Android are
there that let us talk via video, voice, as well
as text on the Android device. Best 5 Skype
Alternatives for Android Here are 5 Android
Skype alternatives. All these are not only best,
but are also free to download from Google
Play. 1. Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is
another Skype alternative for Android. For
Android and iPhone users, it is one of the best
video conferencing apps. As many Google services
are assembled right into the Android device,
with the help of which, interaction becomes
easier than ever. With it, one can chat over
video or VoIP call, text, plus, can also do
Google group video chats, up to 10 members with
the colleagues, friends, family all for free. It
is highly preferred by small, medium as well as
large businesses.
2.ezTalks Cloud Meeting ezTalks Cloud Meeting is
one of the best alternative to Skype client for
Android app. It is excellent for group video
conferencing. Thus, those who need to make video
conferencing with their teams for business, it's
sensible to use this Android app. It provides a
free video conferencing service and allows 100
participants to host or join the online
meetings. During the online meeting, you can
share interactive whiteboards, share screens, do
text messaging in privacy or in a group, record
the whole or part online meeting and save as
audio or video files for future playback. It's HD
video and crystal clear voice make the online
meeting much more efficient. In a word, ezTalks
Cloud Meeting is a brilliant Skype alternative
for Android.
3.ooVoo ooVoo is a popular Android Skype
alternative launched for Windows PCs in 2007. In
2011, it was branched out to mobile i.e. first
for the iOS and then for the Android. Its
audio processing is excellent. It has a great
feature of noise cancellation algorithms that
works on the signal for preventing too much
static from the overcoming voices. This Skype
alternative Android app, combine each mode of
communication, i.e. from to voice calls and
texting to messaging and video calls. Each is
housed under the suitable roof of a single
4.Viber Viber is an Android Skype alternative
that challenges Skype in terms of its
functionality. It started its life as a voice
calling app and let the user make calls at free
of cost to anyone who has this app installed.
The audio quality of its calls is excellent and
automatically display the contacts list. This
alternative to Skype Android is simple to use and
is best to send and receive photos. This app
does not support video calling.
5.Tango For the Android, Tango is a great video
conferencing app. It is a Skype alternative for
Android app that provides an excellent video
calling service. It lets the user engage in
group calls of up to 50 people and supports to
send a music message.
There are various other apps available known as
good Android Skype alternatives. Depending on
the user requirement and apps features, one can
easily choose the best for them. Some are paid
while some are free of cost. Those who need an
Android app for having a voice, video and text
chat with colleagues, friends, family or for
small or medium business can easily choose the
apps available at free of cost. https//www.eztal