Padmashri Classical Ayurvedic Oils


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Padmashri Classical Ayurvedic Oils


Padmashri oils are the highest quality Ayurvedic oils on the market, prepared according to authentic Ayurvedic practices, and packed in amber-coloured glass bottles (not plastic) to ensure shelf-life and stability. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Padmashri Classical Ayurvedic Oils

Padmashri Classical Ayurvedic Oils
  • Sewanti Ayurvedic Series

Padmashri Classical Oils
  • With Padmashri, you only get the pure
    unadulterated Ayurvedic oil, containing its
    original scent and texture, and nothing more.

Ayurvedic oils
  • Ayurvedic oils are specially crafted
    medicinal substances that can be used both
    internally and externally. The traditional
    procedure to make such oils is labor intensive
    and requires the skill of a master Ayurvedic
    pharmacist, who slowly decocts medicinal plants
    and other natural substances into heat-stable
    oils at low temperatures. These traditional oils
    are a striking contrast to what many companies in
    the West currently market as 'Ayurvedic oils',
    which are nothing more than carrier oils that
    feature various essential oil blends.

Padmashri Oils
  • Padmashri oils are the highest quality
    Ayurvedic oils on the market, prepared according
    to authentic Ayurvedic practices, and packed in
    amber-coloured glass bottles (not plastic) to
    ensure shelf-life and stability.

Ayurvedic Massage Oil to Relieve Stress
  • Most of the people don't actually believe in the
    power of ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines. Many
    researchers from Toronto and other places believe
    that Ayurvedic massage oil is really helpful for
    people with busy schedules and more work load.
    Many people say an oil can never relieve you from
    stress, body pain and other regular ailments, but
    it is purely a myth. Ayurvedic oil has the
    capability to relieve you from stress and
    problems associated with muscles, joints,
    ligaments etc.

Balashwagandhadi Classical Ayurvedic Massage Oil
  • This is an effective herbal oil keeping
  • so many benefits intact. The
  • unmatchable advantages are a
  • mixture of herbal extracts of
  • sesame oil, almonds oil and about
  • 15 other powerful herbs. Massage
  • with this ayurvedic oil has a direct
  • effect on brain and its cells.

Mahanarayana Classical Ayurvedic Massage Oil
  • Contains the oil called Narayana
  • named after god Vishnu(Narayana).
  • He is known for extreme auspicious
  • and aesthetic qualities. Main herbal
  • ingredients are cardamom, licorice,
  • asparagus, saffron crocus and a
  • few other.

Brahmi Classical Ayruvedic Massage Oil
  • Brahmi Oil has a refreshing quality and a
    special effectiveness on excessive Pitta. Applied
    daily to the head, it prevents premature grey
    hair and hair loss, reinforces all sense organs,
    and alleviating disturbed nerves. This important
    formula contains Ayurvedic herbs traditionally
    used as Medhya Rasayanas or Mental
    rejuvenatives, including the herb Brahmi (Bacopa
    monniera), whose name means consort of the

Benefits of Brahmi Classical Ayruvedic oil
  • Brahmi Taila is traditionally used
  • to promote learning, memory and
  • concentration, and can be used
  • safely in both the children and
  • elderly.

Baby Balance Ayurvedic Massage Oil
  • Padmashri Baby Balance Massage oil
  • has been formulated to support health
  • and wellness during babys first few
  • years. Ayurveda recommends the daily
  • application of massage oil over babys
  • entire body to bring calmness, peace
  • and emotional satisfaction to the baby.

Benefits and Uses of Baby Balance oil
  • Uses Aid digestion, elimination and
    strengthening nervous system of the baby.
    Supports moisture balance and provide overall
    nourishment and rejuvenation to adult skin.
  • Benefits Improves complexion, nourishes the
    tissues, Tones the muscles and protects the skin
    against infection.

Hair and Scalp Ayurvedic Massage Oil
  • Padmashri Hair and Scalp Oil is
  • an Ayurvedic treatment
  • traditionally used in champi,
  • to nourish the head, the scalp,
  • hair and nervous system.

Use and benefits of Hair and Scalp Ayurvedic
Massage Oil
  • Uses Use as a normal hair care regimen to the
    hair and scalp allowing it to sit in the hair for
    10-20 minutes, followed by shampoo and
  • Benefits Strengthens hair, fight against
    dandruff and infection and gives a lustrous,
    modern look without the use of chemical products.

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