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Understanding Michigan History


Understanding Michigan History. Mr. Vasicek. 2006. Thousands of ... How would history be different if they didn't let Washington walk home? France vs. England ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Understanding Michigan History

Understanding Michigan History
  • Mr. Vasicek
  • 2006

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Thousands of Years Ago
  • Following the moving food, people traveled from
    Siberia on the continent of Asia to North
    America. They crossed Beringia which was a piece
    of land that was not covered by water at the time
    a kind of land bridge. The glaciers had all
    the water tied up. Much later, the glaciers
    melted and the waters rose and covered the land.

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About 11,000 Years Ago
  • About 9,000 B.C. the Paleo-Indians were in
    Michigan. We know this not from history, but
    from pre-history. We have archaeologists that
    have studied the artifacts of people from the
    past things. They also look at fossils. Fossils
    are only fossils if they are more than 10,000
    years old.

About 8,000 Years Ago
  • This is 6,000 B.C. Archaeologists have found
    artifacts from people that we call Old Copper
    People. They found copper and figured out how to
    make jewelry and such.

About 3,000 Years Ago
  • Archaeologists found artifacts from about 3,000
    years ago. That puts us at the year about 1,000
    B.C. These fossils were of the Mound People.
    They built mounds for ceremonies for celebrations
    and funerals. We know they traded because of the
    artifacts left behind were similar to those in
    other parts of Michigan and the Rocky Mountains.

1,000 A.D.
  • Vikings sailed from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
    There are no written records of this.

Viking Facts
  • All Vikings were Norsemen.
  • Viking means to go raiding, pirating, exploring.
  • Some Vikings left Scandinavia when good ships
    were made (by adding a keel).
  • Went to Iceland
  • Even though it didnt have much good land, it got
    crowded quickly

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Famous Vikings
  • Eric the Red
  • Exiled from Iceland for killing man
  • Discovered Greenland in 985 B.C.
  • Leif Ericsson
  • Son of Eric the Red
  • Known as Leif the Lucky
  • Founded Vinland (thought the berries were grapes)
  • Present day Canada
  • Thorvald
  • Son of Eric the Red and brother of Leif Ericsson
  • Got into a fight. First European killed in North

1000 - 1500
  • Indians left the coast and migrated westward.
  • Ended up in Michigan
  • 3 Fires
  • Chippewa (Ojibwa) Hunters in U.P.
  • Ottawa -- Trade
  • Potowatomi Farmers with Lake Effect

What Was Happening in Europe?
  • 1348
  • One-third of the people died due to the Bubonic
  • Yersinia pestis on rat flees

  • Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
  • Born in Genoa, Italy
  • Sailed for Portugal
  • King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
  • Did NOT discover America
  • Landed in San Salvador, Bahamas
  • Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria were his ships

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C.C.exploring sounds like fun?
  • Took Columbus 5 weeks to sail
  • Crew of 90
  • Threaten mutiny
  • Little food
  • Small ships the size of tennis courts
  • p.25 U.S. History

C2 Good or Bad?
  • Took over the land
  • Enslaved the natives
  • Hanged people for going against his authority
  • Taxed the Indians and cut off their hands if they
    couldnt pay
  • 1492 population of nNatives in Hispaniola was
  • 1550 Population of natives was near zero

Why didnt the Indians survive?
  • Didnt agree with taking over land ? killed
  • Didnt agree with religion ? killed
  • Diseases (measles, whooping cough and smallpox)
    from Europe ? killed
  • Slavery
  • Lack of teamwork
  • Lack of good weapons
  • Note More Indians were killed from disease than
    from any sword.

  • Once people found new land, everyone got excited.
    Spain, France, and Britain had explorers start
  • Ferdinand Magellan 1522 (Spain)
  • Looking for a quick passage to the East from
  • First to sail around the world.
  • Straits of Magellan
  • Francisco Coronado 1540 (Spain)
  • Searched for cities of gold
  • Juan de Onate 1599 (Spain)
  • Evil Conquistador (conqueror)
  • Cut off one foot of every male in villages he

Why Did People Explore?
  • Shortcut to India because Turks closed the land
  • Riches
  • Silk, gold and other precious metals in China,
    Japan and other countries in the East
  • Bad Meat
  • Salt was the only spice at the time. Cinnamon,
    pepper, nutmeg, and cloves were rare and desired.
  • Freedom
  • Own Land
  • Curiosity / Exploring is fun

  • Three Main Characters
  • Spain
  • Wanted the riches
  • Had powerful military
  • Had lots of land already
  • England
  • Wanted the land
  • Had no money
  • Scared of Spain
  • France
  • Not sure what they wanted a little land, a
    little riches, furs
  • Kind of lazy attitude when it came to getting
    what they wanted
  • By 1600 all had some colonies in North America.

  • Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Virginia
  • Colony of Roanoke
  • 89 men, 7 women, 11 children
  • Not much support. It disappeared
  • Word on tree Croatoan

  • Spain attacked England by sea
  • Spain lost miserably
  • England not so scared of Spain anymore
  • Spain not as interested in the new land anymore
  • England gets aggressive to make up for lost time
    in exploring

  • Spain and England signed a peace treaty
  • England wanted to explore the New World for 4
  • Wool This was a big item. The government took
    over some of the farms by force. Where were
    these people to go?
  • Overpopulation
  • Religious Freedom
  • Entrepreneurs Wanted to make in New World

May 14, 1607
  • Jamestown, Virginia started
  • Named after King James who funded the trip
  • Colony full of people that didnt get along
  • Rich didnt know how to work (hunt, farm)
  • Poor sold 7 years of labor to come to America.
    They couldnt really enjoy the land.
  • Indians attacked them in the first few weeks
  • Poor location ? Malaria ridden swamp

  • French started New France
  • This is now Quebec City in Canada
  • Samuel de Champlain
  • Founder of Quebec
  • Searching for Northwest Passage (Does it exist?)

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Jamestown 1609
  • 144 started out 105 made it to Jamestown 52
    survived starvation and disease
  • Rough winters.
  • Many starved.
  • Even ate each other. eeew!
  • John Smith not much integrity, but kind of saved
    the colony because of his resourcefulness and
    making friends with Powhatan
  • 1610 Military Relief showed up. Thank Goodness!

Turning the Little Town Around
  • They had nothing that people in England wanted
  • John Rolfe
  • Tobacco cash crop
  • Married Pocahontas
  • 1613 -- Colony boomed!!!!

1619 Jamestown
  • Gets Organized House of Burgess
  • Laws about gambling, laziness, and attending
  • African arrive to work in tobacco fields
  • Free labor!!!
  • Is it ethical??
  • Centuries to undo this bad idea
  • Stand for what you believe even if you are

1620 French
  • Etienne Brule
  • First European to reach Michigan
  • Searched for Northwest Passage through America
  • Does it exist?

1620 Pilgrims (England)
  • Left England for religious freedom on 9-16-1620
  • Arrived 65 days later
  • Pilgrims Land on Plymouth, MA
  • Mayflower
  • Not the smartest packers musical instruments and
    one person brought 139 pairs of shoes and boots

1620 Pilgrims
  • Rough winters just like Jamestown
  • Indians were more friendly and helped them out.
  • Organized On the trip they came up with the
    Mayflower Compact.
  • The rules by which they wanted to live.
  • Indian Squanto helped them a lot because he spoke
    English p. 39

  • Jacques Marquette
  • Michigans First European Settlement
  • Sault Ste. Marie
  • Interesting Where the Soo Locks are
  • Missionary teaches religious beliefs to others
  • Started Second European Settlement
  • St. Ignace
  • Interesting One of the cities the Mackinac
    Bridge connects

  • Salem, MA
  • Witch Trials
  • People being accused of being witches and
    practicing witchcraft
  • What wouldve happened to Harry Potter?

  • You thought riding on a tiny boat, discovering
    new land, being poor, fighting Indians, buying
    slaves, and getting freedom was interestinghold
    on! It gets better. Just a short 300 years ago
    major events took place that helped America
    become what it is today. What do you suppose
    happens when French and English colonies grow big
    enough to meet each other? Youve got it Greed
    and War! Who will win?

Quick Review of 3 Main Characters
  • Spain was in America and powerful, but lost a
    naval battle to England. Spain kind of became
  • England has been settling colnies up and down the
    east coast.
  • Jamestown and Plymouth were the starts of many
    many colonies now. Most started based on
  • Slavery is being used for free labor. People in
    Europe love tobacco.
  • France has taken up most of what will later be
    called Canada. They like the furs.
  • English colonies and French colonies are growing.
    Lots of money to be made. Greed comes into play.
    Lets get ready to rumble.

French Forts
  • Built for protection and trading FUR!!
  • Robert La Salle
  • Young Teacher
  • 1679 built Fort Miami at St. Joseph
  • Antione de la Cadillac
  • Fort Ponchartrain du Detroit
  • Strategic location

  • Tea Introduced to colonies.
  • They LOVE it.

  • Doctor exposes 243 people to smallpox on purpose.
  • Only six die
  • Getting smarter and understanding immunity

  • George Washington gets job as surveyor (looks and
    measures the land)
  • 16 years old

1754 French and Indian War Starts
  • French build Fort Duquesne (du Kane)
  • Near Pittsburg, PA
  • British claimed Pennsylavania, too
  • British George Washington
  • 22 years old
  • 150 men
  • British won, but later forced to retreat (go
  • How would history be different if they didnt let
    Washington walk home?

France vs. England
  • France better army
  • 80,000 people
  • Had better leaders
  • Got along with each other
  • Indian allies
  • England better navy
  • 1,500,000 people
  • Iroquois Conferacy a six tribe alliance that
    hated the French
  • Varied economy

French and Indian War
  • French and Indians vs. British
  • 6 Years
  • British had
  • Better weapons
  • Bigger ships
  • Larger army

1760 End of War
  • November 29, 1760
  • British captured Fort Ponchatrain (Detroit)
  • For 60 years it had belonged to France
  • 1763
  • Treaty of Paris officially ended war between
    France and England
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Promise Indians west of Appalachian Mountains
  • Great Deal!

1760 British Folk and Indians
  • British were rude to Indians after war
  • Many Indians fought for French
  • British were greedy
  • Chief Pontiac had enough
  • Organized Indians to attack British Forts
  • Baggataway a game similar to lacrosse where the
    Indians got Fort Michilimackinac
  • Got all but three forts!!!!
  • Knew the land.
  • Why did French quite helping?
  • Treaty of Paris
  • British had better weapons and more supplies

  • France gives land west of Mississippi to Spain to
    repay them for other land

  • Treaty of Paris with French
  • British started taking Native Americans seriously
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Indians get land West of Appalachian Mountains.

Research Ideas
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Pocahontas
  • Roanoke, Virginia
  • Jamestown, Virginia
  • Squanto
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