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Part of the problem with many of the online Work From Home offers we found was they are front ends for link baiting or chain letter style offers. Make $500 a week no selling no inventory. These usually indicate you will place the exact add in your social media sites etc. You get paid for signing up people. In this issue we want to bypass many of these scams and offer you some real Work Form Home alternatives many of which we have done or are still doing ourselves. This magazine is an example of one of out strategies and has worked very well for us over the years. More on this later. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Work From Home Magazine

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Your New WFMMagazine
Working from home is a dream of a lot of people
and unfortunately there are a lot of scammers out
there ready to rip you off so in this issue we
want to present you with viable WFM
opportunities. Part of the problem with many of
the online Work From Home offers we found was
they are front ends for link baiting or chain
letter style offers. Make 500 a week no
selling no inventory. These usually indicate you
will place the exact add in your social media
sites etc. You get paid for signing up
people. In this issue we want to bypass many of
these scams and offer you some real Work Form
Home alternatives many of which we have done or
are still doing ourselves. This magazine is an
example of one of out strategies and has worked
very well for us over the years. More on this
later. I started back in 1998 when I signed up
for a advertising bar which sat on the bottom of
my browser. It was one of the first digital mlm
so could also sign up others. The first month I
made 57 dollars and I was hooked. So working
from home can be very profitable and great fun as
long as you stay organized and allocate the right
amount of time to it. Quentin Brown
Contents Formatted For Tablets P2.
Introduction P3. Free WFH Opportunities P4/7. 36
WFH Suggestions P8. USB Training (add) P9. 35
Hiring Companies P10. WFH Scams P11. Web
Design P12. Graphics P13/14. Magazines P15.
Affiliate Marketing P17. Virtual Assistant P18.
Video - Clothes P20. Physical - Membership
Presented By Web Marketing For Profit
Free WFH Opportunities In 1996 I moved our
family North to Brisbane in Australia from a
country town in an aim to give my children a bit
of city life as they reached their teen years. I
have 4 boys. In doing this I started work in a
start up Aid Organization which did not pay a lot
so started looking for supplemental work from
home. I loved MLM however was not much good at
it. In 1998 the Internet was starting to take off
and I was asked to look into building a website
for work. I did a lot of research and and learnt
how to use front page and started building the
website. During this time I came across an
advertising program that put a bar on the bottom
of your screen and showed adds. You got paid for
allowing the display of the add for 1 minute. The
first month I received 57 and I was hooked. It
lasted about 18 months and then disappeared. The
website on the other hand did so well that
suddenly there were lots of people wanting
websites and so started my online work from home
business. In those days it had to work on dial up
and you had to code things a bit more however
today with programs like Wordpress and broadband
it is a lot easier. Because of this I had to
learn to write, do graphics etc and so these have
also turned into side line businesses over the
years. I started working with outsourced people
overseas and started training people how they
could develop their own website and wrote an
ebook which was downloaded nearly 10,000
times. I guess the main point is if you want a
good profitable work from home job or business
then you have to sit down and define what you
want. Do you want to work for someone else or
have a small business. The later is better for
income or do both. We will give you lots of
suggestions so lets get going.

P3 Home
Web Marketing For Profit
Legitimate work-from-home opportunities
Ok we have all seen them and we contacted a whole
bunch for you and here is the low
down. We have all seen the adds and go
wow I want that. Basically how it works is you
pay 25 or nothing and you make money by posting
the exact same add. Its sort of like the old
chain letter in a digital form and comes in
different layouts for different platforms like
Facebook etc. 36 Work From Home
Suggestions  Amazon Flex  Pays you as an
independent contractor around 20 an hour to
deliver packages to Prime customers in under one
hour. You cover gas, maintenance and any other
car expenses. Available in Seattle, Richmond,
Nashville, Austin, Dallas, Baltimore, Miami,
Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas,
Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis.  Make money online with paid
surveys. This app offers
manufacturer deals while youre in the store. You
earn points for simply scanning the barcode on an
item in a store. No purchase of the product is
necessary. You can redeem the points you collect
for free gift cards, airline miles and other
perks.  Be a home agent
providing customer care, human resources and
billing services Essentia
lly turns you into an on-demand secret shopper.
Youre assigned shifts by product manufacturers
who want people on the ground to go into stores
and confirm that their merchandise is being
displayed properly. The pay rate for a shift is
between 3 and 8 and the money is remitted to
you via PayPal.  Online mock juries
and focus groups allow large groups of people to
help attorneys determine case value, develop case
themes, find the facts to emphasize, and learn
public attitudes.  Find clients
and freelance jobs offered by small businesses to
do freelance web
P4 Home
Presented By QR Codes
36 Work From Home Suggestions cont

design, programming, SEO,  graphic design and
more. Sell photos you take on your
Android of iPhone into this online stock
photograph market. Find local
jobs in your area and complete them within two
hours for cash.  People share things
theyre willing to do for 5. The low price is
often a loss leader allowing a contractor to
develop a client base for their particular area
of expertise. Google Opinion Rewards  Answer
quick surveys and earn Google Play
credits. InstaEDU  Become an online
tutor. These sites allow you to virtually connect
with students in need of lessons and do the
teaching right from your computer at
home.  Call center company that
provides clinical and non-clinical telephone
services to health plans, healthcare providers,
and care managers nationwide.
Jingit- Check in at your favorite stores to earn
cash instantly and get cash-back offers. You can
participate as long as youre 13 years or older
with parental or guardian consent. 
Virtual call center offering home-based agents in
the United States contract opportunities in
sales, insurance sales, insurance claims,
customer service, healthcare and roadside
service. Most client companies require applicants
to undergo a comprehensive background and credit
check that typically costs 65. Independent
agents will also need to meet technical
requirements including the installation and
maintenance of a dedicated landline telephone
only to be used for LiveOps work. 
Get paid for listening to new music and leaving
reviews. Must be 13 years old. 
This site rewards you for watching videos about
things you are actually interested in. Must be 13
years old.  Find work as freelancer
doing coding and web work, business consulting,
writing, planning, newsletters and
more.  Provides online case
review and juror feedback services to attorneys.
(Editors note Onlineverdict.coms website has
an Expired Security Certificate, so no one should
access their website at this time.)
Put Your Add Here
P5 Home
Graphics Tutorials MSI Photoshop
Android TV Units  Market your services in your
local area to provide services for others. This
website only serves select metro
areas.  Receive photo assignments
from the media based on your location. SlicethePi  Earn money for leaving reviews of music,
clothing and more. Must be 13 years of age or
older.  Connects mobile photographers
with businesses and brands that need creative
imagery. Sutherland CloudSource  Work from home
customer service opportunities. Includes paid
training, paid background checks, and no hidden
fees.  Virtual call center provider
using home-based customer service agents. They
charge 45 for a required background
check.  Market your services in
your local area to run errands for others. For
example, if youre good at building Ikea
you might position yourself as a rabbit who
gets the furniture at the store and then
assembles it for others. This website only serves
select metro areas. I have seen this in Ikea
also. This online survey panel
of teens between 13 and 18 reward young people
for telling the companies that make products and
services for them how they look through teens
eyes. You can get a job as young as
16 doing customer service from home. You must
currently be enrolled in school or have your
GED/  An online magazine for
work-at-home moms  Offers remote
contract opportunites for retired insurance
industry workers
P6 Home
Free Cart Tutorials Use Today
36 Work From Home Suggestions Cont  Be an at-home-agent, with duties
including obtaining, entering and verifying
customer information, answering questions,
resolving issues, explaining sales features or
offering additional products or services. (Some
users have reported being asked for their Social
Security number when filling out the Work
Opportunity Tax Credit WOTC info. However,
filling out the WOTC is strictly voluntary not
Hires independent contractor home-agents to
provide sales and customer service.  Home-agents
earn anywhere from 8-20 per hour, depending on
the program.  An active
discussion forum where youll discover lots of
job leads  Market yourself as a
consultant based on your area of expertise.
(Unlike other sites, Zintro requires the hiring
business to put the money it intends to pay a
freelancer into escrow. Once the work is
completed, Zintro releases the money into the
freelancers account, generally through
PayPal. )  Market research
services for professional marketing researchers,
including online focus groups, hosted focus
groups and online surveys. Extras Gumtree -
Launched originally as a community to help
Aussies in London find work and accommodation,
Gumtree is now one of the most famous online
marketplaces in the world. You can find almost
anything on Gumtree, from part-time jobs, to
apartments, to handymen and furniture removals.
No task is too small to be advertised on
Gumtree. Upwork - Upwork is the digital
equivalent of Airtasker. If it can be done on a
computer, youll be able to find it on Upwork.
From mobile programming to content creation, the
job contracts can be ongoing, ad-hoc, big or
small. Printful - Your Store - You sell a
t-shirt on your online shop to someone who loves
your design. Printful works great with ecommerce
platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, or on
your own custom platform. Printful Factory - That
order is automatically sent to Printful where it
gets printed, packed and shipped. We notify you
when the order is shipped, complete with all the
shipping info like your tracking number. Your
Client - Your customer receives their shipment
with your branding all over it.
P7 Home
My Tshirts
P8 Home
QR Codes For your Business Order Today
Top 35 companies hiring for part-time
Top 35 companies hiring for part-time,
work-from-home jobs FlexJobs, a firm that screens
companies for telecommuting jobs, part-time
professional jobs and other flexible jobs in over
100 career categories, released a list of
the top companies for remote work  based on the
sites job listings in the first half of 2016.
Heres a look at the top 35 companies offering
remote, work-from-home jobs. (Note Some
offerings may have changed in the time since the
report was released in July 2016.) Edmentum About
.com Appen Connections Education Chamberlain
College of Nursing Shutterstock EGS (Expert
Global Solutions) Brigham Young University Idaho
BYUI Grand Canyon University DVMelite AbilTo Sit
el Walden University Rosetta Stone Worldwide101 Ro
bert Half International Direct Interactions Active
Network Operator VIPdesk Connect Maritz
CX Lionbridge Supporting Strategies LanguageLine
Solutions LiveOps Indiana Wesleyan University
IWU International Knowledge Measurement ActivEngag
e VocoVision Hilton Worldwide Konsus Soc
ial Career Page, LLC Xerox Elevate K-12
P9 Home
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Work From Home Scams
Work-at-home scams are always in season, with
scammers looking to empty your wallet at a time
when its already light because of unemployment
or reduced hours at work. Here are a few common
warning signs to look for Social network are a
hot spot for work-at-home danger. One company
called Easy Tweet Profits claims you can make up
to 873/day online. They even claim one person
earned 400,000/year using their method of
tweeting your way to success. The catch? By
signing up for their program you agree to be
charged just under 50/month! There are a whole
host of other companies with similar names
(usually involving make money or make
profits) that suggest social networking can be a
cash cow. But their game is all the same.
Whether youre talking about something you see
on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, Twitter or
whatevers the next hot thing, youve got to be
wary. Digital Chain Letters These are probably
the most common scams on Facebook and work from
home sites promising hundreds of dollars a week.
Basically what they do is get you to place the
same adds on your social media or in your emails
with the aim of getting people to do the
same. Nobody really sells anything, they just
recycle the same adds and then someone at the top
collects all the names and addresses and sells to
an advertising agency. Pitches to be your own
boss. Im hearing from a lot of callers who go to
help-wanted sites, find an opportunity that looks
good and then contact the supposed employer. It
turns out to be a pitch for owning your own
business, with promises of huge money. But the
only ones making money are the people pushing
startup kits and related costs. Always do your
P10 Home
Start Your Own Online Business
My 10 Work From Home Businesses
As I said I have been working from home since
1998. Initially it was part time to generate some
additional income however by 2003 I was doing so
well I went full time at home. These are the 10
businesses I started which have done very
well. 1. We Design When I started it was quite
hard because we had to work in half html half
WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and it was
all on dial up. Today I use Wordpress and
pretty well everything is automated and there is
a host of plugins to do pretty well anything.
10 WFH Business Opportunities
Facebook https//
P11 Home

Web Design cont
I try and use the same theme for my own websites
and my customers. This means if anything happens
I can find it easily and change the appearance to
suit. With web design I also do hosting. I buy
it wholesale and sell it retail and add value by
backing up and other services. I have taught
this to many disadvantaged youth so know you
could pick it up if you needed to. Great skill to
have. 2. Graphics Not as Hard as you
think Initially I was using a graphic artist to
do all my graphics but it really ate into my
profits so I looked for a way to do it my
self. After a couple of quick lessons from my
photo hacker friend I learnt the true secrets of
graphic design using a very old version of
Photoshop CS2 which you can pickup for
free. Once I learnt these secrets I started
teaching my students and they set up all sorts of
home based businesses doing wedding cards,
baptism cards, certificates and a whole bunch of
web related stuff. We especially rocketed this
business when Smartphones arrived by building
mobile websites and graphics. In fact I developed
this product using photoshop to develop mobile
icons for mobile sites.
We sold quite a few of these and often you will
find side projects to all these work from home
opportunities if you look out for them. You can
also buy a lot of royalty free graphics.
3. Digital Magazines You are experiencing one
of our digital magazines. We mainly design them
for the tablet market of which there are around
1.4 billion in the world in 2017. We create these
for ourselves and for clients.
P12 Home
Internet Marketing Course Click Here
Magazines cont
Ours mainly are based around specific niches
which in this case is work fro home. We make our
money through advertising our own and affiliate
products. We dont use publishing software as we
found it quite hard and a huge learning curve so
we worked out how to do it simply. Priscilla did
our course and now has an internationally
acclaimed digital magazine
We make them tablet friendly by changing the
formatting to two and one column for easy reading
on smaller devices. The beauty of magazines is
people expect advertising. They are normally
delivered in PDF for all platforms. 4. eBooks and
Reports These are produced in the same way but
formatted slightly different. They are usually
single column and contain no advertising though
people do put in links. The cover is also a
little different. If you have a good topic they
can still sell quite well and with Amazon Kindle
you have a much wider market then previously.
Again mainly produced in PDF
P13 Home
Create Your Own Magazine Order Today
Download your Free copy of our Magazines
Click Here to download thePDF Crowd Funding1.1
Click Here to download thePDF Marketing1.5 MB
A PDF Document Answering many of the QR Code
questionssuitable for tablets and
Computers Download 1.8 MB

5. Affiliate Marketing When you join an
Affiliate program and choose the products that
you want to sell, sellers provide you with a
unique affiliate code that you can use to refer
traffic to the target site. Most affiliate
programs will offer ready made text links,
banners and other forms of creative copies
whereby you only have to copy the code and place
it on your website to start referring traffic.
When interested visitors click on these links
from your site they get redirected to the product
site and if they purchase a product or subscribe
to a service you as the referrer make a
commission. The sellers can track your
performance through your affiliate ID and the
affiliate softwares (eg. WP Affiliate Platform)
that they use. You also have complete, real time
access to all sales and commissions stats. You
dont need to sell products all the time to make
a commission. Different affiliate programs can
use different payment terms such as Pay per
Sale In this program a merchant pays you a
percentage of the sale price when the purchase is
completed. Most people will review the product
and then provide the link.
Pay per Click In this program you get paid based
on the number of visitors you redirect to the
Merchants website from your affiliate site,
whether or not a sale is made. Pay per Lead You
get paid once the referred visitors provide their
contact information on the target site by filling
out a simple contact form. I am
going to give you a secret site which will
introduce to thousands of affiliate sites.
P15 Home
Internet Marketing Course Click Here
515,542 tracks and sounds from our community of
musicians and sound engineers.
Discover the hand-reviewed collection of 3D
assets from the community of 3D artists.
WordPress themes, web templates and more. Brought
to you by the largest global community of
Discover our huge collection of hand-reviewed
graphic assets from our community of designers.
All the code you need from PHP to Bootstrap,
created by our global community of developers.
Discover our collection of royalty free stock
images from our community of photographers.
P16 Home
Create Your Own Magazine Order Today
  • 6. Virtual Assistant
  • I have a local VA and one in the Philippines. The
    local VA does some of the more challenging tasks
    and Jeff does most of the repetitive tasks.
  • These traits apply to any Work From Home
  • Make sure your communication skills are
  • Make sure you know why you want to do and what
    success will look like for you.
  • Put money, time and effort aside to keep
    learning and growing.
  • Network, network, network online AND offline.
  • Work with people who know the industry and know
    how to make it work.
  • Master the skills and services you want to
  • Take great pride in yourself and your clients
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • And above all, embrace the journey.
  • The VA Industry is incredibly broad. The services
    offered within it are so

varied its almost insane. And the quality of
service across the industry is also extremely
varied. Some people treat it as a hobby, some
treat it as a job and some as a business.
7. Video Marketing We have made a lot of videos
for ourselves and our clients. You can do a
similar thing to affiliate marketing highlighting
products and services. In the old days you had to
spend a small fortune on cameras etc however
today you can use your mobile phone or screen
capturing software. We make quite a few training
videos using Camtasia for clients which is a nice
ongoing income. These are mainly how to use the
company software saving them time and resources.
P17 Home
Internet Marketing Course Click Here

7. Video Marketing cont Camtasia makes video
editing surprisingly easy. The drag-and-drop
editor and video assets help you complete your
videos faster. No video experience needed. I make
small videos like this. There are a lot
more sites than just Youtube these days so make
sure you explore them all. Just do a search on
Google for Youtube alternatives.
8. Clothes and T Shirt Printing We have been
doing this for the last 12 months and it seems to
work quite well. Pick a niche and start
designing. Both systems we use are free and they
print, charge and deliver and pay you the
difference. You set the price and
designs. https// Easy,
on-demand, online printing, fulfillment and
shipping. Watch the video clicking below.
A new Printing Site https// Watch
the video
P18 Home
Our Youtube Chanel Click Here
(No Transcript)

9. Physical Products To create your own new
physical product from scratch, you need to make a
few decisions. Are you going to create it from
scratch or buy wholesale and sell retail. This is
what we have done with our stick plus added value
by including our in depth course. If you are
going to develop from scratch, a physical
product, you will need some capital and
development time. Firstly, you need your idea.
From there, you then need a plan to put that idea
into effect. Pick a company to manufacture for
you and they will ask for a number of diles such
as design etc. This will require a big upfront
payment investment. Wholesale Physical
Products Of course there is also Aliexpress and
a number of other product wholesale sites with
pre made products. We bought our USBs from Ali
and now thinking of doing a full USB copy
service. You can get them branded as your own and
much more.
10. Membership Sites Now you have all this
information and a few years have passed and you
have developed a number of skills you can now
provide a membership site and train
others. In this package, youll
discover a proven methods for cashing in big time
from the ideal membership site model. Easy to
incorporate and set up, and even easier to keep
going. A membership website is very easy to get
started, easy to run and easy to promote also.
Its a fantastic way of making a steady amount of
profit, very quickly. All you need to do is
think of a niche, create your website and then
market it, keep your subscribers happy and focus
on bringing as many new ones in as possible and
then make sure you keep them happy too, its easy!
Simple! You can be making profit quickly with a
membership website.
P20 Home
Internet Marketing Course Click Here
Hi My Name is Quentin Brown and I will be your
Coach. I have run a successful online home
business since 1998. In this training and
mentoring course I will take you by the hand and
help you setup your own online business. These
are the exact strategies you always wished
someone would reveal to you but no one ever did!
Join the Web Marketing For Profit Training
Program Today Start Your Own Home Based Business