Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Immunity And Increase Physical Stamina


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Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Immunity And Increase Physical Stamina


This power point presentation describes about ayurvedic treatment to improve immunity and increase physical stamina. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Immunity And Increase Physical Stamina

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Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Immunity
Increased frequency of common cold and chronic
infection indicate weak immunity. Defense
mechanism of body varies from person to person
and it protects one from virus, bacteria attack
and infections which cause illness. People with
habit of eating healthy food and doing regular
exercise have strong immunity in comparison to
others. Lesser intake of nutrients lowers down
production of antibodies by cells. There are many
factors which affect immunity.
Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Immunity
Eating sugary foods lowers down ability of white
blood cells to fight bacteria. Not urinating
regularly can increase toxin amount in body and
thus cause damage to cells that produce
antibodies. Thus presence of toxins slows down
the ability to overcome illness. Obese and
underweight people, both suffer from weak
immunity problem due to hormone misbalance and
Imutol Capsules
Stress and tension also affect defense mechanism
of a person as out of stress people either reduce
their diet or eat junk foods. In both cases,
immunity of a person becomes weak. One can use
Imutol capsules which provide the best ayurvedic
treatment to improve immunity. These supplements
contain vital nutrients which prevent various
deficiencies and hormone misbalance in body.
Imutol Capsules
Absorption and metabolism of nutrients increases
which further promote cellular activities in
body. This promotes production of antigens that
fight against infection and protect body from
illness. Blood circulation improves due to which
body cells get regular supply of nutrients to
produce antigens. This reduces frequency of
illnesses and thus prevent barrier in proper
growth and development of a person.
Imutol Capsules
Imutol capsules improve functions of spleen to
maintain hemoglobin level in blood. This helps in
keeping supply of nutrient and oxygen regular to
body cells that make antibodies. Nutrients
provided by these supplements also help one to
overcome weakness which happens when one falls
sick frequently. Active ingredients of these
capsules regularize bowel movements in order to
flush out toxins from body regularly.
Ingredients In Imutol Capsules
  • Imutol capsules uses the following herbs
  • Abhrak bhasma This herb contains iron,
    calcium, potassium, magnesium and aluminium.
    These nutrients strengthen immunity as well as
    increase physical stamina.
  • Tulsi - Antioxidants and vitamins present in
    this herb improve respiratory system, increase
    ability to fight against infections and pathogens
    and detoxify body in order to balance various
    body functions.

Ingredients In Imutol Capsules
  • Anantmula - This herb treats disorders related
    with heat and metabolism in body. It nourishes
    brain cells and helps to produce a fluid that
    supports in governing functions in body.
  • Daruharidra This powerful herb fights against
    the various infections caused by microbes. Hence,
    it is used in this ayurvedic treatment to improve
  • Shatavari This therapeutic herb promotes
    overall well being and health.

Ingredients In Imutol Capsules
  • Kutki - It promotes blood purification, cellular
    growth, tissue regeneration and thus keeps body
    organs healthy. This herb acts as an antibiotic
    which possesses anti-microbial, anti-bacterial
    and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Kesar This herb promotes overall well-being of
    a person and prevents effects of free radicals in
  • Suvarna bhasma It improves muscle strength and
    supports production of antibodies.

Ingredients In Imutol Capsules
  • Nimba It possesses antibacterial properties
    which provide protection against infection.
  • Haridra It stimulates proper cell growth to
    increase antibody production. It also increases
    antioxidant response in body.
  • Chitrak This herb supports healthy digestion,
    metabolism and natural removal of toxins from

Imutol Capsules
Take Imutol capsules for 3 to 4 months to get
long lasting relief from frequent illness.
Include citrus fruits, garlic ginger, spinach,
yogurt and almonds in diet to increase immunity
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