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All About Searching the Medical Literature


Systematic Review = A summary of the medical literature that ... Maps query to Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and presents appropriate headings ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: All About Searching the Medical Literature

All About Searching the Medical Literature
  • Karen Knight, M.S.L.S.
  • Medical Education Librarian
  • Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

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  • Three Databases of Primary Interest
  • Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews
  • Ovid
  • PubMed
  • Web of Science

Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR)
  • Available from the Librarys Home page under
    Core Resources
  • Searchable through the Ovid search interface
  • Composed of 3 databases
  • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
  • Database of Reviews of Effects (DARE)
  • ACP Journal Club

Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR)
  • EBMR items are reviewed for clinical relevancy
    and scientific validity
  • Searching these databases is beneficial because
    the results are a useful synthesized subset of
    the total literature
  • Can be a time-saver if you find an answer saves
    you from having to go to MEDLINE

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
  • Cochrane Collaboration -International network of
    individuals institutions
  • Review, analyze synthesize the best clinical
    trials available on a range of subjects
  • Write systematic reviews
  • Focus is on therapeutics

Systematic Review A summary of the medical
literature that uses explicit methods to perform
a thorough literature search
and critical appraisal of individual studies and
that uses appropriate statistical techniques to
combine these valid studies.
Database of Reviews of Effects (DARE)
  • Actually a part of the Cochrane Database
  • Offers quality-assessed reviews in subjects where
    there is currently no Cochrane Review usually
    reviews of meta-analyses
  • Prepared by the National Health Center for
    Reviews Dissemination University of York,

ACP Journal Club
  • Selects methodologically sound clinically
    relevant articles from top journals
  • Offers enhanced abstracts expert commentaries
  • Major focus is in Internal Medicine, Family
    Practice, Pediatrics, Surgery, OB/GYN

Search Hints
  • You can search all 3 EBMR databases at the same
    time saves time
  • These databases are full-text, so remember two
  • OR together synonyms
  • Example warfarin or coumadin
  • Truncate to get word ending variations ()
  • Example Swim ? swimming, swims, swimmers, etc.

Are corticosteroids beneficial in treating
infants with bronchiolitis?
  • Produced by the National Library of Medicine
  • Used to locate journal article citations
  • Largest most popular international biomedical
    database contains over 9 million bibliographic
    journal article references
  • Can be programmed to link to full-text if the
    Library has a subscription.

Which Do I Use?
  • National Library of Medicines database MEDLINE
    is available through several search interfaces
  • Two most common search options are
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • National Library of Medicines PubMed

Compare Currency
  • NLMs PubMed
  • Citations are added daily
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • Citations are added daily

Compare Content
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • Database can be searched in separate date range
    files or in one file (1966 to present).
  • Citations in process are available in a separate
    file, called MEDLINE In-Process.
  • A combined MEDLINE In-Process MEDLINE file is
  • Old MEDLINE (1951-1965) is available as a
    separate file
  • NLMs PubMed
  • Includes in one file
  • MEDLINE, citations in process, pre-1966
    citations, and non-MEDLINE citations from
    journals selectively indexed.

In-process records lack MeSH indexing in both
search systems
Compare Availability
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • Costs the Library pays a subscription fee
  • May not be available in future employment
  • NLMs PubMed
  • Freely available worldwide

Compare Search Mechanism
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • Provides a more guided process for a precise
    search based on Medical Subject Headings (MeSH),
    subheadings, and limits.
  • Maps query to Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and
    presents appropriate headings from which to
  • User has control over which headings are used.
  • User may also search by text word.
  • NLMs PubMed
  • Provides a single search box and automatically
    searches MeSH if there is a match and text words
    from the titles and abstracts
  • User clicks on "Details" to see how PubMed
    translated the query.
  • Users may use the separate "MeSH Browser" feature
    to be guided through selection of appropriate
    MeSH headings and subheadings.

  • Authors
  • Kadhim, A l. Colreavy, M P. O'Donovan, C.
    Blayney, A.
  • Title
  • Bone anchored hearing aids reality, failure and
    current status
  • Source
  • Irish Medical Journal. 97(10)312-4, 2004
  • Medical Subject Headings
  • Equipment and Supplies / st Standards Hearing
    Aids / st Standards Humans Ireland Outcome
    Assessment (Health Care) Quality of
    Life Questionnaires
  • Abstract
  • Bone Anchored Hearing Aids have both cosmetic and
    acoustic advantages over most conventional
    hearing aids and hence is a popular choice today.
    We report the first Irish group of patients who
    received a BAHA over a six year period of time
    and evaluated outcomes of these subjects using
    subjective assessment. The medical records of all
    patients who received a BAHA at the Mater and
    Children's University Hospital, Dublin, were
    reviewed. A questionnaire had been sent to the
    patients to obtain long-term subjective
    information. Twenty three patients were
    identified. The commonest indication for surgery
    was found to be the presence of a discharging
    mastoid cavity, followed by congenital ear
    malformations. Surgical procedures were carried
    out as a single stage in 16 patients. truncated
  • Publication Type
  • Journal Article

Compare Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • Offers Clinical Queries limit
  • Offers Systematic reviews subject subset limit
  • Offers limit to the full-text records in EBMR
  • NLMs PubMed
  • Offers "Clinical Queries" feature which filters
    studies on therapy, diagnosis, etiology, and
    prognosis for sensitivity or specificity.
  • Search for systematic reviews

Compare Linking to Full Text
  • Ovid MEDLINE PubMed
  • Both systems contain library holdings information
    regarding print and non-print availablity
  • Both link to full-text journals
  • Ovids MEDLINE can link to MORE full-text
    journals at this time through the Find_at_UVa
    feature than can PubMed

Compare Ability to Link to Other Databases
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • The same search interface is available for BIOSIS
    (life sciences), CINAHL (nursing and allied
    health), and Evidence Based Medicine Reviews
  • Searches may be run again in different databases.

  • Multiple files may be searched at one time.
  • NLMs PubMed
  • Integrated with other genetics information
    databases from NCBI, including BLAST, Entrez,
    GenBank, Molecular Modeling Database, and OMIM.
  • Links to MEDLINEplus for consumer health
    information and NLM Gateway for books

Compare Emailing Results
  • Ovid MEDLINE
  • Citations may be emailed to one or more people
    through use of the Results Manager.

PubMed Citations may be emailed to one address a
t a time through the "Send to" feature.
Compare Saving Searches Automatic Updates
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • User can save a search strategy for future use
  • Searches can be saved as Auto Alerts that will
    email you new results whenever the database is
  • NLMs PubMed
  • Use My NCBI to
  • Save searches
  • Set up e-mail alerts for new content

Compare Other Bonus Features
  • Ovids MEDLINE
  • New feature called Find Similar. Not ready for
    prime time not working well!
  • Find Citation feature
  • Ability to move citation directly into ILLiad
  • NLMs PubMed
  • Related Article. Feature works great
  • Citation Matcher feature
  • No ability to link with the ILLiad system

Web of Science
  • Once known as Science Citation Index
  • Multidisciplinary in coverage
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Unique feature is cited reference searching

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Web of Science I want to locate articles about
complications from ALS or amyotrophic lateral
sclerosis in pregnancy
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For More Help with Searching PubMed, go to
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