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African American Heritage


Create a year round calendar filled with African American Holidays and celebrations. ... Invite an older African American into the classroom to talk about ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: African American Heritage

African American Heritage
  • By Ebone Johnson
  • ED 417
  • Dr. Helms
  • Ohio Social Studies Strands
  • First Grade Power Point Lesson

Table of Contents
  • American Heritage People in Societies
  • People in Societies
  • World Interactions
  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • Democratic Processes
  • Decision Making and Resources
  • Science,Technology, and Society

American Heritage People in Societies
  • This strand includes aspects of the past that
    help to make American people unique among the
    peoples of the world, while at the same time
    recognizing what they have in common with others.

American Heritage Activities
  • Create a year round calendar filled with African
    American Holidays and celebrations.
  • In groups have students research one African
    American holiday or celebration and present that
    occasion at a festival celebrating African
    American history.
  • Create a timeline of historical African Americans
    and what they did in history.
  • Compare the current culture of African Americans
    to the cultural practices of the past.
  • Invite an older African American into the
    classroom to talk about their life and how it has
    changed over the years.

African American Heritage Websites
  • a website dealing with African American history
  • an African American quiz and game site
  • a website filled with information on African
    American heritage
  • a website of different African cards and gift
  • a website with information on African American

People in Societies
  • This strand recognizes that the United States and
    the world encompass many different racial,
    ethnic, and religious groups.

People In Societies Activities
  • Create a classroom Venn diagram comparing and
    contrasting the African American culture with
    another cultural group.
  • Research the different religious practices of
    African Americans.
  • Have a Day of Culture in which students would
    dress, eat, sing, and dance the African American
  • Discuss the diverse background of African
  • Create a kinte clothe class quilt.

People in Societies Websites
  • Information on the population of African
  • An A-Z listing of notable African Americans
  • information on Black history
  • different African games to reinforce cultural
    facts and knowledge
  • information on African American athletes

World Interactions
  • This strand explores the links people make around
    the world as they attempt to address common

World Interactions Activites
  • Make a map of Africa, color, and then cut apart
    to create a puzzle.
  • Get a map of the world and trace a possible
    path the slaves might have taken to get from
    Africa to the Unted States.
  • Get a map of the world and color all the places
    that African Americans come from.
  • Discuss current events in the world that have a
    great impact on the lives of African Americans.
  • Discuss how African Americans are viewed and
    treated in other parts of the world.

World Interactions Websites
  • a black history website
  • a black history website
  • information on Nelson Mandela

  • a mosaic of African American art and culture
  • maps of Africa

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • This strand focuses on decisions individuals and
    societies make, addressing wants.

Citizenship Activitis
  • Discuss the civil rights movement and the impact
    it had on the lives of African Americans
  • Research and report on Rosa Parks
  • Discuss how Rosa Parks had a great impact on the
    Civil Rights movement
  • Talk about boycotts and how they relate to
    todays society
  • Act out a common day version of the bus boycott,
    and discuss actions that could be taken in
    todays world.

Citizenship Websites
  • a biography of Rosa Parks
  • www.socsci.colorado.edujonesem.montgomery.html
  • information on the bus boycott
  • information on the bus boycott
  • information on civil rights
  • information on Rosa Parks

Democratic Process
  • This strand examines the principles of democracy
    and explores the extent to which government
    reflects those principles.

Democratic Activities
  • Discuss laws that they have in Africa
  • Compare and Contrast African laws with the US
  • Discuss the laws that were made that had the
    greates impact on African American lives.
  • Discuss what would happen if some of these laws
    werent made
  • Bring an African American politician to the
    classroom to speak.

Democratic Websites
  • information on African Americans in the news
  • black history information
  • black history information
  • background history of black history
  • a civil rights timeline of information and people

Decision Making and Resources
  • This strand focuses on the context for exmaning
    those activities that are part of an adults
    public life.

Decision Making Activities
  • Make a chart of inventions made by African
  • Discuss whether these inventions are still used
    today, and how useful they are
  • In groups have students come up with a resource
    for African Americans
  • Have a discussion thinking about what would the
    world be like without African Americans
  • Create a diversity collage

Decision Making Websites
  • explore Africa through interactive games and
  • learn about jazz music
  • learn about the black newspaper
  • learn about black stamps
  • a kids look at black history

Science, Technology, and Society
  • This strand covers the contributions of the
    scientific world and addresses the ever-changing
    world we live in.

Science Activities
  • Create a word search using countries from Africa
  • Play mancala
  • Research an invention made by African American
    and recreate invention to share with class
  • Research the family tree of an African American
  • Compare the African Americans family tree to the
    family tree of a person of another culture

Science Websites
  • information on African American authors
  • make a word search puzzle
  • famous African American inventors
  • famous African American inventors
  • famous African American inventors

  • The activities in this power point are for the
    first grade level. These activities are meant to
    be spread out in a thematic unit lasting at least
    a few months. The purpose of these activities is
    to incorporate African American heritage into the
    classroom, year round, not just Black History