Content Rocket Review & GIANT Bonus

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Content Rocket Review & GIANT Bonus


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Title: Content Rocket Review & GIANT Bonus

  • Content Rocket Worlds first human readable
    content generator is released!!!
  • Content Rocket is a WordPress plugin that solves
    the biggest challenge of creating unique, user
    engaging content. Unlike the thousands of content
    spinners out there, it creates content without
    spinning or rearranging paragraphs.
  • http//
  • Content Rocket Overview
  • Bonuses EXCLUSIVE You will get any of the
    bonus packs in below
  • GIANT Bonuses Pack 1
  • SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2
  • ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3
  • HUGE Bonuses Pack 4
  • MEGA Bonuses Pack 5
  • What Is Content Rocket?
  • Are you paying hundreds or thousands of dollars
    to content writers every month?
  • Sick of paying content writers to product content
    only to rewrite what they do anyway?
  • Are you looking for loads of unique content which
    is highly readable and engage your audience?
  • Are you tired of using content softwares that
    produce only gibberish spun articles?

How Does Content Rocket Work? Special Features of
Content Rocket Unique Content Generation
Their content creating WordPress plugin extracts
content from YouTube subtitles in a flash.
Creating well written and shareable content can
sometimes seem like an overwhelming task but the
results are well worth the effort. Its time to
level up your content and increase your odds of
content marketing success. This could be your
best SEO strategy to drive traffic. Content in
80 Languages
Create content in over 80 languages worldwide,
and use Content Rockets efficient algorithm
based on Googles Natural Language Processing
methodology to index your site faster. You can
create content instantly from a video in any
language. Its not just about translating
content. Its also about creating a great
experience for your new users. Automatic
scheduling Formatting
Make more money by funneling relevant content to
your website via drip feed. Further more you
have options to embed Youtube video, Add Featured
image to blog post, Add post to custom category,
Content alignment, Bold Keywords, Read more tags,
Video title as blog post title and plenty more.
Their content rocket plugin ensures your
internet marketing campaigns become even more
effective and more sales Oxygen for Internet
marketing With Content Rocket you can solve the
biggest challenge of getting unique, human
readable content, in minutes, on almost any
niche. The plugin doesnt spin content. Doesnt
rearrange paragraphs. In short, it doesnt create
a robotic content that can be busted by Google
in seconds. Instead it carefully adds
conversational content from Youtube, where
millions of videos are added every day.
Keyword search manual URL entry
Locate the popular videos based on keywords of
your niche and select them to extract content.
Stumbled on a good video relevant to your niche
on Youtube with subtitles? Copy the URL and enter
it manually in content Rocket to extract the
content and add it as a post in your
blog Unlimited video search content
You may search for unlimited number of videos and
the previous version limitation of 50 videos per
search has been tweaked now to show unlimited
number of video results. Select up to 50 videos
from the search results per process and enjoy the
content flow to your blog irrespective of the
length of the video Content format Options
Content format is a key area that is being
focused and improvements are being made with
every new release. their aim is to bring down the
manual eefort of creating content as much as
possible. Heres the list of features built into
the Content Rocket plugin Content alignment
You may align the content using your theme
default or instruct the plugin to align it to
the Center, Left, Right or even Justify the text
to appear better in your blog posts Bold
keywords This serves two purposes. 1. Improve
the search value by diverting the attention of
search engines to important keywords in the
content. 2. Improve user experience by
highlighting important words Read more tag
Automatically add Read more tag after the
embedded video. This feature helps for tube
sites that would like to display only the video
in their blog post listing page/home
page Content Log
A clear and detailed log of the plugin activities
to help you keep track of whats going in to
your blog through our Content Rocket plugin. You
may view or edit the posts directly from the
blog thus saving you time to locate individual
blog posts. Content Rocket also
includes YouTube subtitles extraction Extract
content from You Tube video subtitles and add it
as content for the post automatically Auto
embed YouTube videos Embed YouTube videos on the
content to help with quick indexing on
Google Featured image for posts Add Featured
image to posts automatically to make them appear
nice in the Blog posts page Content for any
Niche Over 434 million videos available on
YouTube almost covering any niche
imaginable Categorize content easily Categorize
content easily to help search bots identify what
you are blogging about. Drip feed Posts from
YouTube Select time frame between each posts 5
Min/Hourly/Twice per day etc. How It Works
https// Why Should You Get Content Rocket Now
? No matter what topic, it requires some research
to provide fresh material each time. As Google
and your audience hates spun content, Im sure
you will be burning every month to churn out
high quality content. But what about quantity?
You can get high quantity of posts cheaper, but
face it, the writer use some spinning tool,
rearrange sentences and deliver. Content Rocket
solves the biggest challenge of getting human
readable content in minutes on almost any niche.
This method is too good to pass up. As it
generates Unique content in 80 languages at no
cost especially when its totally risk-free. You
have nothing to lose but opportunity. And who
wants to miss that? Dont delay another minute.
Till today there was no fool-proof way to use
videos from YouTube and convert them into
content on site. Conclusion Stop paying hundreds
or thousands of Dollars to the content
writers This smart tool supplies unlimited fresh
content in 100 readable format so that you dont
have to spend on expensive content writers
anymore. And the best part is that its a one
time investment that saves your wallet! And
remember, the amazing early bird discount will
not be available much longer. So you got to
hurry. http//
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