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Often these centers serve as a stepping stone to more formal education. ... Asha works with NFE centers that have been started by members of the community ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Mohanur, Namakkal District, Tamilnadu, Chennai
  • Half Yearly Report
  • - Koussalya Balasubramanian

NFE Centers
  • NFE centers are typically created for children
    who are unable to attend an entire day of school.
    Often these centers serve as a stepping stone to
    more formal education. NFEs are, as their name
    implies allow non-formal enrollment ? children
    can join irrespective of their age. Some NFEs
    tend to be non-formal in content ? they can
    follow varying curriculums. There are bridge
    schools that offer several years of curriculum in
    a condensed manner to help the children join a
    formal education system. Other schools try to get
    the children comfortable with a subset of the
    curriculum such as language and basic maths and
    sciences hoping to encourage the children to
    learn further. Asha works with NFE centers that
    have been started by members of the community
    themselves i.e started by community groups. NFEs
    need various forms of support from infrastructure
    support, running expenses, educational resources
    and teachers training programs
  • Asha for Education

HEALDS Health Education and Alternate
Development Service
Mohanur is 20kms from Namakkal and situated on
the banks of the river Cauvery. - One site visit
done by Sathyam Ravoor
NFE Non Formal Education Centers
  • Education Center for drop-out kids Financial
    reasons, Community reasons
  • Coverage of 25 villages
  • Merging back into mainstream schools
  • Opportunity to develop learning as a community
    practice in the villages.
  • Providing a learning space for children in which
    they can study individually or in groups

Project Proposal and Funding
  • Proposal requested for funding to sustain the NFE
    centers Salary for teachers, Notebooks, school
    bags and other teaching materials
  • 9270 projected amount
  • 5900 released in first phase

  • Number of Children currently enrolled in the
    project 460
  • Ages of the children 12-17
  • Standards taught 7th 12th
  • Number of boys 222
  • Number of girls 238
  • Number of teachers (all female teachers) 25
  • Teacher to student ratio 118
  • Salary for teachers Rs. 500 per month
  • School timings 5 730PM
  • School days Mon-Saturday
  • Overall school attendance 99
  • Medium of instruction Tamil
  • Economic background of parents of the children
    Agricultural laborers, vendors and seasonal
    workers earning 1.5 per day
  • Number of Panchayats the school is activated in
  • How far are the schools NFE centers are in
    their own village
  • How do children get to school by walk

  • Number of drop out children enrolled 68
  • Number of children reenrolled in mainstream 30
  • Motivation in local community The
    infrastructure and teachers commitment has
    motivated the parents to enroll their
    working kids.
  • Problems faced by the effort Separation of
    primary and secondary school children to
    different places
  • Activities and achievements
  • Group study
  • Prevention of child marriages
  • Rescue of married children (Thamarai Selvi)
  • Actively involve sports in NFEs
  • Establishing links with local administration,
    Government departments and banks for student
  • Utilization of Asha funds
  • Honorarium for teachers.
  • Notebooks, bags, black board

Expenses and Receipts
Receipts Amount (Rs) Payments and Balance Amount (Rs)
Cash at Bank 816.00 Teachers Salary 75000.00
Grant from Asha for Education 2,58,921.50 Board, Bags and note books 1,11,250.00
Hand Loans 60,921.00 Cultural and Sport meet 1,530.00
HEALDS Contribution 3,859.00 Bank Charges 11.00
Bank Interest 15.00 Cash at Bank 75,821.50
Repayment of hand loans 60,920.00
Total 3,24,532.50 Total 3,24,532.50
  • Teachers are requesting for a increase in salary
    from Rs500 to Rs.1000
  • The NFE center needs to extend in other
    vulnerable areas like Thiruchencode power loom
    industrial areas. Nearly 30,000 girl children
    under 18 years are working in power loom sectors
    around Thiruchencode taluk of namakkal district.
    A grand extension to new NFE centers in 100
    villages in Thiruchencode will help rescuing
    those children.
  • Registration certificate number provided
  • Rescued Victims
  • Revathy 13 rescued from marriage proposal by
    her parents
  • Meena 13 reenrolled into NFE
  • Nithya 14 Orphan rescued from child marriage
    enrolled in 9th standard
  • Gobi 14 School dropout renenrolled in
    Government high school, Musiri

  • Olapalayam, manapalli, kumaripalayam, oruvandhur
    have two teachers each so out of 25 panchayats
    4 of them dont have teachers?
  • School days given twice and there is a
    contradiction - one says 6 days and other says 5
  • Are there more details of these reenrolled
    children and drop out kids (very few photos and
    names shown having told 68 drop out kids and 30
    main stream reenrollment we would prefer more
    details on all of these people like reason for
    drop out, how they got reenrolled etc)
  • Establishing links with government, banks etc
    give more details like the bank name how does a
    student save etc
  • Exact expenditure report expected (how many bags
    were got at what price etc 1,11,250.00 for
    bags, boards and note books is on the higher
  • How did u come up with 30,000 stats and how are
    u planning to manage 100 centers (more cost and
    manual labor now that you have linkages with
    government you should try moving this through
  • 99 attendance is on the higher end more of a
    rounded figure
  • Contradiction in nithyas age (shown different
    ages at different pages)
  • We would want to check the receipts for the
    expenditure and probably the bank statement too
    during site visit.

  • How was the initial salary to teachers decided?
    What is the qualification of the employed
    teachers? What do the teachers do during day
  • How is attendance measured?
  • How is the curriculum or learning mode modified
    to help drop out kids?
  • What is the Ratio of boys and girls in the
    dropout number
  • How is the progress of the kids coming to NFE
  • How functional are the nearby government schools
    we would like HEALDS to get a statistics about
    all the nearby government schools
  • How is the progress of re-enrolled kids measured?
  • Are the female students in the NFE center still
  • How was the 5-730PM timing decided We
    understand some of the NFE kids go to regular
    school in the day time what about other kids
    what do they do in the day time?
  • How receptive are nearby schools about
    re-enrollment of students?
  • Where do the girls rescued from child marriage

Picture Gallery..
Gobi school drop out reenrolled into Government
High School, Musiri
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