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British Rock Music


British Rock Music. 1960's 1980's. Post War England. Following WWII, English youth absorbed whatever American music they could get. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: British Rock Music

British Rock Music
  • 1960s 1980s

Post War England
  • Following WWII, English youth absorbed whatever
    American music they could get.
  • Trad Jazz English term to describe traditional
    New Orleans Jazz (Dixieland).
  • By the mid-50s, tastes changed to skiffle
    do-it-yourself music played by small groups using
    guitars, washboards, empty jugs, etc.

Post War England
  • In the late 50s British youth turned to Muddy
    Waters, Chuck Berry, Lil Richard, Bill Haley and
  • They began learning RB and began forming

British Pop Culture
  • Much different than American pop culture in
  • There were only 3 radio stations (all owned by
  • The closest to a rock and roll station was BBC
    Light, which programmed light opera and musical
  • It wasnt until the Beatles, that British Rock
    and Roll became big.

The Beatles
The Beatles
  • In 1956 John Lennon formed The Quarry Men in
    Liverpool with his friend Stuart Sutcliffe.
  • In July 1957 The Quarry Men performed at St.
    Peter's Church Garden Fete. At the church, John
    Lennon met Paul McCartney.

The Beatles
  • In February 1959 The Quarry Men played at the
    Wilson Hall in Liverpool, and George Harrison
    decided to join them.
  • Harrison was Paul McCartney's long time friend.

The Beatles
  • The Quarry Men changed their name to The Silver
    Beetles and in 1960.
  • The Quarry Men met Pete Best during a gig at a
    London pub. He became their drummer. The band's
    line-up was now John, Paul, George, Pete and

The Beatles
  • The Beatles in 1960 when they were performing in

The Beatles
  • In 1961 the Beatles began playing in Liverpools
    Cavern Club, a dank, underground pub where they
    performed over 200 times in two years.
  • In 1962 just before the Beatles became famous,
    Stuart Sutcliffe died suddenly after playing in
    The Cavern Club.
  • Sutcliffe had been using drugs for several months
    and over-dosed after the gig.

The Beatles
  • The Beatles would not replace Sutcliffe and began
    to look for record labels after his death.
  • The Beatles were rejected by several record
    labels before being accepted by a small label
    Parlophone. This was all arranged by their
    manager Brian Epstein.

The Beatles
  • Epstein also decided that the bands image should
    be altered a bit.
  • He changed their teddy boy image to a more
    upscale one, with match suits and white shirts,
    thin ties and matching mop top haircuts.
  • Their audience loved it.

The Beatles
  • Also in 1962, Pete Best was replaced as drummer
    by Ringo Starr.
  • Best left the group after an argument over

The Beatles
  • They released their first single Love Me Do at
    the end of 1962 and their first album Please,
    Please Me early in 1963.

The Beatles
  • Although all 4 Beatles contributed to the overall
    success of the band, John and Paul stood out from
    George and Ringo.
  • It was true that all 4 wrote their songs and
    lyrics, but John and Paul were better known for
  • Because of their song-writing contributions, both
    individually and collaboratively, they became
    more famous…

The Beatles
  • Their second album was released the same day as
    John F. Kennedy was assonated.
  • The album was called Roll over Beethoven
  • The album would be number 1 for 21 weeks in

The Beatles
  • After a performance in London, the Daily Mirror
    coined the term Beatlemania!
  • Beatlemania stuck in England, and their manager
    thought it was time for the Beatles to go to the
    United States.
  • Beatlemania had gone largely unnoticed in the
    United States until the beginning of 1964…

The Beatles
  • Beatlemania

The Beatles
  • All through the 60s The Beatles were extremely
    successful, releasing records and films.
  • However, 1969, they were beginning to have
    arguments about how things were run and they
    decided to go their separate ways.
  • Many people were devastated by the news, some
    even attempting suicide.

The Beatles
  • In 1980, Lennon was shot outside of his New York
    City apartment.
  • George Harrison died of cancer in 2001.
  • Paul McCartney went on to have a successful solo
    career, and established the band Wings.
  • He is in the Guinness Book of Records as the
    most successful musician in history.
  • He was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in
  • Ringo Starr dropped out of the spotlight, but
    occasionally still tours with McCartney.

Listening No. 1
  • Title Cant By Me Love
  • Composer John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  • Artists The Beatles
  • Genre Rock and Roll
  • Period 20th Century (1964)

Listening No. 2
  • Title Honey Pie
  • Composer Paul McCartney
  • Artists The Beatles
  • Genre Rock and Roll
  • Period 20th Century (1967)

The Rolling Stones
  • 1960 - Present

The Rolling Stones
  • In October of 1960 two young men, Mick Jagger and
    Keith Richards meet on a train commuting to
  • The two start talking music and Richards is asked
    to join Mick Jaggers band, Little Boy Blue and
    the Blue Boys

The Rolling Stones
  • In 1962, Jagger, Richards, and Jaggers long time
    friend Brian Jones decide to start their own
  • Jones comes up with the name, The Rolling Stones,
    after listening to a Muddy Waters tune, Rollin
    Stone Blues.
  • Also in 62 the band performs their first show at
    the Marquee in London, where they were booed off

The Rolling Stones
  • The stones didnt hit it big until they came to
    the US in 1963.
  • In 1965, they produce their biggest hit, I Cant
    Get No Satisfaction.
  • The song was number 1 on the pop charts for 14

The Rolling Stones
  • In 1969, founding member Brian Jones decided to
    leave the group.
  • He became frustrated with Jagger about which
    songs to perform for their next album.
  • A month later, Jones is found dead in his
    swimming pool. After his death rumors began to
    spread that he was murdered, but officially it
    was ruled as an accidental drowning.

The Rolling Stones
  • After several incidents with drugs, mostly Keith
    Richards, and their music being labeled immoral
    by the church the band decide to have a meeting
    and talk about splitting up.
  • At the meeting they all get drunk and decide to
    keep going.
  • The Mick Jagger and Keith Richards would go on to
    produce solo albums, the band is still together
    and they tour and perform regularly.