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Facilitate policy and procedure creation through the use of ... Version control provides for check in/out in a controlled manner ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: FileNet Presentation

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Enterprise Content Management Solutions for
Higher Education
  • Richard Levins
  • Solutions Architect

Agenda Resolving Paper Processing Challenges
  • Paper-Driven Forms
  • Access to Vital Information
  • Policy and Procedure Administration
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards
  • Special Admissions
  • Other Applications

Paper-Driven Forms
  • Good News
  • Form-driven processes are in place for virtually
    every activity
  • Major and Minor Declarations
  • Curriculum Substitutions
  • Course/Term Withdrawals
  • Leave Requests
  • Add/Change/Drop Major Request
  • Student Course Permits
  • Bad News
  • Processes are reliant on paper forms and manual

Paper-Driven Form Challenges
  • Papers forms can not validate the accuracy of
  • Handwriting can be difficult to read
  • Key form fields are often left blank (i.e.
    signature fields)
  • Incorrect information is submitted (i.e.
  • Forms submittals and approvals are time-sensitive
  • Submitted forms can be lost
  • Approvals can be delayed when forms wait in

Paper-Driven Form Challenges (contd)
  • Receipt or approval dates are not tracked
  • Forms must be manually distributed to multiple
    approvers and departments
  • Information must be manually entered into other
  • Forms must be manually filed into student record
  • Replacing paper forms with custom developed Web
    Forms can be a time-consuming and costly process

Business Process Management and eForm Solutions
  • eForms contain validation rules that assist
    students in submitting complete and accurate
  • eForms automatically populate fields, ensuring
    accuracy and reducing the time it takes to
    complete forms
  • Machine text replaces illegible handwriting
  • Built-in eSignatures authenticate user
  • Form fields can be display-only (e.g., submit
    date, approval date)
  • Forms can be linked to a business process
    workflow that alerts users to deadlines and
    escalates tasks that are not completed on time

Business Process Management and eForm Solutions
  • Once eForms are submitted, they are stored in a
    permanent Content Repository, eliminating manual
    storage requirements
  • Automated alerts and escalations can be applied
    to remind approvers of tasks, escalate tasks to
    alternative approvers, and notify staff
  • Business Process Management tools track processes
    and timelines.
  • Automated routing is instantaneous, and tasks can
    be split to allow simultaneous processing
  • eForm data can be automatically transferred to
    external databases and ERP systems (including
  • eForms and Business Process workflows are
    configured with user-friendly graphical designer
    tools that greatly reduce costly and
    time-consuming custom development

Solution Overview
Notification and Escalation Process
Access to Vital Information Challenges
  • Paper student records are stored in physical
    folders, which require large storage areas
  • While multiple departments may require access to
    a folder, only one person can access it at a time
  • Department staff may remove individual paper
    documents or an entire folder from storage, where
    documents and folders can be lost
  • Ensuring the security of sensitive documents can
    be challenging when users have access to entire
    folders instead of specific documents within a
  • Once a student is no longer enrolled, their
    records are archived, where information is
    difficult to later retrieve

Access to Vital Information Solutions
  • Paper documents can be scanned and electronically
    entered into the Content Repository, where entire
    rooms of paper files are replaced by a single
    compact storage device
  • Multiple authorized users can access content
  • Users cannot remove content. Version control
    provides for check in/out in a controlled manner
  • Content security rules can applied to individual
    documents, allowing users to view only the
    documents they are authorized to access
  • Records Management can automatically control the
    document archival process based upon a defined
    Records Management Policy

Policy and Procedure Administration Challenges
  • Faculty and Administrators create polices and
    procedures on multiple types of non-structured
    media (e.g., word documents, emails, paper, etc.)
  • Records Departments find that classifying and
    storing various types of non-structured media can
    be challenging
  • Reviewing multiple types of non-structured media
    for purpose of creating new formal policy and
    procedure documents can be time-consuming
  • Since automated mechanisms for accessing content
    are not widely available, data is difficult to
  • Without version control capabilities, Records
    Departments are not assured that they are
    reviewing and enforcing the latest policies and

Policy and Procedure Administration Solutions
  • Advanced capture technologies can search for key
    words to automated the classification process
  • Advanced capture technologies can perform full
    text capture processing
  • Advanced content storage technologies can perform
    full text search and retrieval (e.g., retrieve
    all content with the phrase transfer students
    and document type polices)
  • Version control is built into content storage,
    providing check out / check in capabilities and
    versioning options for authorize uses
  • Multiple versions of polices and procedures can
    be stored, including associated meta data (e.g.,
    author, creation, check-in dates / times)

Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards Challenges
  • Scholarship forms must be submitted by a deadline
    and processed within a short time period
  • Additional content, such as essays and letters of
    recommendation, can be difficult to attach to
    required forms
  • Since paper forms cannot validate student
    information, students may submit incomplete or
    inaccurate information and miss deadlines
  • Data on paper forms must be manually entered into
    scoring applications
  • Scholarship packets containing applications,
    essays, letters of recommendations, and scoring
    sheets must be manually assembled and distributed
    to Financial Aid Scorers
  • After Financial Aid Scorers complete their
    process, individual college-based evaluation
    committees must determine award amounts and track

Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards Solutions
  • eForms validate the accuracy of student input and
    ensure that forms are received by their deadlines
  • Content management tools allow students to attach
    electronic and paper documents (i.e., essays
    letters of recommendation) to forms
  • Business Process Management tools are used to
  • Pull all related content into one packaged work
  • Perform automatic scoring calculations
  • Route work to Scorers and Evaluation Committees
  • Track student awards and allocation amounts
  • Provide Scorers and Evaluators more time to
    perform tasks

Scholarship Award Process Overview
Cal State
Add / Update
Route To Scorers
Scholarship Evaluation Committee
Scorer 1
Scorer 2
Scorer 3
Scorer 4
Scorer 5
Special Admissions Challenges
  • While standard admissions processes are often
    automated, special admissions processes for
    graduate students, athletes and international
    students often require manual processes
  • Admission applications and supporting documents
    must be manually routed to multiple approvers
  • Applications can be lost or remain in approvers
    inboxes for extended time periods
  • Tracking the receipt and approval of admissions
    documents can be difficult
  • Admissions documents must be manually filed into
    records folders

Special Admissions Solutions
  • Business Process Management tools automatically
    route forms to the appropriate approvers, track
    processing developments and distribute reminder /
    overdue notifications
  • Work can be sent to multiple approvers
  • Automated escalation processes are applied when
    assignments are not completed in a timely manner
  • Once participants complete their assignments,
    work is routed to the next participant,
    eliminating the lag time and loss of information
    inherent in the movement of paper documents
  • Content Management tools capture and store
    admissions documents

Other Applications
  • Accounts Payable
  • Web-enabled AP processes are rapidly deployed so
    more invoices can be processed faster
  • Automated processes match purchase orders with
    invoices, eliminating labor-intensive manual work
  • Advanced recognition technology dramatically
    reduces the keystrokes required to enter data
  • Integrated PeopleSoft voucher processing allows
    seamless access to invoices and supporting
    documentation from within PeopleSoft user
  • Business rules automatically validate data
  • Transcript Data Capture
  • Advance capture solutions allow transcript data
    to be captured more efficiently for input into
    student information systems

Other Applications (contd)
  • Human Resources
  • Timesheets - ECM tools facilitate manual
    processes for timesheet data entry, approval
    routing and exception handing processes
  • Leave Requests ECM tools automate data entry
    for leave requests and facilitate approval
    routing and exception handling processes
  • Employee Infrastructure ECM tools can be
    applied to facilitate the resource on-boarding
    process for allocation of office space, parking,
    computer access, security and other requirements
  • Employee Expenses ECM and capture tools
    facilitate employee expense data entry, automate
    receipt capture and the approval processes