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Medicine Merit Badge Class 2


Surgical Residency 2 years Residency training ... Radiology: radio frequency diagnostic instruments and treatment. 4-5 year Residency ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Medicine Merit Badge Class 2

Medicine Merit BadgeClass 2
  • By Pedro Gelabert

  • Class 1
  • History of Medicine
  • Key Figures
  • Hippocratic Oath
  • Class 2
  • Health Care Provider-Patient Relationship
  • Health Care Professions
  • Medical Education and Specialties
  • Class 3
  • The Practice of Medicine
  • Influencing Medical Practice
  • Medicine - Here and Abroad

Health Care Provider-Patient Relationship
  • Open communication
  • Need to reveal personal information that is
    important and relevant to their illness
  • Privilege discussions
  • Disclosed to people directly involved in patients
  • health care personnel doctors, nurses, students
  • Health organization or health insurance company
  • Information shared is protected from disclosure
    to third parties. Some exceptions
  • Victims of neglect child abuse, elderly abuse,
    domestic violence
  • Gun shot wounds or criminal injuries
  • Ordered by judge

Health Care Profession
  • Education
  • 4 years for College degree with emphasis on basic
    science (biology, chemistry, and physics)
  • 4 years of Medical school
  • 2 years biomedical sciences anatomy, ebryology,
    biochemistry, physiology, genetics, pathology,
    pharmacology, microbiology, and immunology and
  • 2 years clinical sciences hospital core
    specialties and rotations
  • M.D. allopathic
  • O.D osteopathic
  • 3-7 years Residency
  • 1-3 years Fellowship (specialty)
  • Permanent License
  • Board Certification
  • Optional, renewed every 6-10 years

Health Care Professions
  • Physician trained in the practice of medicine
    and surgery (M.D. or O.D.)
  • Chiropractor cure disease by treating nerve
    function, physical manipulation and adjustment of
    the spine
  • 2 years of College 4 years of doctor of
  • Optometrist diseases of the eye
  • College degree 4 years of doctor of optometry
  • Podiatrist diseases of the foot and related
  • College degree 4 years of doctor of podiatric
  • Pharmacist preparation and dispensing of drugs
  • College degree 4 years of bachelor or doctor of
  • Psychologist behavioral disorders, mental and
    emotional illness
  • Master or Doctor of philosophy or Doctor of

Health Care Professions
  • Physicians assistant performs diagnostic,
    therapeutic, preventive, and health maintenance
    services under physician supervision
  • College degree 2 years of clinical training
  • Nurse practitioner provide health services
    (preventive care, monitoring, physical exam,
    health counseling)
  • Masters degree in Nursing 2 years clinical
  • Registered nurse licensed to care for sick and
    to promote health
  • 2-4 years of Nursing (bachelors or masters)
  • Nurse-midwife assist women in pregnancy and
  • Masters degree in Nursing 2 years clinical
  • Licensed vocational/practical nurse provide
    basic care under supervision of registered nurse
    or physician
  • 1 year of nursing training

Health Care Professions
  • Medical assistant administrative and clinical
    duties under supervision of licensed medical
  • 2 years with associate degree
  • Emergency Medical assistant paramedic,
    recognize, assess, and manage medical emergencies
    under medical supervision
  • 600 - 1000 hr of instruction
  • Medical laboratory technologist perform
    laboratory tests
  • 2 years of college 1 year of clinical training
  • Radiologic technologist perform radiofrequency
    test and treatments (X-ray, MRI, ultrasound,
  • 2-4 years degree or certificate

Health Care Professions
  • Physical therapist treatment of disorder or
    injuries with physical methods
  • College degree 6 months practical experience
  • Occupational therapist treat disabled or serious
    accident victim to relearn muscular control or
  • College degree 6 month practical experience
  • Respiratory therapist respiratory care by
    collecting, reviewing, and monitoring data
  • 2 year associate degree or 4 years college degree

Health Care Core Specialties
  • Internal Medicine comprehensive medical service
    for adults
  • M.D. or O.D 3 years residency
  • Family Practice comprehensive medical service
    for all family members
  • M.D. or O.D 3 years residency
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology care of women during
    pregnancy, labor, delivery, and period
    immediately afterward
  • M.D. or O.D 4 years residency
  • Pediatrics medical care of children from infancy
    to adolescence
  • M.D. or O.D 3 years residency

Health Care Core Specialties
  • Psychiatry mental illness and emot ional and
    behavioral problems
  • M.D. or O.D 3 years residency 1 year of
  • Surgery study, diagnosis, and management of all
    disorders related to operative surgery,
    (incision, removal, repair of organs, restoring
    to normal position, transplantation,
  • M.D. or O.D 5-6 years residency

Health Care Subspecialties
  • Allergy/Immunology allergies and immune system
  • Internal Medicine or Pediatric Residency 2 year
  • Anesthesiology administer drugs that control
    pain and consciousness during surgery
  • 4 years Residency
  • Cardiovascular Disease heart and peripheral
  • Internal Medicince Residency 2 years Fellowship
  • Colon and Rectal Surgery correct and remove
    disease tissue from small intestines, colon
    (large intestine), or rectal area
  • Surgery Residency 1 year Residency training
  • Dermatology conditions related to the skin,
    hair, nails
  • 1 year training 3 years Residency
  • Emergency Medicine life-threatening conditions
  • 4 years Residency

Health Care Subspecialties
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism abnormal function
    of the endocrine glands (growth and metabolism)
  • Internal Medicine Residency 2 years Fellowship
  • Gastroenterology disorders of digestive system
  • Internal Medicine Residency 2 years Fellowship
  • Geriatric Medicine care of elderly
  • Internal Medicine or Family Practice Residency
    2 years Fellowship or Residency
  • Hematology blood disorders (anemia, leukemia,
    clotting problems
  • Internal Medicine Residency 1-2 years
  • Infectious Diseases diseases caused by
  • Internal Medicine Residency 2 years Fellowship

Health Care Subspecialties
  • Nephrology kidney function
  • Internal Medicine Residency 2 years Fellowship
  • Neurological Surgery surgical treatment of the
    nervous system
  • 6-7 years Residency training
  • Neurology disorders of the nervous system
  • 4 years Residency
  • Nuclear Medicine use radioactive substances to
    detect and treat disease
  • 2 years Residency 2 years Residency training
  • Ophthalmology disorders of the eye
  • 4-5 years Residency training
  • Orthopedic Surgery disorders of the bones and
  • 5-6 years Residency training

Health Care Subspecialties
  • Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery disorders
    of the head and neck
  • 5-6 years Residency training
  • Pathology laboratory study of tissues and cells
  • 4 years Residency training
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation diagnosis,
    evaluation and treatment of patients recovering
    from or overcoming disabilities or impariments
    caused by injury
  • 4 years Residency training
  • Plastic, Reconstructive, and Maxillofacial
    Surgery repair visible defects of skin and
    underlying tissue
  • Surgical Residency 2 years Residency training
  • Preventive Medicine prevention through use of
    public health measures
  • 2 years Residency training

Health Care Subspecialties
  • Pulmonary Disease disease of the lungs and
  • Internal Medicine residency 2 years Fellowship
  • Radiology radio frequency diagnostic instruments
    and treatment
  • 4-5 year Residency
  • Rheumatology disease of joints, muscles, and
    connective tissue
  • Internal Medicine Residency 2 years Fellowship
  • Thoracic/Cardiothoracic Surgery operations
    within chest cavity
  • Surgical Residency 2 years Residency
  • Urology disorders of urinary tract
  • 1 year Surgical Residency 4 years Residency
  • Vascular Surgery disease of blood vessels
    (except heart, lungs, and brain)
  • 1 year Surgical Residency 1 year1 Residency
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